Man in Space!

Man in Space!
First starship captain - our Soviet!
Great victory of reason and labor
The world applauds Yuri Gagarin

This is the screaming headline was in an old newspaper, which I found recently at the bottom of the box. It was interesting. It turned out that this "Komsomolskaya Pravda" on April 13, 1961.

As the Soviet people learned about the flight of Yuri Gagarin?

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April 12, 1961 in the Soviet Union launched into orbit around the Earth the world's first spacecraft-satellite "Vostok" with a man on board.
Pilot astronaut spaceship-satellite "Vostok" is a citizen of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics pilot Major Yuri A. Gagarin.
Start space multistage rocket was successful, and then set the first space speed and separation from the last stage of the carrier rocket ship satellite launched free flight in orbit around the Earth.
According to preliminary data, the period of revolution of the ship-satellite around the Earth is 89, 1 minute; the minimum distance from the earth (at perigee) is 175 kilometers, and the maximum distance (apogee) is 302 kilometers; angle of inclination of the orbital plane of the equator 65 degrees 4 minutes.
Weight-satellite spacecraft with pilot-cosmonaut of 4,725 kilograms, excluding the weight of the final stage of the launch vehicle.
With fellow cosmonaut Gagarin installed and maintained two-way radio. Frequencies board shortwave transmitters are 9, 019 megahertz and 20 megahertz 006, and in the range VHF 143, 625 megahertz. With the help of radio telemetry and television systems made monitoring of the astronaut in flight.
Period launch ship-satellite "Vostok" into orbit Gagarin Cosmonaut Comrade transferred satisfactorily and is now doing well. The systems provide the necessary living conditions in the cabin of the satellite are functioning normally.
Flying ship-satellite "Vostok" with pilot-cosmonaut Gagarin in orbit companion continues.
9 h. 52 m. According to information received from the spacecraft "Vostok", in 9 hours 52 minutes, Moscow time, the pilot-cosmonaut Major Yuri Gagarin, while over South America, narrated: "The flight is normal, I feel good."
10 h. 15 m. 10 hours and 15 minutes, Moscow time, the pilot-cosmonaut Major Yuri Gagarin flying over Africa, handed over to the spacecraft "Vostok", "Flight, proceeds normally, the state of weightlessness stand good."
10 h. 25 m. 10 hours and 25 minutes Moscow time, after the flyby of the world in accordance with a predetermined program, included brake propulsion and spacecraft-satellite with a pilot-cosmonaut Major Gagarin began to descend from orbit for landing in a predetermined area of ​​the Soviet Union.
Following the success of the planned research and the program Flight April 12, 1961 at 10 hours 55 minutes Moscow Time Soviet ship "Vostok" made a safe landing in a predetermined area of ​​the Soviet Union.
Pilot-cosmonaut Major Yuri Gagarin said: "Please report to the Party and the government and personally to Nikita Khrushchev that the landing went well, feel good, injuries and bruises do not have."
Implementation of human flight into space opens up great prospects for the conquest of space by mankind.

For the Communist Party and the peoples of the Soviet Union!
To the peoples and governments of all countries!
To all progressive mankind!
CPSU Central Committee, the Presidium of the Supreme
Soviet of the USSR and the government of the Soviet Union
It accomplish great event. For the first time in the history of man has carried out a flight into space.
April 12, 1961 at 9 o'clock 7 Moscow time the spacecraft-satellite "Vostok" with a man on board climbed into space to orbit the globe, safely returned to the sacred soil of our motherland - the Soviet Union.
The first man, penetrated into space - a Soviet citizen, a citizen of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics!
This is - unprecedented victory of man over the forces of nature, the greatest achievement of science and technology, the triumph of the human mind. The beginning of manned flight into space.
This feat that will go down in the century, embodied the genius of the Soviet people, the mighty power of socialism.
With great joy and legitimate pride of the Communist Party Central Committee, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and the Soviet Government pointed out that this new era in the progressive development of mankind opened our country - a country of victorious socialism.
In the past, backward tsarist Russia could not even dream of the accomplishment of feats in the struggle for the progress of the competition with more developed technically and economically.
By the will of the working class, by the will of the people, inspired by the Communist Party, headed by Lenin, our country has turned into a powerful socialist country, has reached unprecedented heights in the development of science and technology.
When the working class in October 1917 took the power in their hands, many even honest people doubted whether he can run the country, to preserve at least the current level of economic development, science and technology.
And now the whole world working class, the Soviet collective farm peasantry and the Soviet intelligentsia, the entire Soviet people demonstrate an unprecedented victory of science and technology. Our country is ahead of all the other nations of the world and the first paved the way to space.
The Soviet Union launched the first intercontinental ballistic missile, sent the first artificial satellite, the first spacecraft sent to the moon, created the first artificial satellite of the sun, made a flight of the spacecraft toward Venus. One after another, the Soviet space probe with living beings on board to fly into space and returned to Earth.
The climax of our victories in space exploration was a triumphant flight of the Soviet man in a spacecraft around the Earth.
Honor and glory to the working class, the Soviet peasantry, the Soviet intelligentsia, the entire Soviet people!
Honor and glory to Soviet scientists, engineers and technicians - the creators of a spaceship!
Honor and glory to the first cosmonaut - Yuri Gagarin Comrade A. - a pioneer of space exploration!
We, the Soviet people, who are building communism, had the honor of the first to get into space. Victory in the exploration of outer space, we believe not only the achievement of our nation, but of all mankind. We are happy to put them at the service of all peoples, in the name of progress, happiness and welfare of all people on Earth. Our achievements and discoveries are not we put at the service of war, and the service of peace and security.
The development of science and technology opens up endless possibilities for mastering the forces of nature and use them for the benefit of man, for this we must first ensure peace.
On this solemn day, we once again call on the peoples and governments of all countries of the world enlistment word.
Let all people, regardless of races and nations, skin color, their religion, and social class, will make every effort to ensure lasting peace in the world. Put an end to the arms race! General and complete disarmament under strict international control! This will be a decisive contribution to the sacred cause of peace.
The glorious victory of our homeland inspires all Soviet people to new feats in the construction of communism!
Forward to new victories with the name of peace, progress and happiness of mankind!

Soviet cosmonaut, first in the world made a space flight
Major Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin
Dear Yuri A.!
It gives me great pleasure to warmly congratulate you on your outstanding heroic deeds - the first space flight on board the satellite "Vostok".
All Soviet people admire your glorious feat that will be remembered through the ages as an example of courage, bravery and heroism in the service of humanity.
Perfect your flight opens a new page in the history of mankind in the conquest of space and fills the hearts of the Soviet people great joy and pride in their socialist homeland.
I heartily congratulate you on the happy return from space travel to his native land. Hugging you.
See you in Moscow.
April 12, 1961.

Feat of the Soviet people - GLORY!
For unparalleled in human history the feat ever glorifying the Soviet people, Soviet science and technology, is a remarkable example of selfless service to the interests of the Motherland, the Komsomol Central Committee has brought in King of Honor of the Komsomol pupil Lenin Komsomol friend GAGARINA Yuri, the world's first cosmonaut, paving the people of the Earth the way to space.

All scientists, engineers, technicians, workers, all the collectives
and organizations who participated in the successful implementation of the first
in the world of human space flight on the ship-satellite "Vostok»
First Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, Yuri Alekseyevich
Dear comrades!
Fellow countrymen!
Joyful, exciting event going through peoples of our country. April 12, 1961 for the first time in the history of humanity is our homeland - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - has successfully completed a manned flight to the satellite-spacecraft "Vostok" space.
Flight of the Soviet man in space - the greatest achievement of the creative genius of our people, the result of a free and inspired work of the Soviet people - builders of communism. What in the past dreamed of outstanding representatives of Russian and world science and technology, which has devoted his life to the genius son of our people, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, has today become a living reality, it has become a reality of our heroic days. This is the great outstanding contribution of the Soviet people in the treasury of world science and culture. This invaluable service of the Soviet Union would be gratefully received by mankind. Heroic flight of the Soviet man in space opened a new era in the history of the Earth. The age-old dream of mankind come true.
The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet and the USSR Council of Ministers on behalf of our glorious Communist Party of the Soviet government, all the peoples of the Soviet Union warmly congratulate on the great victory of the mind and work of all the scientists, engineers, technicians, workers, all the groups and organizations who participated in the success of the world's first manned space flight.
I cordially welcome and congratulate you, our dear comrade, Yuri Gagarin, with the greatest feat - the first flight into space.
Our free, talented and hard-working people, raised by the Communist Party, led by the great leader and teacher of workers throughout the world by Lenin in October 1917 to the conscious historical creativity, now showing the world the greatest advantages of the new, socialist system in all areas of society.
Manned space flight - is the result of successful implementation of the ambitious program of full-scale communist construction, the tireless care of the Communist Party and its Leninist Central Committee and the Soviet government, headed by Nikita Khrushchev on the continuous development of science, technology, culture, the welfare of the Soviet people.
Less than four years separate the launch of the world's first Soviet artificial Earth satellite from a successful manned space flight.
Soviet scientists, engineers, technicians, workers their hard and selfless work opened the way to human genius in the depths of outer space. And they did it in the name of world peace, the happiness of all peoples.
The first manned space flight will be the source of new inspiration and daring of all the Soviet people for the sake of further progress and peace in the world.
Glory to the Soviet scientists, designers, engineers, technicians and workers - Conquerors of Space!
Glory to our people - the people of the creator, the people-winner, paves the Communist Party led the way to a brighter future for all mankind - communism!
Long live the glorious Communist Party of the Soviet Union - the great inspirer and organizer of all the victories of the Soviet people!
Long live communism!
The CPSU Central Committee
USSR Supreme Soviet Presidium
USSR Council of Ministers

NS KHRUSHCHOV conversation with Yu Gagarin
Located in the region of Sochi, NS Khrushchev with unflagging attention the preparation of the ship-satellite "Vostok", the flight of Yuri Gagarin.
Shortly after the announcement of the successful completion of the first space flight and landing YA Gagarin in a given area held telephone conversation between Comrade NS Khrushchev and the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. It happened at 13 o'clock Moscow time. NS Khrushchev said that it wants to talk with Yu Gagarin.
Picking up the phone, Khrushchev said: - I am glad to hear you, dear Yuri A..
YA Gagarin - I have just received your telegram of greetings, which I congratulate you on the successful completion of the first in the world of space flight. I sincerely thank you, Nikita Sergeyevich, for this greeting. I am happy to report to you that the first space flight was successfully completed.
NS KHRUSHCHOV - I cordially greet and congratulate you, dear Yuri A.! You have made the world's first space flight. His feat you glorify our country, have displayed courage and heroism in the performance of such a responsible job, his feat you made yourself immortal man, because you are the first man who entered the space.
Say, Yuri A., how you felt in the air? How proceeded the first space flight?
YA Gagarin - I felt good. The flight was very successful, the whole apparatus of the spacecraft worked well. During the flight, I saw the Earth from a great height. There were visible, sea, mountains, major cities, rivers, forests.
NS KHRUSHCHOV: - You can say what you feel good?
YA Gagarin: - You were right, Nikita Sergeyevich. I felt good in the spaceship home. Once again, I thank you for the cordial greetings Mr. greeting with the successful completion of the flight.
NS KHRUSHCHOV: - I am glad to hear your voice and to welcome you. I will be glad to meet you in Moscow. We are with you, together with all our people solemnly celebrate this great achievement in space exploration. Let the whole world looks and sees what can our country that can make our great nation, our Soviet science.
YA Gagarin - Suppose now that all countries are catching up with us!
NS KHRUSHCHOV: - Right! I am very glad that your voice sounds cheerful Mr. confident that you have a good mood! You rightly say - let the capitalist countries are catching up with our country, paving the way into space, sent the world's first cosmonaut. We are all proud of this great victory.
Here there Anastas Mikoyan, it sends you a heartfelt greeting and welcome.
YA Gagarin: - Give my thanks to Anastas Ivanovich and best wishes to him!
NS KHRUSHCHOV: - Say, Yuri A., you have a wife, children?
YA Gagarin: - There is the wife Valentina and two daughters - Lena and Galya.
NS KHRUSHCHOV: - His wife knew that you fly into space?
YA Gagarin: - Yes, she knew Khrushchev.
NS KHRUSHCHOV: - Give my warmest regards to your wife and your children. Let your daughter grow up and are proud of their father, who made such a great feat in the name of our Soviet motherland.
YA Gagarin: - Thank you, Nikita Sergeyevich. I will give this your greetings and always remember the words of your heart.
NS KHRUSHCHOV: - And your parents, mother and father are still alive, where they are now, what they do?
YA Gagarin: - The mother and father are alive, they live in the Smolensk region.
NS KHRUSHCHOV - Give your father and your mother my heartfelt congratulations. They can be proud of his son, who made such a great feat.
YA Gagarin: - Thank you, Nikita Sergeyevich. I will pass your words Mr. mother father. They will be happy and deeply grateful to you, our Party and the Soviet government.
NS KHRUSHCHOV: - Not only your parents, but all of our Soviet motherland is proud of your great feat Yuri A.. You accomplished a feat that will live forever.
Once again I heartily welcome you on the successful completion of the first space flight. See you in Moscow. Wish you all the best.
YA Gagarin: - Thank you, Nikita Sergeyevich. Once again, thank you, native Communist Party and the Soviet government for the great trust placed in me, and I assure you that in the future ready to perform any task the Soviet homeland. Goodbye, dear Nikita Sergeyevich!






Man in Space!





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