Tips on how to choosing a career for Teens

The choice of a profession is difficult to overestimate, you have your own room, her school, her friends, and even a Bicycle, and will now be a profession. This mostly applies to real and complex professional choice and it is always individual, that is a real responsibility.

In today's world the price of failure is greatly increased, given the concern of the parents, which is student, this applies to the exam and further training.

What can we say, modern exams have become a certain kind of test on the parent aptitude: "We go through the points there and then, and you?".


Then it turns out that professional calling thing, overburdened by fear of mistakes and the parents and the adolescents themselves. Accordingly, the search profession become sometimes in trying to avoid mistakes or to select a win-win, sometimes replacing real professional calling.

Although a call is always the feeling of the present, find herself, trying to find activities and own interests, its own meaning and to make this a career choice. When I can say that I am not only I, but also my profession.

I'm often at family get-togethers have to deal with certain "zashugannost" or maintenance, surrender of a teenager, when neither he nor the parents don't know where to move, and approaching the time of receipt.

This is understandable, given the costs of anxiety of parents and the current generation has honed for success and a kind of fashion in the professions, it is difficult to underestimate the degree of risk.

And not support this dangerous teenager, he soon could scare that responsibility and to give up under the pressure of parents who are likely to perceive it as a kind of laziness and unwillingness choice at all.

All that is needed here is some assistance in appropriate construction plan, which would only be realistic in time, place and object of the profession, it takes a lot of patience and it is not done at one time.

Therefore, the rate of vocational guidance as the science of finding a professional calling and self-determination is the variability of the world and finding the best professional of the field. And she plays the primary role, all the rest of the work makes himself a teenager when planning for the future, discovers the existence of occupations and their affiliations, is trying to make forecasts, learn about things related to work.

So often he needed help, information and support in vocational choice.

The main postulates in this process are considered as 3 pillars of career choices.

  • The first is the universal talent, mediocre people does not exist, where there is man, there is always his vocation, if not, it means that the person is not busy with his business.
  • The second postulate says about the universal superiority, this means that if something turns out worse than others — something has to get better look!
  • The third reflects the inevitability of change - no judgment about the person cannot be considered final. Though, because if today you have an opportunity to learn something new, tomorrow you will already be a little bit different.

This realization often helps to cope with increased anxiety, and creating a professional plan, we can get a chance to find our calling, though I will have to try fairly, of course.


In their search is based on some simple guidelines:


1. We always have time and the right to be wrong – and this is absolutely true, we can always modify its decision, or after a while to change your mind. Our professional quest is not limited by time, as the exam or DPA, we could be wrong and to go look in the other direction, even if did not learn to where they had originally wanted. If we look at the same UNIVERSITY, we note the crisis period of 3rd year, which takes place every student, reassessing their position in the profession. In European countries there is a curious phenomenon, where students after high school do not go straight to College, and are searching for a vocation through travel, work, creativity. In my memory, people change the profession 50, and of 70 years, our adult world and adults find themselves in a profession is not only associated with education, especially school. But imagine a world with major error after school — it would be awful.


2. Looking for information about jobs – we are adults with a certain amount of knowledge, experience, professional activities, I'm talking about teachers and parents who have enough objective information about various occupations, the situation on the labour market. Even if it is not so, you can always talk, search, pick up the necessary literature, to find information on the Internet about the teenager interested in the profession. Possibly you can organize a meeting with representatives of those professions which are interesting, to pass a vocational examination and consult with the experts-the professional counselors.


3. Try themselves in the profession, which is interesting - you can use to correct professional orientation mechanism "test" a profession for yourself. Sometimes this is enabled by various mugs and sections. For example, if a student feels a potential journalist, then verify your solution is working in the editorial of the school newspaper. Quite often you can find a way for the device to work in the field of interest to him during the holidays, let it be the most unskilled work. But being "on the scene", you can plunge into the atmosphere of interest to professional activities, to fill mistakes. To find the right professional probe, to help the teenager to choose a profession through the implementation of this option often only for an adult.


4. Talking, always talking - a lot of useful information regarding the choice of future profession can give serious, premeditated conversation. In conversation it is important to define the criteria of choice of profession taking into account the knowledge and experience of each participant of the conversation. Worth talking about, whether it is clear that professional activity, which is interesting as it is promising. Equally valuable is the opportunity to discuss alternatives with a good plan always need a spare, this will help to avoid the typical looping on a single fashionable, popular profession, not considering others, it may be more suitable options. It is important to discuss the motivation and beliefs about the profession, but not only and not so much to talk about, but to be near and to learn to hear and understand the other, especially if that other parent who is scared not worse than a teenager. This is sometimes to say, honesty will prevent mass claims.


5. Study the job description of the desired professions — they are descriptions of symptoms that characterize a particular profession, and include the list of norms and requirements of the profession or specialty to the employee. Job analysis may include, for example, the list of the hygienic or psychological characteristics, which should meet the representatives of specific professional groups. It is necessary to search for a suitable profession on the personal qualities of man, giving him the opportunity to do so, that he likes.

A good job analysis answers the following questions:

  • what is the essence of the profession,
  • what exactly is the employee
  • in what conditions the work,
  • what are the requirements to level of preparation of employees,
  • what abilities are necessary for successful mastering the profession
  • is it easy to find a job for the owners of the profession, what work you can count on
  • what are the opportunities for career growth.

6. Create a plan of professional self-determination in matters of search it is important for planning, because it is always a long-term project, and the individual, but help it on the part of parents will be invaluable. The plan should be realistic, achievable and specific.

It needs to consider some important points:

  • are my desires with the alleged place of study,
  • well I am aware of how to satisfied my needs in those areas of study that I have chosen,
  • what is the overall picture of the place of study,
  • what exactly will make a student in this school
  • what level of theoretical, practical and physical training necessary for study in this institution,
  • what are the reviews about this establishment,
  • what is known about the mode and nature of training activities and requirements for students
  • how realistic is it to achieve the goals I set with this institution,
  • what to do if "fail" is the best option
  • what happens if the "fall through" in both the first and the alternate options.

Also important is the familiarity with the structure of educational institutions, level in education, entrance exams. In this can help information guides for applicants, meetings with representatives of educational institutions to vocational mini-fairs in school, open days at the school.

But it is not necessary to identify the selected subject with the profession, there are other sources of information, one of which will include communication with the specialists of the profession, in favor of which a selection is made. This experience may allow a more realistic assessment of the chances of the chosen specialty.


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And, of course, choosing a profession in adolescence, need to be initially configured that only one of elections. It is desirable that it was most appropriate at this particular stage.published


Author: Igor Good Residential Area




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