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Often in discussions, especially when discussing the implementation of western space programs, skips comments like "It's all a PR" or "It's Hollywood." It is understood that for the beautiful pictures there is no real content or it is insignificant, while at home occurs accomplishment for accomplishment, but Russia has its own special way, so to disclose domestic achievements like not necessary. In my view, such a position is short-sighted and just plain stupid. Try to understand what PR space, whether it is necessary and Roscosmos Russian Academy of Sciences, and why?

In Russia, it seems since the 90's, social stereotype of public relations, as some sort of black magic, such as NLP or "gypsy hypnosis." A "PR" is someone like a shaman: come, knocked on the drum, and the customer came to fame and glory, and its competitors shame ... But Roscosmos above it! No PR, no overseas inventions ... Only missiles only hardcore!

Let's go back to basics. The obvious fact that PR (PR - public relations) - it's just public relations. It would be naive to believe that the dialogue with society Space - is a Western notion. In the Soviet Union was well developed popularization of astronautics. Out non-fiction books for preschoolers , students and adults; journalists working in TsUPah the most crucial and decisive moments in space programs; and in the 60th journalist of "Komsomolskaya Pravda» Ярослав Golovanov even willing to fly into space. On it is still good words recalled in the industry. The astronauts were idols, and on TV twisted literate and an elaborated documentary films and programs. And all this was a PR, speaking in modern language . Do not Hollywood, but "Mosfilm", very good at the time.

Was in the Soviet Union and the other side of PR, the one that is called propaganda. Then any space success exalted as the achievement of socialism, the achievement of the people coming into communism. Ie PR in space, in addition to hobbies romantic nature, and was more pragmatic function - beliefs of the people that it is driven by the most advanced and most caring party in the world. This in turn imposes stringent requirements on lighting failures. They are generally not covered. Satellite missed by the moon - we launched the first artificial planet. Not out Martian machine escape trajectories - hurray next launch near-Earth satellite series "Cosmos". Rocket exploded on the launch pad ... What a rocket? You spread news that ?! Come, citizen ...

Now times have changed. News reports on events in the space industry learned before her head. Of all the top-secret missile ballistic missiles, good and bad, can be found in Википедии. A secret task, the secret satellite launched from Baikonur military, you can узнать with the help of Google and ingenuity. Even if "their" not give up, then there will always be careful "western partners" who will report , as we have something somewhere departed not there.

Domestic same astronautics still trying to live according to Soviet standards: works - do not touch, stopped working - silent . Or pretend to work. And anyway, the whole world is discussing flying "on one wing" Russian ship. The head of the Russian Space Agency [already former] still says & quot; nothing abnormal was & quot ;.

You can speak at length about the results of such short-sightedness, but I will give just one example. Here, on the site «Rossiyskaya Gazeta" published an interview with the official Roscosmos. The official talks about "Angara", about the "East", about the exploration of the Moon, and the text is decorated banners, referring to the other space news on the newspaper's website.

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And what we see: against the background of calls from Roscosmos?

The Europeans ESO examined the molecular cloud in the galaxy.
American cargo spaceship docked with the ISS SpaceX.
NASA Curiosity rover found on Mars organics.
Telescope NASA / ESA Hubble made a unique panorama photo Andromeda galaxy.
Chinese spacecraft CNSA flew to the moon.
NASA astronomers have seen an explosion in the center of our galaxy ... i>

Let me remind you, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" - is the official organ of the government of the Russian Federation. Ie The problem is not that the editors deliberately ignores domestic achievements in space. Just nobody was told about the domestic achievements, not chewed in a detailed press release is not prepared colorful illustrations, which are famous for releases NASA, ESA and ESO. Because there is in Russia who would be engaged in such work.

Well, such is. But very few of them. Here, for example on the site SINP found the perfect description of the scientific instrument "NUCLEON» , which recently launched into space satellite "Resource-P2." Seen guys well tried and lovingly presented their instrument. I hope and publication of the results of its work will be as carefully prepared.

The site Roscosmos also periodically skips interesting articles about research, such as the experiment «Matryoshka-R» fresh or результатам «Radioastron." But these materials are drowning in an endless stream of meetings, dressings missiles saplings planted in the alleys of astronauts and other routine.

Yes, there are those who are willing to talk, talk, make the domestic space closer to society. But they throat tightened norms prohibitions, regulations, mode, and the fear that their superiors would not understand their diligence and sincerity. During the two years of my association with the space industry, only one person was able to confidently say: "Write everything that I heard, I'm not afraid of anyone." Ultimately, almost any manifestation of openness is a manifestation of good will, not awareness of the need and usefulness of the policy of openness and trust.

Now, after this excursion into the modern realities of the Russian space, back to the old question: why do we need this your PR or overseas, our Russian public relations?

to present their arguments: i>

1) Company - is not only valuable fur, taxes, - it is also the main source of labor. Who are more or less familiar with the situation in the space industry or science understands that the lack of staff - one of the most important problems of Russian space exploration. Few applications in the cosmonaut - is just the tip of a huge iceberg! Professionals are lacking anywhere, in mechanical engineering or in the military commissar, nor in shipbuilding or in the aircraft industry. Pay about the same everywhere, so the unspoken competition comes in PR, "Hey, guys! You can collect Screwdriver "Fords", you can store the radioactive ash for our neighbors, and can the cosmos! Yes, the same space where Gagarin, the lunar tractor, and the vastness of the universe. Your product is five years can rust in the cell, and can study black holes in guglollione kilometers from Earth. The choice is yours! »

2) Morality. B> Astronaut - it might not be such an idol, as 30 years ago, but it's like honor, respect and dignity. And what about the thousands of workers, engineers, and physicians who provided his flight? What could hear the people in the pub or in the online forum, if it is recognized that it makes the rocket? Some of the interlocutors say "Wow", and someone will remind about inverted sensors . All in fact seen as falling "Proton"? A successful launches turned the press service of the Russian Space Agency in a dull routine that they almost nobody notices. From the "Angara" tried to do the show, but so scared own courage that limited to only one spectator live ...

So the task of competent PR show how steep the work of those who are from eight to five, five days a week makes space. To "rocket engineer" or "astrophysicist" was no less cool than the "astronaut" or at least "a specialist in skeet." And the man who is proud of his work, will make it better. Of course, much decides the salary, but also contributes to motivation when salary is approaching a state of "missing».

3) future. B> Even if we want to implement is not yet written, but near the Federal Space Program 2015-2025, we did not have enough resources of today's labor market. Need a young and ambitious "blood", which will fuel the industry with their enthusiasm and moving space program in the future.

Today, in a toy store, with the word "space" you will lead to shelves with light swords, tai Fighter and Darth Vader helmets. At best, show the plastic telescopes or Space Shuttle Lego. In bookstores now a little better: in astronomy or space exploration can find decent publication, but 80 percent - it will reissue the West.
All over the country just two pretty good space museum: at ENEA in Moscow and Kaluga, but they are far from modern traditions. I do not know how in Kaluga, and ENEA, it seems 60% of the staff knows only two phrases: "Do not touch!" And "Do not take pictures!". Moscow Planetarium only more or less drawn to the ideals of interactivity and engagement of the young visitor to the process of understanding the world around.

I'm not saying that we should rather rivet space toys, writing books and build museums. You can start with the available resources: space on each enterprise has a museum, but almost all in closed areas or even in the restricted zone. This allows it to create interactive, educational space center, not worse than the best western samples. Lead to children not boring guides, and real space experts who tell show and teach. Maintain enthusiasts who write books or leading rocket- clubs, or a popular scientific and Experimentarium interaktoriumy . Now the country begin to develop all sorts of robotic, raketomodelistskie, sputnikostroitelnye festivals and competitions - they are sufficient to support, to assist with the development and ... yes, with PR.

4) Advertising. B> It may be that the average Russian citizen is not going to buy myself a companion, but if our vehicles and our studies, begins to write the foreign press , then it is a claim on the world market of space services. Potential customers of space technology to real-world examples are convinced of the possibilities of the Russian industry and science, and there are already close to the order, the main thing that marketers and engineers have worked better than PR.

5) Clamps Propaganda. B> Not the most noble motive, but the most logical for the government and politicians. From the point of view of the state, and manned space research can be compared to sports. In the national budget are funds for the Olympics or World Cup. And what practical purpose, in the financing of sport and participation in the championship? The most obvious answer is to demonstrate the world what a healthy, strong brave citizens of our country. And, let me emphasize, the state invests not only in sports, but also in the news coverage of the competition - the same PR.

So space exploration, and indeed fundamental science - a demonstration of the world what the citizens of our country smart Space - it's the Olympics brains. Why not show the success of our scientists and engineers around the world? Where the exciting TV movies about "Radioastron" online videos to assemble "Spectrum-UV" or test firing landers "ExoMars" and "Luna-25»? ..

Someone might say that the sport more exciting gambling attracts fans, but interesting space missions and scientific experiments can be no less interesting. Suffice it to recall land rover Curiosity, landing probe Philae on the comet or launch the Large Hadron Collider. Literate PR makes the show even serious scientific programs, and the feeling of involvement, experience and support of the citizens.

I think these arguments are enough to make a simple conclusion: space is needed PR. Particularly ambitious, research, risk, demonstrates that in Russia live and work smart, talented and brave scientists and engineers. Need to invest in the domestic space PR, seek talented professionals: journalists, photographers, camera operators, designers, producers and entertainers attract ... Anyone who wants to make the space more interesting and closer to every citizen of Russia or any other country. Enthusiasts will always be - the same space, but any work has to be paid, it is also to be understood. Hopefully, new leadership Roscosmos recognizes this, and positive changes will take place not only in industry but also the public relations.

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