The most incredible places on the planet (21 pics + text)

On Earth, full of unique places in the form of a forgotten how to breathe. Most of them are created by nature. But people have decided not to lag behind and also created many beautiful, unique and mysterious things.

Cube House Rotterdam (Rotterdam)
Dutch architect Piet Blom (Piet Blom) gained fame because he developed this complex in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He imagined it as a timber in which each building was home. Presentation of Mr Blom about the forest seems very different from those of the Forest of others. Built in 1984 «Kijk-Cubus» or cubic houses used by their owners as a residential or office buildings. One of these homes open to the public, so it is definitely worth a visit.

Cabinet Monster (Monster Kabinett)
This is a place on the list of attractions, displayed in many underground tours of Berlin. Cabinet Monster provides an artistic team called "Team Dead Doves» (Dead Pigeon Collective). It represents a warehouse filled with madness and placed in a dark alley. There you can find a variety of robotic artifacts, sculptures, like the deformed face, huge insects and other strange creatures. Before the team acquired the building in 1995, it was empty even with since used as a refuge for Jewish families who were hiding there from the Nazis in the 1940s. They hid in a secret room that still stand intact, which only adds to this eerie place plaque. Visitors get the impression that they had fallen asleep while watching a video of the group «Nine Inch Nails», but also in the dream turned out to be in the video.

Pillars of the devil (Devil's Postpile)
Geological formation called the "Pillars of the devil" - is the largest known example of columnar basalt. Such formations occur when basaltic lava forms a lake, slowly cools and cracks along the stress points. The height of this formation reaches the height of a six-storey building, in addition, it can boast of unusual symmetry. Almost as unusual and a huge pile of identical-looking stones at the foot of education, which could easily be called "Lego Devil».


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