7 secrets of how to make hair thick and voluminous

Becoming older, you may find that your hair do not have the same volume as before. Since 20 years, the number of hairs on the scalp can be significantly reduced, and the hairs become thinner. So as to give more volume to hair?

Don't worry – have professional stylists have a few tricks up my sleeve, which they use to make the hair thicker. They argue that no matter how thin the hair of a person, it is not difficult to achieve such a volume that you needed. So, 7 tips to make your hair thick:

1. Bangs. Bangs can be a great way to give your hair extra volume. Cut it just above the eyes, thick or thin style. In addition, this option would be to perform double duty by hiding wrinkles on the forehead!

2. Ragged or stepped haircut. You may have heard that the haircut frames the face in question of volume is an excellent idea. But don't forget to prostrogat "ladder" on the back – it creates major volume. You should also pay attention to properly trimmed the ends of the hair. To give the apparent volume of the lower layer is cut shorter than the upper, but not more than 3 cm to give greater thickness, the ends of the trim under the straight line.

3. Short haircuts. Experts say that hair length above the shoulders create the impression of a thicker nature. More long hairstyle can weigh down fine hair, making it visually even more thin. In addition, cascading to the shoulders the hair is more waves visually increase the hair. It should be remembered that short haircuts can cause weakening of hair.

4. Use the mousse. How to make your hair voluminous without the intervention of the Barber? Apply mousse for volume right at the roots. Mousse is better than cream or mask because it is light, airy and does not burden the hair structure. Apply it on damp hair and comb starting from the ends. Fingers lift hair at the roots, allow to dry.

5. Drying. Generally, drying with hot air will not bring anything good to weak, damaged hair. To minimise damage from drying, wait until 75% of the mass of hair to dry naturally, then can use a hair dryer. There is also a trick: put your head down and dry off in that position (you can use foam for more volume). You will see a noticeable effect!

6. Brush your hair correctly. Take a thick soft brush and escort her from the tips to the roots. After the turn the head and repeat the procedure. Do this twice a day – morning and evening — and you'll notice how much thicker the hair. The secret is in the massage of the head and blood flow to the hair follicles. This is a very useful procedure.

7. Add a bit of color. When adding color to hair with pigment can make the hair more thick and strong. It can also be a great way to hide a rare gray hair. In this case, it is recommended to use natural colors, without the "fusion" of the chemical composition. Ideal henna and Basma.

Thanks to these 7 secrets to help thicken hair, you will forget about problems with hair.


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