What will happen with the hair when walking in the winter without a hat: an interview with trichologist

Correspondent of The Village Alexander Shevelev learned at the doctor-trihologa Tatiana Tsimbalenko on what means of hair care products, men can save a woman - no, why we can not always grow hair that length, which we want, and whether bald men sexiest. Editorial Website has learned a lot of useful information from this material. We publish an interview without abbreviations.

About the short life of the hair h2> - As it turned out, few people know what they do trichologists and that it is generally for the doctors.

- This specialization of the doctor-dermatologist. Trichology has been actively developing in the world, and since the mid '90s, when we were first doctors trichologists, it is actively developing in Russia, too. In the USSR, Trichology as a specialty was not, and still confined to the treatment of hair Burdock oil, castor oil, pepper brandy, burdock root and advice not to wash the part of the head.

- When a patient comes to you what you do with it?

- First - this survey. We should eliminate internal factors that can cause loss of hair, for example, common diseases. To this end, recommended tests (blood test for hormones, thyroid hormones, trace elements). To determine the type of hair loss is conducted computer diagnostics. Under high magnification we check the condition of the skin and hair: estimate the amount of hair, and the percentage of vellus hair thinning, the presence of "empty" the hair follicles, inflammation of the scalp. A survey also includes a special analysis - phototrichogram: two sections of sheared hair of small diameter to the stumps of the same length. Two days later, the patient comes to the reception and we take pictures prepared zones, which are determined by growth of hair - the percentage of growing and falling out, hair density, growth rate. In the aggregate analyzes determined the cause of loss, aggravating factors and the forecast. There is also a spectral analysis of hair minerals. This analysis rekomenduestsya in the pathology of the hair shaft, can also be used in combination with a blood test for diagnosing deficiency states in the body.

- In general, what people come to you? When it was all very bad (early baldness, graying, hair fall out)?

- Drinking and hair changes a woman and a man. People already understand that presentable appearance - it's not only well-groomed face and figure, and healthy hair. People come to us quite young people - 20-40 years. In later life, patients, unfortunately, not yet accustomed to look after themselves, so the age of patients is not much, but according to statistics the majority of women and men over 50 years have problems with hair. More and more men are seeking help from the beginning thinning, or androgenetic alopecia. This is a typical form of hair loss - compounded frontotemporal corners, reducing the amount of hair in the crown of the head is formed by the type of thinning "horseshoe».

- Why is this happening to men?

- This is not only men, but women too. This is our genetic predisposition. By and large, modern man hair lost its biological significance. Now the hair was only an aesthetic function. From a physiological point of view, the body is aging, and the aging of hair - is one of the manifestations of aging in general. It is believed that the peak of our hair - is 16-18 years. Children hair still immature (lighter and thinner) in the period of puberty under the influence of hormones hair mature: thickened and pigmented, but they are getting smaller. In general, throughout our lives comes a progressive decrease in the number of hair follicles - for example, a newborn, hair density is about 1100 per square centimeter to 16 years is approximately 400. The new is not formed.

The woman suffered stress, has calmed down already forgot about him, and in two or three months she comes belated reaction to the stress of hair

- With 18 years of the death of follicles begins?

- It may be more pronounced, and thus these patients come to us. Now the process of thinning become more early. We were already leading children 12 years developing androgenetic alopecia. Children mature earlier, and hair loss is becoming more youthful.

- you can somehow stop it?

- Can. Now there are both systemic and external therapy and physiotherapy.

- It turns out that with 18 years of hair begin to die?

- It's okay, because our skin is aging, too. If we are talking about women, the menopause before the hair loss will be felt only by those who have thinning genetically determined. With the advent of menopause hair deteriorate in all women. In women, hair loss - a combination of different factors: we are emotional, are more prone to stress, often feel depressed, we sit on different diets, we have a monthly loss of iron, can be added plus a genetic predisposition.

- A hair color affects their viability?

- Hair loss comes from the same blondes and brunettes. To a lesser extent this subject to early graying: gray hair becomes less sensitive to harmful factors. If the man turned gray before began to thin out, he will be the lion's mane of gray-haired old age.

About how not to be left without hair h2> - What to do? It is possible to slow down the destruction of the follicles?

- Yes, this created various lotions which affect the metabolism of the hair follicle. It is chemically synthesized growth factors that regulate cell division in hair follicles. In recent years, booming application in Trichology drugs based on peptides. This artificially synthesized active substances which mechanism of action similar to the natural hair growth factors. In addition, there are drugs that reduce the negative influence of male hormones on the hair.

- What is now new technology of treatment?

- Probably used in trichological peptides and growth factors, which may be either synthetic or isolated from the patient's blood. This procedure (plazmoterapiya), which is becoming increasingly popular - of his own blood to produce plasma with high platelets, which are the main source of growth factors.

- Surely more and lifestyles, as usual, the effect on growth and porede of.

- Yes, the study was conducted - the development of androgenetic alopecia was observed in twins with the same set of genes. The degree of thinning with age have been different: the one who did not smoke, eat right and led a healthy life, keep the hair was higher.

- A serious difference?

- Seriously enough, noticeable to the eye.

- When you need to drop everything and run to trihologu? Or, if you are already a handful of hair fall out, talk to a doctor late?

- No, it's too late. Consult your doctor should be on a roll, which lasts more than three months. If your hair falls out less than three months, it may be a reaction to hair moved anesthesia, surgery, trauma, illness with fever, receipt of drugs, stress. The cells of the hair follicle - the most of rapidly cells in the body, so they are very sensitive to all the negative factors.

- That is to say, I was fidgety, and tomorrow I can drop the hair?

- No. There are different stages of growth of hair loss stage lasts two to three months. This means that we are nervous, the hair directly entered the stage of loss, stopped growing, but it leaves the head only after two or three months. It turns out that the woman suffered a stress relieved, already forgot about him, but after two or three months she comes belated reaction of the hair to stress. However, if the trigger factor is eliminated, this loss will be favorable, and with a high probability, self-docked. If the loss lasts longer than three months, it is a reason to see a doctor. Prolonged hair loss suggests that the impact or repetitive triggers, or there is a constant cause of which is not fixed.

- Is it true that bald men - sexiest?

- You see that with age, balding men becomes larger, the amount of testosterone increases with age, but decreases. Therefore, it is important not only as testosterone in the blood, but also its metabolism in tissues. Low testosterone aggravates hair loss, but the fact that hair loss indicates a high level of testosterone - it's not true.

About the struggle with dandruff h2> - The man himself can understand that he has inflammation?

- Yes. This itching, dandruff, skin soreness.

- A, ie dandruff - this is the inflammation?

- Of course, this peeling of the inflamed skin.

- Why is it happening?

- The most common cause - is seborrheic dermatitis, a problem occurs in most people in their lifetime. That dandruff, which we often - inflammation of the skin on the background of excessive secretion of fat. The fact is that the scalp actively allocates sebaceous, and this fat is a breeding ground for fungi - our normal microflora. The problem is more common in those who are properly caring for the scalp.

- And me, I remember, on the contrary, said that if you frequently wash your hair, you may be dandruff.

- If you frequently wash your hair, can be over-drying the skin and its dehydration, but we my face every day? And on his head at times more fat than the face.

- But is that fat does not protect our hair?

- Yes, but at the same time it is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. They actively proliferate, releasing fatty acids and the inflammatory reaction - an allergy to their metabolic products. Hence the industry dandruff shampoos on the basis of anti-fungal components.

- These shampoos help? Or should we go to the doctor, that he took the drug?

- If the dandruff is the first time there was not accompanied by a pronounced inflammation, rash, itching, tenderness of the skin, you can go to the drugstore and buy a dandruff shampoo on the basis of ketoconazole or climbazole. It should include salicylic acid or other fruit acids, as well as antipruritic and anti-inflammatory components. Correct shampoo - which comprises a plurality of active ingredients. One of the reasons that dandruff shampoos do not help - they are used once a week, but this is insufficient. Within two weeks of the treatment of dandruff should help.

The average man should wash the hair every day

- Many people remember from childhood that have to wash my hair once a week.

- The average man should wash the hair every day.

- This is normal - to wash my hair every day? There are in fact people with dry scalp?

- Do not come. Only during menopause or significant decrease of testosterone, a serious skin disease. Obscenity - a hormone-dependent process, stimulate its androgens, male hormones.

- But I, for example, porous and curly hair. If I wash my hair every day, on my head will cleansers.

- The average woman is enough to wash your hair every other day, three times a week, because we have less testosterone and less greasiness than men.

- A curly what to do?

- Externally curly hair less polluted, but the activity of the sebaceous glands of the hair structure is independent. The porous curly hair absorbs sebaceous well - if you do not have problems with the skin of the head and there is no loss, we recommend you wash your hair on demand. If you are suffering dandruff, then wash my hair would usually.

About how to properly wash your hair h2> - How trichologists recommend to treat hair? What is the proper care in understanding specialist?

- The head should be washed when dirty skin. A simple test: fingered the scalp, and then a paper towel. If there are greasy fingerprints, it's time to wash. On the need to wash as evidenced by the appearance of itching. It is best to wash your hair with shampoo, chosen according to the type of the scalp.

- Yes, then immediately raised questions. Man thinks, 'I have dry hair, I'll wash them with shampoo for dry hair. " But while she had scalp can be fat.

- If a person has dry hair and oily scalp, and he takes a gentle shampoo that does not wash off the greasy secret it is a constant insufficiently treated scalp and sebaceous material accumulates on the skin and is a constant factor in the imbalance of the microbial flora. Hence, chronic dandruff and inflammation, which can cause hair loss. Therefore, you should choose a shampoo for your scalp type.

- is clear. Once or twice my hair with shampoo?

- The right half. Remember, when you are a child my mother washed her hair, they creaked. You are so wash? The head should be clean, washed, so it is advisable to wash twice: the first time we wash off the dirt and fat, the second time to fix the head medical components. After washing, we will inflict either air conditioning or a mask or balm to neutralize the alkaline environment that remained after shampoo. Shampoo - a lye which saponify the fat, and has a negative charge. It must neutralize the positive charge of the mask, balm or conditioner. In this case, we will not electrify the hair, we close the cuticle of the hair and ease the combing.

Think back to when you Mom washed her hair as a child, they creaked You are so wash?

- Men also need air conditioning?

- Air conditioners are applied along the length of the hair. If a man has medium-length hair, then he, too, need to use air conditioning, otherwise they will be confused and electrify. Men with short hair, you can not use the air conditioning.

- How do you feel about the co-washing, when a man washes a head-silicone conditioning and do not use shampoo?

- Healthy skin and hair will stand still, but no air conditioning detergents - surfactants (surface active agents). His other goal - to neutralize the effect of shampoo, so the CO-washing - this is not the cleansing of the scalp and further its "uzhirivanie." Now even some of the girls wash their hair with shampoo itself as a skin head, and the length of hair shampooed the type of rod. It is more correct than to wash your hair conditioner. It is also recommended to wash the roots of the hair and skin and hair wash flowing foam. If the head is cleaned frequently (the girls with thin hair who want to create artificially the volume of hair), then you can take a more neutral shampoo for frequent use. They have a soft washing components which are less damaging to the hair, but washed away sebaceous.

- What's next?

- After the shampoo and conditioner, it is desirable to use indelible means to the hair shaft (oils, gels, serums, fluids), which cover the hair plyonochku, protect it and restore. This is especially necessary for women with long, curly (porous), dyed hair and those who lightens hair.

- A you need each day prichёsyvatsya morning and evening, or once a day enough?

- As much as it may seem paradoxical, even hair loss, we recommend brushing frequently, because it is necessary to remove dead hair. For healthy hair is also true - it is necessary to comb the morning and evening.

- Grandmothers say, you have comb to distribute fat hair. It's so?

- Salo - is essentially lipid mantle of hair. When we distribute the natural oil through the hair, we partially restored. But we sebaceous thick alone is not distributed over the entire length. Long hair combing general recommended massage brush with natural bristles, which have to do with 100 strokes.

About hair color h2> - I just wanted to ask about the painting. In general, how often you can dye your hair? Or is it so bad that it is better not to begin?

- There are different colors: there tinting paints that do not contain ammonia and peroxide. This ink only covers the hair cuticle, and maximize sparing the rod. There lamination (fitolaminirovanie, elyuminirovanie) - no chemical, physical and staining. The dye in this case remains on the hair due to the difference in electric charge of the hair shaft and pigment. This additional film coating the hair, which may be, on the contrary, the protection structure.

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