Divine origin of the hair.

The structure, purpose and function of the body
So the hair. This topic is directly linked with the whole of human life organization, the work of its organs, blood circulation, the action of various endocrine glands and so on. D. Of course, the hair is a kind of ecumenical receivers, passing through a huge information. Their structure is partly hollow (on the axis of symmetry) is a high-frequency resonator, operating on VHF reception. The vibrations are transferred to the hair shaft bulbs that are densely braided vessels. Raised blood, sensing a new vibro-level, red blood cells are grouped together, taking a new structure.

Everything is interconnected.
Music - the harmony sound. Equilibrium vibration. Man is constantly learning to accept new vibration through the antenna - receivers. Whose role in the body is paramount. Hair - standing at the entrance to the body; they filter out and grouped sounds, laying them on the notes. If you listen, you can see, smell a human music.
Hair - like a magnet. Each bulb perceives only his sound, his tone and his regime - a crescendo or moderato; moderately or very quickly. Location of body hair, well, especially on the head, is not accidental. Many looked at other people's heads, noticing how your hair curl - clockwise or counter clockwise. This slow rotation of the hair growth is not accidental - it is an echo to the sound space. Typically, the location in a clockwise direction, at least - against. This means that in the first case, a person is able to perceive only the vibration of Earth-like Earth, with its slight ethereal environment. The second type involves higher layers. This adjustment and the cosmos. Of course, there and there, it goes almost mechanical process. Without the will of man, his desires - nothing will not work. Only the awareness of co-Harp sounds from outer space will allow to leave on a separate level. nape painting itself is nothing critical attitude of its owner.
When setting up a high level (all with respect to the current level of the person), it begins to evolve the structure of hair, and especially their roots. The roots are firm and mnogovmeschayuschimi, they begin to sound like a sea sponge. They are filled with cosmic substance, causing the hair to vibrate at a high level even in ordinary terrestrial conditions. the entire body rises Following the hair roots.
Balancing Hair complex. Now it is not about the hair mechanical interaction with each other, and on the sound vibration. Taking each their sound, tone, they should be immune to its neighbors, while at the same time, its direct sound. Incoming acoustic (vibration) wave in the porous structure of hair (in his soft outer fabric), begins its multiple multipath (here optics!) Until you reach the top of the hair. There otvibrirovavshaya energy going, like the tip of the needle electrostatic field. And enough spark to discharge originated. Something similar to the so-called St. Elmo's fire.
But instead of working on the hair discharge pumping acoustic waves, almost like in the coupled pendulums operating in the self-oscillations. Ox? with several million, all of them must be set to a certain way. This fret is the original color of hair. Brown, blonde, brown-haired, blue-black, and so on to infinity of shades and tones. Each color has its own sound, a certain note and spatial pattern. Hair color - this is the energy of human imprint, its basic parameters
. The hollow structure of the hair is also linked to the type and color of hair. That in itself is not strict, fixed value throughout the body. Somewhere lighter somewhere darker. This is a kind of energy-picture, color print the essence of man. Now the hair is almost no one reads. Although the hair color is equivalent gesture, and in some cases even more.
Hair style is also different - fragile and brittle, thick and rare, strong and beautiful. It's all happening on the conditions of distribution energovibratsy thin, and even from the correct accumulation of the body receives energy. Everything should be done smoothly and without interruption; if the latter occur in the body (for various reasons), the pattern will be broken hair organization as such. Bulbs not handle the load when it comes intermittent, irregular, speaking the language of science, there is a baseband signal. Then the hair begins to fall out. Nutrients are introduced into the skin, of course, the blood was saturated with vitamins, even stimulate hair growth. But in the best case, the vitamins required to form the body itself.
The scales of hair hold energy balance, throwing themselves through energy-accumulated toxins. When a person is worried or very tense, he begins to ruffle the hair, starting from the back, or, or to the front. Activation of hair at the nape of radiation corresponds to reception, and the front - activation that should be transferred. Powered tandem "to give - to take»
. The structure of bulblets on the head is different. Back of the head - and the frontal part of the two lines of the whole. Foster bulbs looser and enhanced - they need to take a lot to understand, sort and sort through. Transmitting bulbs are more compact and mobile. They have a brief moment to convey a special, powerful beam of energy-effects. This does not necessarily address of the recipient; this is the kind of energy and promise in the space, a report on the distance covered. That is why the space of sounds has ears. All this is because we ourselves manage the world of sound and deliver a hefty part of their.
For a given individual's life activity organization requires a certain hairstyle. Wearing long hair stately, grand and graceful. And not because the heavy braid. Of course, this is not a dogma, forcing to be and the only way. This - the inner essence of the body, which is natural for him. Butch - agility, swiftness, but the absence of jerks. Although you can get them, if wrong to cut their hair. If almost completely shave his head, a person becomes malovmenyaemym. He did not grow foolish, simply become temporarily able to perceive uzkoogranichennuyu information. If shaved forehead - it is similar to the loss of taste, sight, touch. Man is gradually losing orientation in the world, meaning the orientation of energy. In general, too butch adversely affects the energy level of human development. And if it is maintained, then gradually in general you can go to the level of degradation of the individual.
Of course, the growth - hair length should be in harmony with the inner attitude of the individual. Plus color - its sound and timbre of sound power. Plus hair structure - porous and dull - it affects the hair's ability to pump through itself adopted energy bulbs and collect on the tip
. Gray hair - empty, their physical shell is similar to the painted, but it is different sound vibrations. The sound goes not deep into the hair, and the outside. Scattered outside, being lost forever because the hair roots to the flock not only the cosmic vibration, but also personal vibration body. Man starts to wear. While the average level, this can still be put up as soon as all increases, samoissushenie begins. To admit this can not in any case.
When the disease starts, then it starts to change the whole structure of the hair. They become more brittle as hair tubers lose their elasticity and impaired energy-exchange between the body and plans to temporarily close access to the cosmic energy (and someone that no access at all). In violation of persistent circulation of energy in the vessels of the brain begins a slow disintegration of bulblets. The fact that they are arranged almost on the skin surface, and any damage to them respond first. A so-called destruction, destruction of energy plans that create and hair.
When he ceases to emit the scalp, it loses its stability, falls vitality. The bulb shrivels. Often this process is irreversible. In certain diseases can be severely bald, lose a large part of the hair. If skin lesions and lymph nodes of global, while restoring hair is almost impossible. But if an individual took the illness as a lesson that even bald, he does not lose touch with the cosmos - the hair growing on the face: beard, sideburns, mustache. Nature never leaves repentant half way.
Hair bulbs are very flexible in nature. They are fully manifested in the subtle planes where most of the work and perform. Terrestrial same bulbs are only required as carriers of the hair.
Hair - like the long conical formation. They spiral. Only the spiral of their so tight formation and its coils tightly adjacent to each other (to the body hair), that creates the impression of a solid substance. But this is not the case. Hair as such can not be a one-piece construction, because he simply must constantly resonate at reaching waves. Therefore, the spiral coils themselves (which, in fact, is the hair itself) have different characteristics, density. Sometimes they are very different from each other, although in the immediate vicinity.
When hair is exposed to shearing begins reshaping energy field enveloping head. When the hair structure is broken, the energy splashes out, not processed or transmitted as desired in space. But there is one subtlety. The shorter the hair, the harder it is to recover, that is, to increase, to acquire its spiral suite and continue its work on the processing of information. The hair can be cut when they reach maturity and not more than half of their growth. Very short haircuts are not recommended. Of course, wash a head easier, but it loses its natural protection and loses energy with the noosphere, and further plans.
Maturity hair associated with the maturation of the organism as a whole. It is not recommended to cut children up to seven years (note: children "indigo" the features!). There stricter requirements on length of hair - you can just barely get them out of the temples and forehead, but not in any way touch the nape of the neck. Otherwise, there comes a break in the constant exchange of kid with his world. This can be fraught with a sharp change in the character can start illness not peculiar little organism. This is because up to 7 years old kid More formally, ie energy, not born. The umbilical cord with the higher planes of his last stay has not dried up completely. A good sign of the presence of the umbilical cord is a so-called silky hair as a feather. Here is the down points to the ongoing process of formation of the child's perception of the earth structure.
After seven months and small can be the first to cut the kid, but, again, carefully avoiding the nape area. You can trim the temples and forehead to form a band. After seven years of a child will learn to translate their thoughts consciously.
Generally, up to seven years old kid working exclusively at the reception - is actively working bulb neck. There is increased circulation almost at the surface. There may be irreversible consequences when the child's body will conduct sgubleno illiterate parents. This is possible with the untimely shortening down on the head of the child, when there is a stimulation of the unplanned growth. And with medical examination "suddenly" seen or omission of the kidneys, or arrhythmia (if sheared quite small), or in violation of metabolism, or passing the disease. These diseases can be positioned on the scale: lifetime - hair growth, that is, the formation of fine energy structures - production of hormones - haircut (on hair length)
. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of perception of a child under 7 years of age and to behave accordingly. The little man a remarkable psychic and clairvoyant, and it is necessary to properly handle it. Bearing in mind that its main area of ​​his "literacy" is on the back of the head, the basic idea is to communicate through it. You can simply support the head, right hand. The right hand of mother is very sensitive to all the body drops baby. And that's right hand will enable competently enter into a child's world.
Sostrizhennye baby fuzz, has reached seven years old, has a healing nature, since seven years has been inextricably linked with the cosmos. These hairs have a powerful force that can resist cancer. They can be treated by applying to the body, sewing up before use in white silk. White - no extraneous color impurities longer the healing properties, which can reach 70 years. Can be worn as an amulet on his chest, in a city is the best guardian, is not fully formed consciousness. The length of the leather must thread a little bit not reach the solar plexus so that the amulet does not extend beyond the zone. This will help your child in the first years of conscious communication with the world.
Adults wearing the amulet is not recommended, because the fluff energy is absorbed without therapeutic effect. May not be sold, only to give, passing from hand to hand with the indication of a specific disease. But kids can wear for a long time. Especially to help the hair, with whom they were cut. Because you can always wear up to 10 years.
Illiterate cutting hair at an early age breaks the connection with the subtle plans, when the child becomes nowhere to gather the necessary information to him. And it can not be protected from harsh vibration coming from the outside. Because absorbers are his hair, the same children's fluff. They create a kind of energy pillow, like a tanker helmet, tightly wrapping all the vital areas, located on the head, especially the back of the head.
The structure of male hair
Treat the hair must be very careful. Their task - not just decoration. Figuratively speaking, they are the mediators between the worlds. Receivers and transmitters. Moreover, receivers and transmitters each has its own. Men and women differ not only qualitatively but also quantitatively. They have a different perception and process incoming energy vibration. And zone area (back of the head and forehead) in men and women have their own characteristics. In men, for the most part straightforward area that is perceived coming "in the forefront." Branching or deviation from the chosen path of perception poorly recognized. Speaking figuratively, planned target, an outline of the work to be performed. Therefore, the structure of the band bulblets particular, higher contrast and angular.
novopostupayuschego signal switching and processing time, though small, but agreed, a certain "once and for all." So sometimes you can and get trapped. Having an extensive network of flexible bulblets not every man under force. Therefore, men for the most part their special hair structure. In addition to the previously stipulated in the constitution it has its own characteristics - a ring transitions. Yes, the hair structure from the male gender is the same spiral. But the spiral goes not to the end of the hair, and about half of it. That is, the hair shaft itself consists of at least two halves, like bamboo, which stem also has walls. Only in this case the hair one partition. Why do it?
The incoming and resonant energy bouncing off the walls of the hair, gradually approaching the partition, which is similar to a thin rubber membrane oscillating with a certain period. This membrane - a kind of damper of the stresses that inevitably appear during the life of men. The second half of the hair works on the subtle energies of cosmic vibrations that only through an echo and can affect the first half of the hair shaft.
This division into halves is necessary for temporary demarcation of zones of action taken by the energy. The following partitions - clean earth with all its sonorities; above - pure space. Reuniting them in this case is impossible, in other words "the roof will go." These energies can unite and reproduce only woman with her flexible fine-psychophysical orientation. Nurturing a child, she is in constant and close contact with the subtle planes of manifestation and of birth, itself on the verge of becoming the worlds. And at the same time she was able to cook dinner and meet her husband. Sami men directly hear the cosmos can not; they know only the secondary vibration of the membrane, so as completely to live no one can in complete isolation.
But the hair shaft membrane is not so simple. It is not in any hair, but only in the most powerful and vitality. That is, in fact, whose bulb was originally incorporated potent enzymes able to keep the energy balance, without prejudice to the body. Their hair of about 50%. In addition, the membrane is able to change its position in the hair shaft, like a volume control. It is necessary for the timely selection of the characteristics of error-free functioning of the organs of the body.


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