Full Moon (12 photos)

We can not agree that the full moon plays a significant role in people's lives. During the full moon occurred events such as the birth, enlightenment and passing of Buddha into Nirvana, the resurrection of Jesus, the birth and death of the Prophet Muhammad, the birth of Lord Chaitanya, and many others. Some attribute the full moon to the more frequent cases of violence and mental nepokoya, some believe it is the best time for a completely magical rituals. Anyway, the full moon - is not only mysterious, but also beautiful.

Traditionally, the names of the Full Moon gives each month as follows: February: Snow Moon, March Moon Worms, April: Pink Moon, May: Flower Moon, June: Strawberry Moon July: Deer Moon August Moon Sturgeon - September Moon Corn October: Harvest Moon, November: Beaver Moon December: Cold Moon or Moon of the Long Nights. Depending on the different cultural sources and folk beliefs, these names may vary.

1) Two rangers sit next to the ancient temple of the Parthenon in the moonlight on a hill in Athens Acropolis August evening. Many archaeological sites in Greece were open to the public this evening in honor of the August full moon. (Petros Giannakouris, AP)

2) After sunset, the moon rises over the recently retracted corn field in Pleasant Plains, Illinois, in this photo taken October 6, 2006. The name of the full moon in September refers to the North American Indians, because in the period of its ascent it was necessary to gather corn. Very often, the September full moon is also called the Harvest Moon. (Seth Perlman, AP)

3) The orange harvest moon rises over the Washington Monument in the middle of October in Washington, DC. Harvest Moon - a full moon, which appears in the autumnal equinox. Every two years, three Harvest Moon rises in September, but sometimes it appears in October. At the peak of the harvest season, farmers can work late at night under the light of the moon. (Mark Wilson, Newsmakers)


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