Birthday brownie.

In the world in February brownies celebrate their day. Usually festival is held on the night of 9th to 10th of February, but any night of the month is considered to be magical, and could become the birthday brownie.

How to congratulate him? Very simply put in a secluded corner meal (for example, sweet rolls), and then loudly congratulate "grandfather." You can even ask him about something that is included in the circle of household chores, give a mandate: "Take care of our home and we have it! Welcome multiply, and reflects the evil! ". You can give "grandfather" toy: brownies love shiny buttons, beads, beads. And remember that donated - you can not take away!

Izdrevne people believe in goblins, witches, poltergeists and other otherworldly ... personalities, good and evil spirits. This belief does not die in our technological age. To verify this, go to any housewarming enough. Who first comes into a new apartment or a new house? That's right, the cat. And why? No one knows. Just - so it is accepted. So parents arrived, grandparents, great-grandparents ...

The word "house" appeared in Russia somewhere in the XVII-XVIII centuries, but the concept of the spirit who lives in the house and in the yard, appeared much earlier (XIV-XV). According to its manifestations, this spirit was very similar to the houses and is often called "the demon-horomozhitelem" perhaps the name is due to a noisy fuss, which is sometimes able to house.

Knowledgeable people say that the house is living in each house. No matter what kind of house. City apartment, farmhouse or Mighty count's castle, everywhere has its own guardian. His primary duty - to keep order in the house. And if the house in order not to comply, and may self-fulfilling trouble. First-spoon fork fly, then ...
In general, "guys, let's be friends" with the houses.
Home geniuses
The fact that the side-by-side with us live some spirits, people knew in the Stone Age. In the ancient world in homes inhabited house "genius." At first, "genius" called the founder of the race, then - the patron saint of home and family. It was believed that the genius of the house there are good and bad. Because their "successors", the current houses, the owners can help and may harm the start ...
Perhaps you do not notice the time: get into the house, where everything is tidied up, licked, but the spirit of a residential and unpleasant that I want to leave as soon as possible. And the owners themselves at each other askance look, is about to pluck the scandal. And in the other house will come: and cramped, and everywhere books, newspapers piled up - there is no place to sit down, but there is always a place for the guest and talk unkindly domovoyhorosha, and strong tea, and you do not want to leave. You should have lived here a century!
But why? Home geniuses, goblins try - a good spirit for pet owners create. And where the hosts are not compatible with household, there can be no warmth.
So what is - brownies? So, they - the energy clots, collecting from the owners of their energy, and it spills out. The good people in the family share their love and evil - evil. Here and get back that gave!
Secret of Family frets
Of course, house - the first assistant in the house: in the cases and in the creation of atmosphere. Well, if the house you like, you have the plates, cups unbreakable, iron blouse will burn a hole not, children do not waste whimper, cigarettes husband on the floor does not throw. And you want to work from home to escape a run. Well, if you do not want? If anywhere - not in his apartment hateful? Then one of two things: either you do not like the house, or it you do not. Speaking on science - you live without the genius of the hearth.
Urgent get to work! Know that not in the nature of house owners not to love. After all, according to an old legend, once these spirits lived in heaven, but angered the higher authorities - and it is from their heavenly dwelling discharged. That poor man, and were attached to people. And in order to earn the right to live in the same territory, began to help in every way. So if your house suddenly began to hurt you - you are guilty of something.

Our main, human, to infraction household spirit helpers that we do not remember them. So claim the brownie! He, poor man, probably thinking that you do not need, that's toils, unseen, in the attic or in a dark corner.
Urgent "activate" "Grandpa!"
How? First things first, admit that you believe in his existence. Say three times: "Grandfather house, you - with me, and I'm with you!".
Put in a nook saucer and put something tasty. Do not pour the milk, a cat, or put the bone as a dog: modern houses is better to give a sweet bun or - because he eats not the food, but those good feelings that arise in you, when you regale.
Say three times: "Father house, take food, I present with reverence!". And every time you buy candy, put a "grandfather". I assure you, he will appreciate and love you.
However, the open secret: "Grandpa," you have always loved, you just did not notice it. So their candy you do not track it into the house blazed, and myself - to family well-being. After all, if you have a good word for the brownie was found, then the pet weasel syschetsya. It turns out to be a house elf way - will the household.
Domovnik, zhilichek, brownies, Dobby, kosh, berezhnik, himself, Greatest - as soon as the name is not house-spirits. Incidentally, they also have a clear division of responsibilities.
Brownie is responsible for a small house. If the duties on the farm a lot, settle in the house: the kitchen - a kitchen in the barn - sarayushnik, in the barn - barn in the cellar and the basement - and podpolnik podvalnik, in the bath - swab, even on the balcony balcony living.
And I beg you, if you do not have a balcony glazed, do not forget to pick up the autumn balcony in the apartment. And he'll have all winter to howl and pounding his teeth against the cold. Exit to the balcony, and say three times: "Come in, balcony, you - a home, rather than zaokonny!" At the same time make some thing from the balcony of the house. It is believed that this house will go and balconies of houses.
The cure for loneliness
Well, if you have at home there are no brownie - or the kitchen, or even a balcony .. Urgent Call!
Take an ordinary broom metite the main room of the corners to the center, saying: "I am - here, and you - out there, come, my dear, I was in the corners! We will live - not to grieve, to be friends with you, our home grooming - watch! ".
As the sweep, leave broom in the middle, light a candle and worship in all four directions, saying: "Hostess house! Come to my house on the rich yard! In the manner of life, the wealth! ".
Broom then, of course, must be removed, and the house-to put a plate of treats (by the way, this ritual is best spent on the third day of the full moon, and even repeated three times in three months) .Ugostite brownie tea
Soon you feel the atmosphere change. The house will be the living spirit, you will realize that it is not alone in these walls.
Now go away, you can say, "Stay, domovusha! Take care, a guide: keep, draw aside all the enemies! ". And came back and greet their homes.
You can also think of his name, make a gift, brought into the house of a beautiful thing. Even pour him tea for dinner. You can talk to him! And you know what the most amazing thing? Very soon, people will be in your life, with whom you will communicate soul to soul. This is your house, knowing that you are alone, conspired with other houses, and together they will find you another. Do not believe me? Try it! Do not worry about the age of the "friends of the series" ... Happy Brownies you, dear readers!
From personal profiles otherworldly "Bun»
Brownies (scientifically, "elementals") in the "children" aged look like balls twice as many soccer balls, covered with long (about 10 cm), hard to the touch fur, on which stand large yellow eyes and a mouth full of small brilliant teeth.
Hands of the houses are small, soft fingers and no legs at all - because they move through the air, hovering in the top ten centimeters from the floor. When a person, they usually become almost transparent and still hang from the ceiling, but sometimes start very quickly fly around the room, leaving a trail of gray. The "childish" Brownie age has no gender, but for a long time, living with a man, he gradually acquires the appearance, character and gender of the owner.

Treats for Dobby
If you had something "to spite" his houses, and he began to arrange your large and small dirty tricks, ask him to make a truce. At midnight from Sunday to Monday on the edge of the kitchen table lay a clay bowl in elegant black crust of bread with a slice of meat, boiled potatoes, pickles and three times read over refreshments hex: "Master, my dear, eyes invisible! Take food, I present with respect. Protect us his strength and zeal to not flood water, so fire will not scorch, that wealth is not to lose. " And then go to bed and get up the next morning before everyone left home and eat treats until the last tithe! After that will reign in the house of peace.
Housewarming Brownie
Moving to a new apartment, do not drop the brownie in the lurch! Place the bag in the middle of the room (some owners choose to put in your bag or bast slippers), and in it - a brand new coin and a crust of bread.

Then respectfully say: "Master-host, go with us!" Tie the bag and Bring with you to a new place of residence, and there untie with the words: "Master, master, come out!" Brownie - the spirit is not Brownies - being materialistic.. They settle with us because it is profitable. They get shelter and food, and pay for that person that helps him in all matters. Very often in the families, who are descended from the distant past, lived such an entity. Therefore, brownies often take root in families who choose themselves and live in them for as long as the race does not die out.
Brownie good to holy symbols, not afraid of the prayers, is not affected by expulsive rites, even cock, which is afraid of all the evil forces, it is not terrible. All this means a complete lack of hostility on the part of the power for the individual. It manifests itself as friendly to people master of the house, but primarily protects not only your property, but most of all the aura surrounding space.
One of his works - is to cleanse the house of negative energy that people bring with them from the outside. But if the house is still young, the forces are not scored, but a lot of work, he begins to weaken and then the house is in decline.
Very often, the house may come into the house, and as they wish, and draws him there in the first place, the nature of people. The house where they live hard-working people, and the house is the same: monitoring the economy, does not allow a fire to happen invisibly wakes owners at the time of danger. If the owners are lazy, and the house is not particularly trying to attract in the house wealth and profit. Nice house in the house, the owners get on with it, then there will be wealth, happiness, peace of mind and trouble will bypass a house party.
It is evident in the nature of the brownie his great care for pets, horses and cows. He feeds them and treats, but is sometimes capricious in choosing a suit cattle. If the houses appear unloved bastard, he tormented her in every way and certainly izvedёt, if the owner does not get rid of it in time. But getting the cattle themselves in the "suit", like he cares for her, watered, braiding the horses' manes. These "spit" in any case can not untwist.
The main feature of the houses is its ability to play the role of mediator between humans and other spirits. As an example, the existence of the ritual offering of sacrifices through the house-to Treefolk. This was done in the case of loss of livestock, which is lost in the woods. He could stand up in front of the master forest per person, reclaim unfair to the selected cow or horse.
Although the houses are very friendly and sociable, but not to anyone, even his family, they give birth to friendships. Therefore, when a new tenant need to ask the house-so it does not hurt him, he found his own, adopted under the patronage of a visiting relative, was the saving unborn child, not frighten animals.
If your house has such an invisible helper, and you could make friends with him, then you are very lucky, t. To. Not only can you get answers to your questions, but also to enlist the support of the "little" friend. But as long as we do not turn to him for help, he did not seek to help us. And if you take it seriously, to feed, to talk, and then he can help as much. Feed this astral being necessary in the truest sense of the word, but it absorbs, of course, not the food itself, and its energy. It feeds aura of water and mainly aura pastry.
You left my father-house-fresh bread on the table, and already winded, darkened, the taste is not and there can not be a chunk of the morning. But, putting the food, be sure to tell them that it is for him. The custom of "appeasement" of house there is a very long time.

Most often, as an offering, using breads, milk, or porridge, uttering at the same time the corresponding phrases with the expression of good intentions and a request to take concrete house under protection. Brownie, as it's not very bright creatures of the astral world, does not like sunlight and therefore lives in secluded places housing, where the dark, warm, dry, and none of it will not be disturbed.
Never forget a birthday party houses that fall in the night from 10 to 11 February. If this day you do not put him food, he would be offended, and will not help you a whole year.
To avoid this, you can spend the next ritual: take a clean white tablecloth and a bed in the evening on the table, it is better in the kitchen, that is usually a house lives there... On the tablecloth set meal: a glass of water, a muffin or a piece of fresh white bread, salt shaker with salt and a saucer with sugar. With household agree to until the morning in the kitchen no one came, and it can flush out the guest.
Then walk up to the table and looking into the right corner of the kitchen, three say, "Uncle-house, the owner's father! You bread and salt, and I (your name) in this house, happiness, health, harmony and love. " Then go away without looking back. All you need to know you in a dream.
Why in a dream? Brownie - it's a spirit, he can enter into the dream and tell his name owners. And if you need help then he thrice repeated to himself his name, and that it will be necessary to do more, he knows himself. But trouble can be only in case of extreme necessity, rather than just a curiosity.
Brownie with which people well and communicate the rules, owners may warn of impending troubles or major changes in life. Normally invisible, and only heard the house moaning and crying in front of a disaster, he leans and pushes a person to change, with already inevitable, and appears and becomes visible to the disaster.
When dealing with us, these creatures of the astral world as a house, can take all sorts of forms. For a long time living in the same house house acquires specific traits of appearance, repeating the head of the family's appearance, or some deceased relative. But the most common is the description: a small, hairy creature, or the Greatest Growth old man in a sheepskin coat, covered with hair.
Brownie is very good owner to knit, and so if he moves to another apartment, and through ignorance does not take it with him, he was very bored. Therefore, when moving into a new home, be sure to invite him to a special rite, or forgot the house can simply "fall apart."
If you want to make friends with your house-no intermediaries you do not need, just try to find a common language with him, learn his habits, talk to him and make sure he listens to you carefully. Your recognition is a great and joyful event for him. Well, if you do not have a brownie, we recommend to invite him into the house. After all, where he lives, the more order, prosperity, and in the family - way.
And as long as there is such knowledge, we believe that perhaps all is not lost to us in respect of the old traditions, maybe something else we can revive, not to forget the language of communication with the forces of the shadow world, who created our ancestors.
Galina Avtyushkova


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