This article will cause many disputes.

Still remember the expectations of 2012, fear of the unknown, waiting cataclysm, which we had been threatened ... Go take place, but not where he expected ...
In January 2013, it was told about the experiment, which lasted 10 years, since 2003.
Scientists nuclear scientists worked with a hydrogen atom (it is the same - the proton), and recorded the first ripple of proton particles. It then decreased, it becomes normal size again. Scientists believed it was a mistake, the influence of other components from the outside, but in the end, the proton took on new meaning. discovery was made that a proton particle decreased by 4%. Changed everything - his speed, rotation direction, the diameter. At first glance - think of it, the proton changed, nonsense! But after him, "he went" all organic, as it consists of hydrogen. Changed the density of matter.
For protons and other particles are moved, and that was considered inviolable nuclear physics, it presented itself in an entirely different form, in another. As if we - and the aliens were on another planet. Those laws that were established before 2013, suddenly stopped working, because the density of matter was different.

This is a great work of many laboratories of the scientific world has forced scientists around the world to unite and forget all feuds. About 10 leading institute of nuclear physics, reactor, laser technology rechecked each other, but all the time to come to one, the new value of the hydrogen atom.
Judging by the Laws of the three-dimensional world, it is impossible, but nevertheless - physics start to reveal their measurements. This is confirmed by astrophysics calculations of multi-dimensional spaces. We live in another dimension!
There was a quantum transition, when a particle from one energy level shifted to a different level of energy at the same time acted as a neutron star - was large, and became small. Consider that we are living on another planet, so all laws are beginning to work in a different way. The scientists faced with this every step. Our laws - a world of the past
January - March 2013 was rich in radical scientific discoveries in astronomy and astrophysics, which fell in abundance. On Earth orbit flies German Spitzer telescope, which is more precisely the famous Hubble several orders of magnitude. With this telescope, scientists have discovered a previously unknown infrared galaxy (we know the infrared radiation, and then the ultra - new physical term that means - dive even deeper into the matter). These galaxies brighter than ordinary 60 times! This discovery was made spontaneously. Judge for yourself, back in December 2012 they were not, and in January 2013 they appeared, for days. It does not happen! They either are or they are not ... So, for the day something happened that led to change the world?
Ordinary electromagnetic range, which is presented in physics textbooks, reference books, increased by three octaves in the infrared range, and three octaves in the ultraviolet. We now have six octaves above. It opened a mother who was not before 2013. She was, for various reasons do not manifest, but now revealed and physical devices it can fix.
Another discovery - until 2013, scientists have known (and us with you scared it) that our solar system is moving in the Black Hole. Scientists from Novosibirsk said that we are going to totally unexplored energy that was not there before and it is not clear that this will continue. And now there is no hole!

This astrophysical object, and it's gone ... In the center of our galaxy is now the black hole no. Scientists are scared to death of it. This discovery was classified and the Internet it was gone two months after the announcement. There was a site of "membrane", where scientists have published their findings, and now this electronic journal no. In Black Hole, he ceased to exist)).
What happened? It turned out that the black hole - a door that we are gone, and the door closed. But, instead of the black hole came another object - it is also a scientific discovery already in 2014 - magnetars. This pulsating stars, but not the pulsar. This star in all directions sprays liquid magnetic field. This kind of substance, which has no name (not plasma). It is reasonable, consists of granules. The pellets come in her small, at the level of elementary particles and large, for example, the size of the Earth. At first, this magnetar heard in March 2014 in the radio and watched, and in May - saw. By cosmic standards - is a tremendous time. Normally, or they hear or see, that is, the brain was ready to receive this information.
Thus, we were on the first floor of the Thin Plan, actually, "the other world", with which we congratulate you! ))
Here, the frequency of other organic and the other, it should not scare you in any way, our bodies are disclosed under their own power. But, magnetars lit blue (to May 2014, he does not light).
Back in 2005, scientists, neuroscientists discovered in the hippocampus in the brain section, which is called blue or blue spot. It has long been known, but it did not pay much attention. Well, if someone has something in the brain there is not enough ... By itself, the human brain - a black box
. In the summer of 2014 it is also lit up blue spot in the brain at all. Hippocampus is projected on the point of Life and manages the human life on the Thin Plan and above. This blue color, if squint, sometimes seen as a silver halo over his head. This new organic body, and it pulsates in tune magnetars. It is a single system, they have the same basic rhythm - a waltz. The basic rhythm of the universe is also a waltz, in different versions, in different octaves. Octave, which perform a waltz blue stain and magnetars in the center of the galaxy - it works in the new scale, including three new octave
. It turns out that the energy spectrum of the new hydrogen is quite different from the old hydrogen spectrum. This range of infrared color more depth than infrared light. It is this range has become the master. We live and do not know what perceive a completely different energy spectra. And it all goes back to human consciousness.
Now is the time, which we were told - will be here live in the Subtle World, and there - all thought is controlled, wanted - chair moved, he wanted to - he took off ... But, until we reached a concentration of thought and to the comprehension of
In this regard different phenomena began ...
The first basic phenomenon - the halo glow. Prior to joining the glow was the Golden (halos of the saints on the icons ...) and thus possessed the only Master, because it was very hard a magnetic field around the Earth, and it hampered our genetic structure.
And now, this field is in fact ceased to be tough, ie, it is, but something else entirely. It is very soft and gentle and yet very strong, like a spider web. Try to break it, break it to become stronger. Here, about the structure of the magnetic field is new.
You have all heard this term as Akasha. This is the golden structure, which is named Proteus, it also mentions Blavatsky. So this Proteus went into incarnation. It has become our new nervous system, now it is full of light we Proteus. We have a different nervous system, we have ceased to see in three dimensions, we have other eyes.
Over the last thousands of years before the transition, at least 26 000 years, we have in front of all was the so-called blind spot. This is the optic nerve, which goes deep into the skull, he closed some protein tissue as a stub. This blind spot has closed three-quarters of our sphericity. We do not see the black hole, and since brain levels the different nuances, and then creates the illusion that we can see everything. Nevertheless, the existence of blind spots allowed us to live in a 3-dimensional space, limited, hard. It was experimental conditions. We had to study the dense plan, and we have accomplished this task.
Now we have moved to "the Light", our experiment was successfully completed and it has become a blind spot to dissolve and disappear in the eye, and now we offer access to the multi-dimensional vision. This discovery of the planetary scale, and it is noticed, scientists of all countries.
Changed the thymus, the thymus gland, which in itself is very sacred. She mentioned, and Helena Blavatsky and Roerich. Now thymus lives the most Proteus. Here it is localized, and then sprayed on to all our subtle nerve channels. Solar, lunar meridians, everything here is activated, they also became a friend.
And Proteus immune surveillance has changed. Previously, this immune system was formal, but now it monitors every human thought, and it has now become so important - to be able to think! Think before thought. All coming true right now, and most importantly - it is clear why ...
The next change of the body - the amygdala. They have two - left and right, and are located in the temporal lobes of the brain. The amygdala switches to conscious perception. Before the transition, it was "the fear of the house," he rules the limbic system. A limbic system we inherited from the reptiles in her decisions "hit" or "Run" in animals. Now it corresponds to the level of the cell mechanism. Instead of "beat" and "Run" begins to manifest a conscious perception of the moment. Ra-H-Smart. Do not sit back and be afraid to think: what will be there? Now everything is in process of receipt: I will come and will deal. To live here and now. We do not need to know how to do it, our new organic it makes itself.
You all know that there is a cosmic humor. The universe is sometimes good-naturedly joking. And all the new changes - this is cosmic humor, or - Divine freebie. You do not sit in meditation, you do not eat only vegetarian food. You live as they have lived, and organic changes alone. Those. your Higher Self has given permission to change this situation, the permission to change your current consciousness. You do not need to know how it happens. That is the Divine freebie. Previously, we are accountable for their actions, and now we learn to be responsible for your thoughts!
In the brain neurons dissolve old packets. How it manifests itself in everyday life? Older neuronal packages - all our materialized habits that went on autopilot level in our blood and flesh, everything that we do mechanically (took a match, put the kettle, lit the gas ...). Now comes the pseudo memory loss, it occurs when a person is not subject to any external influence. For example, sit on a bench or at home in a quiet state, and suddenly time - do not remember ... It lasts for a moment, only 3-5 seconds, and then you go back into your current life. But at the same time you turn off some old packages, old knowledge. For example, older children habits that already you do not need, because you are an adult, and the situation is not repeated. In energy terms, they were in the brain structure. So the brain is freed from those old habits. (When you have a child learning to walk, sit, speak.) Now it is you do not need, and it's a great energy reservoir. Pseudo forgetfulness - it is a sign that you have freed space for the new. It is filled with these new and, at the right time, you just start to know something new. Comes clairvoyance.
Before the transition, we did not, we had to go through school, to gain experience, gain knowledge, experience and now he appears as a Gift!
you do not know up to a point more than possess, but there is a situation, and you are ready to start using experience. Saves time, saves power, a lot more then ... And you see the situation not on the one hand, and from several sides, and see not to condemn, but merely as information.

For myself, I understand that when you come pseudo forgetfulness or something like MS, you need to take it calmly, knowing that this is not a disease but a planetary transition.
And this is only the first step.
Striatum in the brain responsible for conscious coordination of muscle activity. Previously, it was possible to sit and chat leg, and did not think - talking and talking. And after the transition begins to realize: but what am I babbling leg? I is not comfortable ...)) Send the other connections in the brain, axons changed, other nerve impulses. They are not bad - they are different
! The hydrogen proton is the same. Hydrogen contained in all organics. Water in a new subtle level - a boiling substance, but not boiling. Just new hydrogen instantly rebuilds the structure of water. Its formula was H2O, and now it varies.
When our thoughts are calm - water formula one, when we activate our consciousness - the water takes the properties of the other formulas. It can change in a second and immediately changes the whole chemistry and builds a completely different cell metabolism. Krebs Cycle "traveled" to the other side. Krebs cycle - is energy mill within each cell: where necessary, hydrogen is released, where it is necessary - is absorbed. And if hydrogen is different, so is the other and biochemistry.
Doctors, by the way, know this, and pharmacologists have sounded the alarm, because chtofarmakologicheskie drugs suddenly become poison. Since the proton another, changed the symmetry inside the nucleus of an atom, it just became different. Not a reflection mirror, and the other. If another symmetry within the nucleus of the atom, respectively, then it is another molecular substance ... And it all started in the spring of 2013.
First there were the timid statements - well, whether imagined that a little? At first they were isolated cases, and now - an avalanche! "Every man for himself!" Carried huge shaft. Many pharmaceutical companies have sounded the alarm because they are forced to stop his line in the full sense of the word. Do not make their products, and this is a business, it is money. the economy will change. Formally changed a hydrogen atom, and pulled a economic affairs. Nobody really thought about it, was to blame quantum transitions.
Accordingly changed and uranium. He has other isotopes and is divided differently. There are different nuances in the nuclear power plants account. No explosions and horror stories, no increase in radiation levels, a uranium began to live less than lived before. If before the collapse of the period was 235 years, and now can break up in two years. Or it will be more likely to download or Station will switch to another type of fuel.

Prior to joining the usual intuition worked, and we were advised to develop it. She worked on the line between 3 and 4-dimensional worlds. Now intuition can give a range of solutions and, go figure it out which of them is right, you can get confused. Now you need to develop a deep feeling.
This new relationship with the world. You express your intention, and the Universe begins to build for you the events that lead to the fulfillment of your desires.
The question is how to do it? The answer is simple: the words, the thought
. The brain begins to change. The two halves are starting to coalesce. Meander starts at one and half passes to the other, and as a result changing cord formed another brain. He gives iridescent glow. That someone sees through the eyes, but it very well shows aurokamera. But the brain is not just changing the light, it becomes divergennym (ie does not act on the beaten path, finding a way out of the impasse). He became like the brain of a typical insider (insider - insight). This insight comes to life, right here and now.
This is a series of divine freebies. In another way these things are hard to explain, because it falls on us just like that, a handful. It is not out there somewhere ... but right here, with you.
Suddenly you suddenly start seeing the wrong side of the process. But not so, as we used to - to judge, and begin to understand the motives of participants, which led to this situation. It is a peaceful state and the knowledge - well, okay, it happens ... Questions about the policy, are not interested in the economy, because the brain gives a whole new perspective of the relationship with yourself and with nature. And this attitude is very exciting!
Sometimes you can get sick - fever, chills, or fever. Puts a thermometer under his arm - and there are 36, 6, or in extreme cases - 35, 5. How so? You are, so to speak, all in snot, burn, no strength ... Low 36, 6 is not an indicator that you're all right. Such short-term increase of the energy density in the body, the cell needs to. the transition to the next level. Such jumping from step to step will be to your physics does not knock out the usual status. This corresponds organic! This is your body goes to another level.
If at some point stops beating heart, no pulse, shallow breathing - this is a short-term transition to a multi-dimensional brain work. This is what is called in esoteric Fire Prana. (A lot of evidence that Indian yogis buried or immersed in a well in the water for a few days and then they get, and they begin to live again). Our body is rigid, durable structure, due to the reduced hydrogen, became a kind of "thinning", move to the light level. This is called - biokristallicheskaya basis. But the crystal is not hard, but as water - amorphous, which may take any structure.


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