How to call a brownie

In everyday life, we occasionally have to deal with phenomena that can not be explained. One of these is the house. Someone believes in its existence, someone calls it ridiculous fiction, and if you do not know what the opinion is to adhere to, we recommend that you first check: perhaps this mysterious creature already has had time to settle in your home?

So, let's learn how to call the house brownie to pinpoint: it exists in reality, or is it just a figment of the imagination of different visionaries.

Brownie - being not very sociable, one might even say, unsociable. In addition, it is very vulnerable nature. And so it is likely that even if it exists in your home, you are unlikely to soon know about it. Its presence may indicate different factors that you probably had not paid attention. For example, in the Search for homes you can help pets. For example, if a cat periodic without any apparent reason jerks off or you notice how she gazes into the distance, and if it is for something stolen, it is possible that she has found homes. Dogs are also at a brownie beginning to wag his tail and look at the place where nothing and no one. Pets love houses and therefore do not touch him, and he responds to them in return, taking them under his wing.

How can you call brownie? It is best at this time to stay at home alone, so as not to scare brownie odd noise. Especially, do not forget that this creature, to put it mildly, not outgoing, and therefore, it can opt to go with you to the contact.
To call this spirit is best to choose the evening or at night. Recommended that you create in the room where the ritual is performed, complete darkness. Take a small dish and put on him a few pieces of candy or chocolate, but without the wrapper. Place a saucer with sweets on the table, covered with a beautiful pre-cloth, and turn away, because the house can you shy and because of this not come out of his hiding place.
When you have turned back to the table, tell three times the following phrase: "Father, come to me to communicate for a treat!ยป.

How to call the brownie? Now you just have to listen carefully to the steps behind him. If you have caused domovenka trust, you will hear a barely perceptible whisper and touch. In this case, do not just move. Better thanked him for his attention to you, you can then ask the spirit of any questions that he could answer "yes" or "no." Since the house can not talk, explain to him that yes, he can pull you in the right hand, and with a negative - on the left side.

Finally politely thank brownie once again for what he has given you the time and responded to questions. What a treat that you have prepared it is recommended to dig under the tree.

If something was unclear to you, you can watch as the cause of homes on the photographs, which can be easily found on the Internet. Also, you always have the opportunity to see how the cause of good houses on video. This theme is very popular among fans of unexplained facts, so the lack of information, you will not be exact.

Now that you know how to call a good brownie day or night, you can easily take advantage of this information. Just do not * be abusing it, because then the house may even be offended at you and disappear from your home.


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