Lunar calendar haircuts on June 2014

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Astrologers believe that the position of the moon affects the quality haircuts, hair coloring. On certain days, you should visit stylists, masseurs and beauticians, see the prediction of our astrologer.

1 Jun
The moon in Cancer. 3rd lunar day
Good day for haircuts and hair coloring. You can do a hydrating mask for the face and hair, but to sit on a diet and arrange fasting days I'd rather not. Favourable manicure and pedicure, only with a colored lacquer.

2 Jun
The moon in Leo. 4th lunar day
Neutral possible coloring and cutting, but not mandatory. Better to do that usually, no flights of fancy. Manicure this day is undesirable. Also it is better to refrain from a variety of procedures aimed at rejuvenation.

3 Jun
The moon in Leo. 5th lunar day
A great day for haircuts, best trendy, interesting, challenging. Classic is now irrelevant, do what's not been solved before. Hair removal and the cleaning and colouring of hair is better not to, today the skin is very sensitive, irritation can occur.

4 Jun
The moon in Virgo. 6th lunar day
A good day for classic haircuts and hair coloring in natural colors. You can do a manicure and pedicure, different facial rejuvenation, the use of hardware cosmetology.

5 Jun
The moon in Virgo. The 7th lunar day
A great day for haircuts and coloring. You can try complicated coloring, coloring, doing chemistry or straighten your hair. Useful fitness classes, you can arrange fasting days.

6 Jun
The moon in Virgo. The 7th and 8th day of the moon
An excellent day for all types of haircuts, even the most difficult. Also today, you can do coloring and highlighting, sophisticated multiple colors. Everything happens very carefully. You can make a variety of nourishing masks for the face, treatments, body wraps, cosmetic surgery.

7 Jun
The moon in Libra. The 8th and 9th lunar day
A good day for simple cuts and plain colors. Everything will turn out simple, but tastefully elegant. Fitness today unwanted, information on various treatments and operations received today, will be inaccurate.

8 Jun
The moon in Libra. 9-th and 10-th day of the moon
A very difficult day. It is better to give rest to your hair and skin. Try to stick to the diet, as the day comes to the culinary excesses. Welcome asymmetrical haircuts, elaborate hairstyles and styling.

9 Jun
The moon in Scorpio. 10th and 11th day of the moon
Hair coloring today is better not to do – probable bad results of experiments on color. Be careful you should be with masks for the face: see ingredients, possible allergic reactions. You can straighten your hair, exercise, have a massage.

10 Jun
The moon in Scorpio. 11-th and 12-th moon day
Bad day for painting, there is a risk of hair damage or unwanted tint. Before using dye, be sure to try the color on individual strands. Mowing is only possible in the classic version, without flights of fancy.

11 Jun
The moon in Sagittarius. 12-th and 13-th day of the moon
Good day for hair coloring, haircut desirable classic. Good to do a variety of masks for the hair, to use conditioners that add Shine and smoothness. Good day for a complicated manicure, you can try new designs and shapes.

June 12
The moon in Sagittarius. 13-th and 14-th lunar day
A good day for trendy and modern haircut. It is better to use samples from Western magazines. It will be easier if you bring a picture of what you want. A good day for exercises on problem areas, especially abdomen and thighs, you can do a body wrap and cellulite massage.

13 Jun
The moon in Capricorn. The 15th lunar day. FULL MOON
A good day to do haircuts and hair color. Welcome different techniques and styles, can successfully combine things that normally aren't combined. Today is a great time to pay attention to its shape – you can do cosmetic surgery on the problem areas, take beauty baths, body wraps.

14 Jun
The moon in Capricorn. 16th lunar day
Good day for hair coloring, but it is better to use natural colors. The cut is undesirable, especially complex and asymmetrical, it will turn out badly. You can use gentle types of hair removal or to carry out careful cleaning of the face.

15 Jun
The moon in Aquarius. 17-th and 18-th day of the moon
Today you should be particularly careful with color and haircut. And best of all completely eliminate the effect on the skin and hair, it is likely that all will fail. You can do Wellness body massage, facial, and take beauty baths. Manicure, pedicure, hair removal today is better not to.

16 Jun
The moon in Aquarius. 18-th and 19-th lunar day
Good day for haircuts, extravagant and interesting, feel free to call for using your imagination and fantasy. For colouring hair, the day is not very good, set aside for another time. Good sports, as well as to hair removal, to do a cleansing facial mask, pedicure.

17 Jun
The moon in Pisces. 19-th and 20-th day of the moon
Haircut and color today is undesirable. What you propose to do, absolutely you will not do. Favorable sports, especially on legs, thighs and lower abdomen. You can make cellulite massage and wraps. With waxing you need to be careful, allergic reactions are possible.

18 Jun
The moon in Pisces. 20th and 21st lunar day
A good day for painting, but it is better to use natural dyes or those that cause minimal damage to hair. The haircut is better not to make, however can simply straighten your hair or bangs. Good to do moisturizing mask for the face, body wraps, beauty baths.

19 Jun
The moon in Pisces. 21st and 22nd lunar day
A good day for any manipulations with hair. But it is better to do a haircut for long hair. Great effect today will bring the skin care of face and head, with the hair. You can do nourishing and moisturizing mask. Manicure is also favorable, well to do baths for hands and feet manicure without coating or with natural colors.

20 Jun
The moon in Aries. The 23rd lunar day
Today it is better not to conduct any drastic procedures, greatly changing the appearance – short haircuts, coloring in radical colors. You can play sports, do massages, care for skin, only use it is natural ingredients.

21 Jun
The moon in Aries. 24th lunar day
A very difficult day, it is better to refrain from any cosmetic action and change appearance. The result not only disappoint you, but can be unsafe for health. The most sparing variant – massage and baths. Avoid exposure to the scalp and hair.

22 Jun
The moon in Taurus. 25th lunar day
Good day for haircuts and hair coloring. Can create a very interesting and feminine, to make yourself much more attractive to come closer to their ideal. Particularly successful today will be hair coloring and manicures. You can also go to the makeup artist and try out new makeup or cosmetics.

23 Jun
The moon in Taurus. 26th lunar day
Be careful with cutting the hair. In addition, it is better not to do chemo or straightening. The effect and benefits of different massages, including facial cosmetic. Not to do hair removal, but if really needed a manicure, then choose the easiest, no cover.

24 Jun
The moon in Gemini. 27th lunar day
Good day for hair coloring, and can do any options, even the most complex, highlighting, coloring. You can try new types of Facials, scalp, hair. A great time to buy cosmetics and visit the makeup artist. You can make any nail Polish with the use of decorative elements.

25 Jun
The moon in Gemini. 28th lunar day
Good day for haircuts and hair coloring. Can afford and short, youth haircut. The option proposed and implemented today, will adorn you and make younger. Good to experiment with a new hair color, this option will effect.

26 Jun
The moon in Gemini. The 29th lunar day
Favorable day for sports and also some beauty treatments. Feel free to go on hair removal, facial cleansing. Today it is possible to experiment, to try new types of epilation, masks, and treatments. You can do hardware cosmetic procedures for the face, these impacts will be favourable to you.

27 Jun
The moon in Cancer. 0-th lunar day. New moon
Overall today is a good day for painting, you can also trim your hair, if you want to grow. In coloration it is better to use natural dyes, be sure to use moisturizers or emollients, conditioners and masks for hair. You can make face masks, body wraps, beauty baths.

28 Jun
The moon in Cancer. The 0-th and 1-th day of the moon
Perhaps the soft effect on the hair and scalp. You can do the dyeing with natural dyes, but the color would be bright and saturated. Today it is better to limit the desire to eat something harmful, flour or sweets, but the temptations will be many. It is not necessary to do chemistry, hair removal, hair straightening, coloring, strong chemical dyes, also this day you can not do cosmetic surgery.

29 Jun
The moon in Leo. 1st and 2nd day of the moon
Today will be a better day for hair coloring and manicure, you can use any new tools, experiment with friends. You have all the chances to create a bright and sexy image of a woman closer to your ideal.

30 June
The moon in Leo. The 2nd and 3rd lunar day
A great day for painting and mowing, you can do chemistry and rectification, welcome any experiments with style. It is good to try new styles in hair styling, latest trends in nail Polish, use new cosmetics.



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