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This woman called Sandra Magnus, she was 44 years old, she spent 133 days in Earth orbit - from 14 November 2008 to 28 March 2009.
It was, along with cosmonaut Yuri Lonchakov and Michael Fincke, took part in the 18th expedition to the International Space Station.

It was not the first flight into space Magnus: In 2002, she participated in the expedition of the space shuttle Atlantis STS-112. However, the ISS for the first time led by Magnus online diary.

Permanent internet connection is not the station, so that their records and answers to readers' questions Magnus sent by e-mail - sometimes with considerable delay - on land, in the Science and Technology University of Missouri, where editors put them in your blog spacebook.mst.edu .

How to fly into space

Well, I'm back in space. First, let's talk about the launch. I was sitting on the middle deck, so that access to the window I did not have. We listened to the countdown, and only when it was announced that before the start of nine minutes left, realized that we go somewhere so fly. We felt like checking gimbal jet engine, and waited for the main start up. Small vibration, our chair was shake and six seconds shook in earnest, and we felt the same "blow to the chair," which tells about all the astronauts. We soared from the launch pad. Once separated the first stage, it was noticeably quieter, softer and stroke. Before separating the main engine we felt that overload reached 3g. It seemed to last forever. It feels as if perched on the chest 100-pound gorilla. But in fact, the main engine had separated almost immediately, and overloading zakonchilas.Kogda reaching orbit, the main thing - at first moving slowly.

The first strong feeling that I got from the chair otstegnuvshis: floating upwards. It seemed as if I am for something that is not uhvachena, and then fly away to the ceiling. My vestibular system has not yet realized that the force of attraction is no more, and it confuses me with their signals. We have on the middle deck was a lot of cases, so it was impossible to follow the rules by which the first day in orbit need to save space "orientation 1g» (that is, to preserve the so-called vertical orientation with respect to the main elements of the shuttle. - Esquire). I shook from side to side, twist upside down and back, up and down. It was very difficult to control the body had to move very slowly, but the legs and other limbs dangling as they please. I experienced great relief when I finally managed to escape from the hot and stuffy suit. By the end of the day I have remembered how to move in zero gravity, and, as usual, was attached to the ceiling.

As in space to go online and watch TV

We do not have TV, but from the center of the flight control, we sometimes send files from TV shows and movies. But our expedition conducting an experiment with the Internet. There is only e-mail and IP-telephony, where there is satellite communications with Earth. The experiment involved only one computer, which is not connected to any of our systems and receives the internet signal from the MCC via satellite. It is important that the computer has been fully isolated, that we are not picked up by any terrestrial virus.

How to sleep in space

The task is not simple, quite frankly. You probably do not realize it, but we are all accustomed to the fact that when we fall asleep, we have on the force of gravity. Through this power, we can lie down on the bed, and our heads are on the pillow. The first time I went to sleep in zero gravity, I have always had the feeling that I'm falling and I waited, and when I hit the floor. After some time, I learned how to wear a seat in his sleeping bag and got used to the fact that was floating in the air during sleep (and do not feel at a hard surface such as a bed).


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