Roscosmos plans to build a residential prototype lunar base in the 2018-2020 biennium

Today it became known some details of Russian plans for the development of the Moon. Earlier Habré had already published the news that the Federal Space Agency plans to establish lunar orbital station (on the back side of the Moon) of the Scientific and energy module of the ISS, after the completion of the life of the module and its corresponding modernization.

Now the project of the Federal Space Program (FCP) on 2016-2025. hit and items such as creating elements of a lunar base and specialized equipment that may be needed for the construction of such a database.

This trend, as "Manned flight" includes a project to create a labor-ground complex prototype lunar base 1-phase. This prototype will consist of residential, laboratory, energy and nodal upgraded modules. The prototype is needed to check the overall health system.

In addition, to create such a database will be created and special equipment, including a mobile crane, grader, excavator, cable layer, and a mobile robot for selenologicheskoy reconnaissance.

The total amount that will be allocated for the execution of all works to create a lunar base is 10, 37 billion rubles. Duration of the project - 2018-2025 year.

Some scientists are skeptical about the project of Roskosmos. "Over the past 20 years, the Russian Space Agency officials learned brilliantly paper and write a variety of concepts that seem quite logical, but it does not have any relation to reality. And this property is subsequently allow safely adjust the timing, amount, all transferred to a later date, etc. It is necessary to first define the concept of an industry-wide. Here now is the reform of the space industry. Is she - is under the lunar program? Nobody does not say ... We still do not know what our space strategy, and without it the design of lunar tractor does not make sense "- said the member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics Tsiolkovsky Andrew, son of John

. Victor Hart, general director of "NPO. Lavochkin ", in turn, left a comment:" We are not engaged for decades in such things as robots of all types of mobile facilities for the study of other planets. Therefore, you need to make up the backlog as quickly and intensively as possible. But these costs to produce results, the need to provide program development of the Moon. Now the projects related to the moon, scattered in different sections: there are some projects avtomavticheskim complexes, there manned subjects, even here the creation of art. I think it all has to be interconnected, lunar projects is to gather in one program, in which is already engaged in the financing of technologies to pass first the first phase of the lunar program, and then and follow-up to exploration and colonization of the Moon. »

Of course, the project of the lunar program may still be modified, but, probably, the main provisions will remain intact.

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