HOW appease houses here to stay ....

Do you have a house? A couple of controversial and unpredictable creature who stomps at night, scatters your sneakers, hides from you comb, cigarette lighters and other stuff? Mischievous and nasty ...
But since ancient times the house was considered the main guardian of the house, to his personality treated seriously and with respect, preferring not to spoil relations.

Brownie forgiving and loves scary gifts. The taste of his cheesy: milk in a saucer on the floor; crust of bread left on the table after the host of the meal; porridge or honey in a special dish left the kitchen to the house at midnight and went out for dinner. And a miracle happens: dirty dog ​​becomes humble and helpful, good protects your helping in the home, and the home of peace and quiet reigns

All is good, but the milk turns sour and poisons your life its odor and other food left happy to come to eat cockroaches neighborhood. Long puzzled our ancestors - the brownie appease? And domovushku.Domovushka invented - is the subject of life and to decorate the house, intended as a gift brownie
It is better to make yourself than to buy in the souvenir shop or on the market: it is your house, and the best gift to him - with his own hands made. For the production of any suitable natural materials: leather, fibers, cereals, salt dough, dried berries, mushrooms and flowers that need to be attached to an object-based - miniature brooms, shoes, house slippers
The first thing to define - it is a subject to which you can attach small ornaments in all their diversity. This can be:

broom upside, as the guardian against evil spirits;
decorative bast or sneakers as a designation of the place where the living house;
decorative wreath or braid as a symbol of infinity and continuity of your kind;
Bread painted paddle or spoon as the personification of wealth in the house and the hospitable owners.
If you can not find anything suitable, you can sew a bag of coarse cloth, for example, linen or burlap, fill it with cotton or barley and tie a beautiful ribbon.

In advance make sure that the domovushku could firmly hang on the wall, attach the rear hook or loop. Decorating the resulting substrate can be anything,
invoke the aid of imagination and taste, please be glue or thread, gather your family around the table, noisy and act. Very nice in such compositions look any dried plants, especially dried ears of cereal. To fit any decorating homemade cakes of salt dough, small bagels or drying - your house is always full and good to you
Sunflower and corn symbolize the sun's energy and health, fruits of mountain ash - female beauty, beans - physical strength, the rice grains - peace in the home, pine cones - a symbol of achievement, flax - amulet from the evil eye and spoilage, garlic wards off evil spirits. It is possible to use aromatic plants: mint, juniper, lavender
Hang domovushku better in the kitchen, close to the plate, as if the house has a fireplace, then over it, because houses like warm open fire and live more often nearby. This mystical jewelery will help you gain the trust and love of house, purchased in his face caring friend and a brave defender. If someone fall in love with the house, it will serve faithfully and loyally, preserving the warmth and comfort of your home, peace and prosperity of your family.

HOW appease houses here to stay ...

How to make friends with household?

Barabashka, Poltergeist, houses - all of these words essentially mean the same thing, some essence of energy, a little spirit that dwells in human dwellings
. They say the house, and still lives in every village hut, in many urban homes, but not everyone knows about it.
According to ancient beliefs, the souls of the trees felled and used for building a house, the owner of the house was born.

It is believed that the house is born an old grandfather and the baby dies. Most often, the house looks like an old man - a little like obrubochek, all covered with gray-haired fur (even hairy palms at it), a gray of antiquity and dust. Sometimes, to ward off curious eyes, it takes the form of master of the house - well, as the spitting image! In general, a host house likes to wear clothes, but always manages to put it in place as soon as things need to man.

In childhood, brownies like balls, covered with long, stiff to the touch hair. The hands are small, soft fingers. Legs may be missing - then brownies move through the air, hovering in the top ten centimeters from the floor. If a person usually becomes almost transparent and still hang from the ceiling, but sometimes start very quickly fly around the room, leaving a trail of gray.

In different regions of the Russian house takes on different images. In addition to the old man village houses pretend to be a hare, a bear, lynx or displayed shadow on the wall. Town houses often take the image of a mouse, snake, cat or weasel.

And his name differently - elf; Granddad; Posten; Lizun; Domozhil; Master; Wen; Undead; Susedko, Zapechnik, guardian spirit, demon-horomozhitel, but that's all it is - the keeper of the hearth, an invisible helper hosts
From demons Brownie characterized in that it does not do evil, but only joking sometimes even providing services, if you like the host or hostess. The one who loves, curl the hair and beard in braids, and who does not like that at night burns to bruises. These bruises judge any trouble, especially if the bruise hurts badly.
If the house loved home, it warns of bad luck, watches the house and yard

The neighborhood may be different, it depends on the "character" of your "roommate". But, most surprisingly, brownies characters form the people themselves.

Brownies feed our emotions, they will never "eat off" us by force, such as vampires, simply, they eat that power, you create around you. If you are quarrelsome, loud-mouthed people in your house, "barbed" energy and heavy, oppressive atmosphere, then your house will not be able to be kind and gentle in such a situation. If he does not run away from such unkind at home, you will likely manifest itself as follows: to scare the owners howling and screaming, to hide things, to spoil the furniture and utensils, to push, to scare, to choke people and other unpleasant actions on his part <. br />
By doing so, we, without thinking twice, saying that the house was got Poltergeist, and begin to cast him in every way, not thinking that it is our poor Brownie forced defense, since even "furious" by constant scandals and negative. In this case, the kitchen, nook at sunset leave a saucer of milk and bakery products and sincerely ask for forgiveness brownie.

But if the leprosy expressed in spontaneous combustion items, bad graffiti and other things like that, then the houses should show who's boss. It is necessary to take into the hand strap and lashing bypassing the home and furniture, walls and things to impose powerful and strong voice:

"Know your place, know your place.
You should house a house guard, protect, agriculture,
Yes mistress to please, not to fight,
Know your place, know your place. »
Words can speak any, the main thing that they were spoken by the owner of the house.

If you can not agree with the houses, take a broom and saying, "sweeps you, stranger, pest house, expel" - metite floor, looking in every corner of the broom. And so every day, except Fridays, throughout the week. I want to warn you should try all methods of influence on your homes. And chide and scold, and caress, and only if we do not go out, and he's really angry, then expel, but remember, no Brownie habitation evil.

In the quiet, friendly, positive masters are found in homes, such as calm and positive Brownies, but good houses, in contrast to the angry harder to track, since it shows itself not so clearly.

According to the general belief, Brownie lives behind the stove, and if the owner has horses and stables, it is placed near the horses. In urban conditions settle under the stove, in the oven, a bathroom, in the attic or in the pantry.

Good house-usually quietly dozing somewhere near the ceiling in the form of a bunch of energy coming to the aid of the hosts at the right moments. In homes with such household rarely lost things, or very fast, people are less likely to quarrel, it is better saved money by providing owners a stable material prosperity, do not get sick pets. To see the kind of house is almost impossible, unless you are endowed with a special gift, allowing you to see all the energy that surrounds you, but its presence is felt in the sense of care and protection.
However, visible brownie pets and small children: Barabashka, for example, sometimes even playing with your child and answer his questions
Do not try all means to communicate with the houses, to see it, it may not be safe for your psyche. All magical creatures do not really like people to invade their lives, and homes - is no exception. To get rid of you too obsessive attention Brownies can affect your psyche, so much so that you lose sleep and appetite, disturbed the whole rhythm of life, may be the beginning of serious mental problems and health. And if you and it will not stop, and you will continue to impose their homes communication, it can turn into an angry poltergeist.

What does the house?

It helps to keep house, protects property from damage, theft and other troubles, in particular - from the fire. Sometimes they hear it, sitting on the master site, engaged in the work of the master, while none of this can be seen
Brownie not only serves as the master of the house, but also the protector of livestock, protect and care for his nem.Glavnoe same thing - for the inspection of the economy. Brownie sees every little thing, tirelessly cares and is busy, that all was in order and ready: podsobit industrious, will correct its mistake; it is pleasant offspring of livestock and poultry; he does not suffer unnecessary costs and is angry at them - in short, the house is inclined to work, thrifty and prudent
It monitors macrobiotic clean housing. Unlike the man he sees the whole energy debris scattered around the apartment, and it is very frustrating. Brownie it gets dirty, his mood worsens. It can also clean up the apartment small energy waste. With serious corruption him cope not afford, so you can help him by doing the ritual cleansing of the house with the help of candles. However, it is worth remembering that if you are very frequent and very serious energy clean his apartment, it is possible that the actions you expel your brownie home
When everything in the house in order, clean and tidy, no energy mud house feels great. This master he loves and helps him.

Brownie monitors the safety of things. This home will work, will not fight to break dishes and appliances. It helps to find missing things. To do this, you just need to ask him about this: "The owner's father, help me, tell me, where is so-and-so ...»

It also keeps track of young children and prevents various troubles. Brownie likes to be young children, who take it as a big stuffed animal and the soul tinkering and playing with him.
With children playing house with pleasure. If the house likes to tinker with your toddler - a good sign. It will not only play with them, but also protect from minor troubles - matches, scissors, etc.
If a small child sleeps badly at night and capricious, before you put your baby to sleep, put a brownie for a treat, and refer to him with a request: "Brownie, brownie! Calm my child! »

Brownie can rabudit host in the morning, if that important matters. Can recall the forgotten deeds.
A good host before leaving the house, he always remind: turn off the electricity, gas, water, iron, etc.

Approaching the house feels damage in advance. If, for example, to visit you went evil people with evil intentions and black thoughts, the house begins to worry. He tries to warn the owner. If the landlord does not hear the whisperings of house, the latter starts to do anything to draw attention to themselves. At unkind guests can escape from the circle of hands and break, spill something on the tablecloth. Sometimes the dishes beating from the owner himself - it is also a warning
Unpleasant guest house is trying to survive by all means. He starts to choke them, put pressure on them. Therefore guests have become uncomfortable - they are all annoying, they are stuffy, after all they are left with one thought - quick get away from your home
It is believed that Brownie often warn their owners of any change in his life. For example, he bore down during the night to sleep, and it presses so that at this time can neither move nor speak. Calmly lie down, catch your breath and mentally ask brownie that he wants to say - good or bad, "For better or worse?". The answer will follow immediately - muffled voice pronounces "yes" or "no." If good, he pat you; if the hand is wool - it's money. Feel the pain - about illness prevention of someone from relatives
. Most often, Brownie gives information to an elderly person in the family. It may be dreams, prophecies, signs, hints, knock, any images, seen with averted vision.

In his spare time from his sleep, he wanders around the apartment, doing his chores, playing with animals.
If Brownie dislike your cat, be sure it is a long time in the house will not last. If, on the contrary, fell in love, it will play with her. Please note that sometimes your favorite furry suddenly tips over on his back and starts waving his paws in the air. It tickles her house. Sometimes a cat licking itself vstrepenetsya and staring into the void, and looks as if seeing someone look. Here the traveler is invisible brownie.
My favorite brownie fun - hide and seek. He hides the right thing and having fun, watching the search. To found a loss, it must be said: "homes, do not mess with me. The thing is picked up, played - positive, return. "
If the home is missing spoons, knives, watches and t.p.i you can not find the lost item, then stand in the corner of the room, and contact your brownie 'homes, and play and give it. " Look in every room separately.
If he is naughty too often it means seriously suffers from loneliness. Then, after another round of hide and seek hint that you do not mind his marriage. To do this, tie a handkerchief any, except the nose, around the legs of the chair and say, "Brownie, Grandpa, here's girlfriend, her look that took - back." If Dmovomu live well, he acquires a wife - Domovihoy and child - domovenka
Wife Brownie - Domoviha, houses Bolshuha, Maruja, fright (! Not to be confused with the forest and marsh fright) is often mischief and chudit. Rearrange furniture, shifts the things on your taste, confusing threads, scares children sudden clatter of heels. But sometimes it helps owners, warns them of the trouble.
Usually Domovuha-dummy appears as a small women dried up little head with a thimble, foot-straws. In mid-May (during courtship brownies) her skin is green, and the eyes appear a hell of a spark. It may appear and the maid with a white face, black eyes and long black hair.

How not to hurt Brownie.

The common people had respect to homes, so that the little man is afraid of him than any insult and even beware pronounce his name without purpose. The conversation did not call it houses, and "grandfather, the owner, or by the greater virulence».

It is believed that he does not like mirrors, and goats, as well as those who sleep near the threshold or below the threshold. It is said that Brownie does not like lazy.
You can not whistle in the house as Brownie can not stand whistling, he can leave the house sometimes once and for all.

Brownie also do not like cigarette smoke, so it is best never to smoke in your home, as the smoke settles on household goods, furniture and weathered.

According to legends, it is impossible to leave at night sharps on the table (fork, knife, etc.), as well as salt, pepper, garlic, onions, because it makes it difficult to protect the house and the houses to resist the forces of evil.

Also, houses do not tolerate long standing in the kitchen dirty kitchen appliances, prosudy and when the owner is away from the kitchen, you can hear the typical knocks and gremenie dishes. Anger can be humble brownie, putting a few coins in the hallway cabinet or on the roof of the bookcase in the hall.

Do not forget to greet and say goodbye to the houses, calling him respectful "boss". Sometimes houses can reveal to you his name - is a very positive sign
How to communicate with household


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