Signs are worth paying attention to

In life we meet many signs which forbid to do something. Or the warnings from the older generation that something is impossible. But why not, sometimes you can not explain. Why not:

To celebrate 40 yearsForty-year anniversary of mark is not accepted, especially for men. Ancient roots has this tradition. In ancient times there was a tradition to check dead people on incorruption. 40 days after death checked the grave. If the relics remained incorrupt, they were considered sacred. This tradition eventually changed. Always on the 40th day, the relatives were satisfied with the remembrance, because it is believed that the soul of the deceased 40 days roams the world and only after this period reassured, sent into another world. Therefore, it is considered bad luck to celebrate 40 years. The person who celebrates this date, a challenge to the death that would no good end. So do not tease a higher power, ignoring this tradition.

In the evening take out the garbagesince Ancient times, each family believed in the existence of his house. That brownie might eat the garbage had to stay home. Therefore, the garbage in the evening or at night, not anymore. In our time, not everyone believes in the existence of ghosts. It is believed that to wash in the evening from home debris to pass out of the family money. Maybe there's a connection between this action and don't need a house, to anger, who loves to trash came home last night. Should not have a negative attitude to this prohibition, so as not to disturb the aura of his family.

Sweep crumbs from the table by handThere is a belief that hand to sweep crumbs from the table is the lack of money, quarrels, since all naked and covered is equivalent to emptiness. Hand necessarily need to cover with a cloth, a table – cloth. Keep a few notes under the cloth of folk wisdom advises. It is believed that unmarried girls in no event it is impossible to sweep away crumbs with your hand from the table. Leaving her alone, and even childlessness. And another proverb says: if man is to sweep crumbs from the table hand, the wife had to be bald. Like it or not, we don't know, but by observation born folk superstitions.

Kill spidersancient times the spider was considered a good omen. If a man was coming down the spider, it was believed that soon he will be rich. Always spider was considered the insect that brings good luck. The appearance of the spider house to receive the news. Spiders never bothered the people who wanted the health of yourself. Dangordon called little red spider. It was believed, if you put it in your pocket, then it will always be filled with money. Though spider is the source of psychological fear to kill him, he man is not the enemy.

To carry in a purse photos, Many wearing their relatives in the wallet. It is believed that negatively affects the aura of a person wearing his picture in my wallet. Bad events will gradually happen with your family. And it is very difficult to get rid of them.

It is believed that some energy be perelomili these photos, crossing the flow of money that you could obtain. If you really love your family, put pictures of them on your desktop. It would be better.

To give a clockIn China is considered to give the watch to invite to the funeral. In our country this sign is interpreted differently: to give the watch to a long separation or separation at all. It is believed that while the hours go by you communicate, and if they stopped — the relationship will come to an end. Answers to this question are many and they say one thing, that watch is not a good gift.

If you are not superstitious can try not to pay attention to the warnings. But, after all, is not worth it.



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