Professions of the future: When we fly into space?

How many times many of you happy reviewed films about space exploration? Or what dangers there are found, problems arise, or, on the contrary, the opening? Personally, we - ever. The theme of space is one of the most popular in the film. And sometimes, there is a regret that he was born quite a bit earlier than the time when all this were already a reality, and can only again and again to review your favorite movies.

But we hasten to reassure you! Not so bad, really. And for us, the young, may still have a chance in the near future to experience all the delights of living space, is now available only elected. And our children even more so. One has only to open his eyes a little and make enormous progress, which at the moment makes the space industry. After all, for those born in the 70-90's, the space industry was in a stupor. The Cold War, no matter how bad it may be, is still largely positive impact on the development of research and development in this area. And after a period of stagnation it has been. And we have lost all hope that someday we will live on Mars.

But now things are changing. In full swing development of private commercial space exploration. The flights are becoming cheaper and the world quite seriously talking about kosmoturizme and use of outer space for the purpose of private business. What can I say, tickets are sold on SpaceShip Two for years to come! Mankind has no doubt about the future of space, which will be a reconnaissance mission, study and landing on other planets, mining and production of resources in space. All that we have seen in the movies, is gradually becoming a reality.

Of course, in Russia it is that the entire space program belongs to the government and only a small sub-contracts given to private commerce sometimes. However, and this will change in the future, and the world. Notice how many new jobs emerged in the last two decades in all areas of our lives? Computer literacy, robots, new technologies and so on. These are the prospects are waiting for cosmic expanses. After some time, the space will begin actively developed by different companies and private organizations, and job type "Looking Geological exploration on Mars, a contract for 5 years" will be quite a natural phenomenon. Therefore, we offer a number of professions of the future, for which the frames of the assumptions leading experts in this field need to prepare now.

The designer of the life cycle of cosmic structures

A specialist in designing structures in open space (near Earth stations and stations on the moon and asteroids). I>

Only in the last half century in space has changed more than a dozen orbital stations. Some of them were very small and consisted of 2-3 units. Some are huge, as the ISS, which is worn today by the dark sky bright star. Just imagine: its length is more than 100 meters! In orbit for 4 years as the Chinese spinning station, and soon, according to the plans, and Russia will separate with its own orbital home. But the number of satellites in orbit and say no, because there are thousands of them.

Already before 2020 it is scheduled to begin commercial orbital tourist flights. And after some time, and will be carried out missions to the ISS. But this research station and, although tourists and now it is visited mainly live there, scientists and engineers with specific goals. It is therefore not surprising that for a long time there is talk, and projects are being developed space-travel hotels. And for this, of course, it will require an entirely different infrastructure and experts.

All of these technological facilities, like everything else in our world, have including shelf life and can not run forever, it is not sad. As practice shows, just throw out unnecessary parts into space - not the best idea. With each passing year the risk of damage to satellites and stations in Earth orbit space debris is increasing more and more. And just growing every year and the number of running vehicles.

So we can say with confidence that in the very near future there will be such a profession as "Designer of the life cycle of cosmic structures" that will directly address this issue and to make design decisions developers the additions concerning the recycling and rebuilding of spacecraft, or to solve these problems is already in place on the basis of its existing technologies and components. The most urgent is such a profession is to manned stations on the moon and other planets, asteroids, and even where to deliver new materials and spare parts is quite problematic.

Before such an expert would be a serious problem and the need to make important decisions, because in many respects it is from them will depend on the further course of life not only of the station, but also people. Of course, much easier task of the new 3D-printing technology and reusable materials. But the specialty of this in any way outstanding and will require a number of important professional skills. Such a person will require an understanding of related technologies in a variety grown, systems thinking, the ability to organize and systematize their work, accuracy and thrift, serious programming skills and, of course, language. So, if you see the qualities, you can safely take note this interesting profession.

Let specialty, this is still being formed in, and there will be approximately 2020, but now you can get a basic education to become so in the future designer. Objectively, the expert should have a broad scope of engineering skills and have a good erudition. Here you need to be an expert in everything, not just the narrow professional in the industry, to be able to meet the challenges associated with any equipment at the stations.

Manager kosmoturizma

Specialist, develops programs visit okolokosmicheskogo space later - orbital space complexes and other facilities (including lunar bases). I>

Going on vacation is now on the other end of the planet, we have to appeal to a normal person, who will select the best mode of travel, optimizes all the dates, deadlines and budgets, help with paperwork, etc., making our stay as comfortable as possible. So why space should be the exception?

Development kosmoturizma leads the development of infrastructure and a strong space. Start pojavljatsja dozens of hotels, and scientific research stations, colonies, settlements, military bases, industrial complexes. Before a man will have a choice that often do not want to commit himself, right? Therefore, the profession "manager of space tourism" will become relevant after 2020 with the development of commercial kosmoputeshestvy.

Now we think this development is very far away, but in fact the beginnings of such a profession exists even now. Did you know that right now there are several private companies that organize tours to the ISS? It is, of course, is not cheap, and klientvo these companies is not much. But if you are rich, you have a lot of money and you really want to space, it is through such a company you have to plan your journey. This will be fixed for your personal manager who will try to solve for you all the problems. So, I think this profession is still far away? After all, it is already here.

At this point, of course, such work is not much different from the usual management and work with the client, but it is now forced to deal in all aspects of modern space travel. And what will happen in the future when the stations and companies to fly in space, will be a lot? Of course, there will need all the qualities of a good manager to work with clients: organization, customer, communication and, of course, multilingual. Not superfluous will and the ability to quickly and cleverly solved the difficulties. But, of course, such work will be significantly different from the usual travel through the land, because we will have space and other planets.

If you like a profession, it is wise to attend to basic education now, because very soon highly qualified managers and tour guides are on kosmoturizma grabbing. It's quite similar to the existing managers of tourism specialty, so it is not difficult to guess what kind of education you should receive.

Engineer kosmodorozhnik

Specialist serving low-Earth transport network and is responsible for the development of traffic corridors (as flights into orbit and transcontinental flights on ballistic trajectories) and synchronization starts / startups in the world (with the growing number of start-ups, taking into account the increase in the number of multiple objects in orbit). i>

Once, long ago, when there were only aircraft and the first of them flying across the Atlantic, and one could not conceive that there will be such a profession as an air traffic controller. Now, however, it is routine for us and the people of this specialization, we do not hesitate to trust your life constantly, going to ocherenoe journey.

It is logical to assume that the same thing will happen in space. Now, seemingly, not much rocket soars into orbit, and the chances are minimal stalknutsya. The satellites fly in their orbits, the station on their own. But in a very rudimentary form of this profession has been and is now. Who do you think controls the orbits of all objects orbiting oklozemnyh? In NASA, for example, there is a special person: Head of operations with the trajectory that constantly monitors the location of the ISS and, if necessary, adjust its (recently we have all heard of the misfire, the height of the orbit correction station). These are the same people and the near-Earth satellites.

Of course, in the future, with the development of commercial operations and a significant increase in their numbers, this profession would be considerably more extensive, and such people are needed in large quantities. They will have to solve a lot of issues are now the standard for air traffic controllers, but in this case they will have to cover a huge area above the ground and in space.

In addition to all the other qualities necessary space controllers for the profession will be very important the ability to quickly navigate the uncertain situation and receive instant informed decisions. In addition, this work will require a serious stress, significantly more than the current air traffic controllers. However, the difference with a modern analogy would still be, since by the time of this trade (after 2020). Most of the traffic control in the area will be transferred from person to automation and require only observation, communication and making important decisions.


A specialist who studies the behavior of different biological systems (from viruses to animal and human) in space (in buildings, aircraft, on the planetary stations), studying the physiology and gene modified organisms develop sustainable ecosystem for orbiting space stations, lunar bases and long flights. i>

This profession can be said to exist even now, only in its infancy. All functions such specialty currently operate scientists are on ISS. It is thanks to their work, including in the field of the study of biological life forms in zero gravity, we know about space and its impact on us much more than even 10 years ago. But these scientists - pioneers and their work in the future without a doubt is divided into many spheres of activity, including cosmobiology.

Mankind, in fact, very few even know about life on earth, what really nothing to talk about life in space. But for stations and colonial settlements need to explore all the great detail. You can not ever bring food into space, as is done now, so sooner or later we will come to the opening of a new branch in space: proizvodtvo and growing food and animals. But it will be only one aspect of "cosmobiology┬╗.

In space it behaves quite differently, not only our bodies but also others, even microorganisms. Weightlessness or reduced gravity changes many orders and installation life cycle. So biologists will be a lot of work. Hoping for good luck in any case it is impossible, and therefore it is necessary to examine this area thoroughly. Many developments, there are time-tested and has now fitoosveschenie, hydroponics and Aeroponics and more. Cosmobiology just need to adapt it to the conditions of space.

However, this profession will be far from easy, but very interesting! There will need to go beyond the known to mankind, because people such profession would step on nepahannoe field. Of course, they will need a basic knowledge of biology. And at the base in this case we mean that such people should be first-class specialists, who know all about the biology thoroughly. Base they will be compared with what remains to be cosmobiology explore in space, so it is very highly specialized profession.

However, if you have to rely, you will need to sit in front of a microscope on the space station, it is unlikely that it will be so, because modern technology have gone much further. Most likely in the industry will have all largely automated and therefore require knowledge and microbiologists in the IT-sphere. In addition, the necessary will and project management skills, organization, systems thinking. Do not be redundant and communication and language skills, as space is limited like it or not, and have to communicate with colleagues.

Do you want to become in the future is cosmobiology? Then you still have plenty of time to become a terrestrial biologist now just high class. Then, somewhere after 2020, you have all the chances to start working in space.


A specialist who is engaged in exploration and extraction of minerals on the moon and asteroids. I>

In this article, we talked about a lot of commercial space exploration, but has not mentioned even once, what exactly is this very commercial benefits for private companies. A benefit, as you can guess from the name of the profession, is very large. We are talking about a lot of resources. And kosmogeologiya be one of the best jobs of the future. Even now, on our home planet exploration takes a long time and great effort. A space in a vacuum environment, solar radiation and low gravity problems appears significantly greater. Nevertheless, the commercial benefits will exceed all possible expenses.
Many films on the space theme 80-90s supported this concept is the development of a vacuum. Even the plot of the movie "Alien" was unfolding in the commercial freight transporters "Nostromo", which was carrying 20 million. Tons of ore to Earth. But human consumption is growing every year, and many scientists are increasingly claim the depletion of sources of resources directly to our planet. So the prospects for huge kosmogeologov.

As in any other profession in space, these people have to face many difficulties. Although we are already more than 50 years studying our solar system and all the planets in it, and many even landed, we still know very little about the geology of celestial bodies. So space geologists have largely guided the place, investigating and exploring new ground, extracting new resources and thus making a great contribution to the study of our universe, because in the depths of planets as in our own, hidden many secrets of our origins.

This profession is very narrowly specialized: to know the entire periodic table will have by heart, and determine the composition of the ground without looking at him just to touch their feet. But you have the time to become a professional in his field, because this profession is only in the project and private companies there is still a long way in space exploration, to finally start to send "Kosmogeologov." However, do not try to delay the formation of the back burner! Because the same private companies that are always thinking only within the business and money very quickly need to beat all attachments. A resource extraction - is one of the first ways to return the investment.
Kosmogeologam may have the most difficult. Their work is dangerous and difficult, but at the same time, it is highly being paid.

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