The most incredible places on the planet (21 pics + text)

On Earth, full of unique places in the form of a forgotten how to breathe. Most of them are created by nature. But people have decided not to lag behind and also created many beautiful, unique and mysterious things.

Cube House Rotterdam (Rotterdam)
Dutch architect Piet Blom (Piet Blom) gained fame because he developed this complex in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He imagined it as a timber in which each building was home. Presentation of Mr Blom about the forest seems very different from those of the Forest of others. Built in 1984 «Kijk-Cubus» or cubic houses used by their owners as a residential or office buildings. One of these homes open to the public, so it is definitely worth a visit.

Cabinet Monster (Monster Kabinett)
This is a place on the list of attractions, displayed in many underground tours of Berlin. Cabinet Monster provides an artistic team called "Team Dead Doves» (Dead Pigeon Collective). It represents a warehouse filled with madness and placed in a dark alley. There you can find a variety of robotic artifacts, sculptures, like the deformed face, huge insects and other strange creatures. Before the team acquired the building in 1995, it was empty even with since used as a refuge for Jewish families who were hiding there from the Nazis in the 1940s. They hid in a secret room that still stand intact, which only adds to this eerie place plaque. Visitors get the impression that they had fallen asleep while watching a video of the group «Nine Inch Nails», but also in the dream turned out to be in the video.

Pillars of the devil (Devil's Postpile)
Geological formation called the "Pillars of the devil" - is the largest known example of columnar basalt. Such formations occur when basaltic lava forms a lake, slowly cools and cracks along the stress points. The height of this formation reaches the height of a six-storey building, in addition, it can boast of unusual symmetry. Almost as unusual and a huge pile of identical-looking stones at the foot of education, which could easily be called "Lego Devil».

Playground brownie (Hobgoblin's Playground)
These red sandstone formation located in Nevada, is truly unusual. They were formed over millions of years with the help of a magical combination of wind and rain (and in large quantities, which explains the lack of vegetation). The local landscape is so unusual that it seems alive. Distorted profiles of strange creatures, disembodied fins and face and still a whole lot of different subjects, like a relief to the country of dreams is waiting for you on the playground houses, which is also known as Little Finland (Little Finland).

Stone Falls (Stone Waterfalls)
At first glance, this formation looks like the frozen waterfall, which in itself is impossible, given the mild climate of the south of Mexico. But in fact it is - stone waterfall that sounds even less likely, but it is real. This amazing waterfall that looks petrified, is a tourist attraction known as "boiling water» (Hierve el Agua). It is located in the state of Oaxaca (Oaxaca). Natural mineral water springs, which attract crowds of tourists are also the cause of this unprecedented geological formation. Once upon a time there was actually a waterfall, but the water was so rich in minerals that after he had dried up in its place there is a stone formation.

Blue City Chefchaouen (Chefchaouen), Morocco
Chefchaouen Morocco is a popular tourist attraction because of its proximity to the city of Tangiers (Tangiers). The city was named in honor of two mountain peaks that tower over the city, and in the translation of the city name sounds like "Look at the Horn." However, the city of Chefchaouen is famous not for its twin peaks, and the fact that almost all of it painted in blue. According to tradition, started by Jewish settlers in the 1930s, virtually every house and building in the entire city painted in different shades of blue. Where you can often see the residents to paint their houses blue. This is a fairly small town, most of the roads which lead to the central square of «Plaza Uta el-Hammam». This region is also known for the fact that it is a center for the production of cannabis in Morocco - we need you any more reason to ensure that want to go there?

Ice Shelf McMurdo (McMurdo Sound Ice Shelf)
Many scholars believe that primitive life originated on the ice shelves such as Ice Shelf McMurdo in Antarctica. Researchers working in the region are forced to put up with the long polar days and nights he could not sleep well affect. Apart from the wrong day and night, more researchers and the surrounding landscape, which looks as if it embodied the life out of someone's dream. The effect that can be seen in the photographs, is caused by different types of ice (ice, sea, and that is just on the surface), which are present on the ice shelf. Over a striking picture also worked erosion. The same effect can be caused by a variety of psychotropic drugs - LSD, marijuana, mescaline, which accumulates in the cerebral cortex and cause "erosion" of reality. None of these two things is not safe: no ton of drugs or the lowest temperature of the planet, so if you find yourself in a place like this, hope that this is just a dream.

Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon - a narrow canyon is a narrow crevice, formed as a result of fast flowing water. Its name «Tse 'bighanilini» is translated from the Navajo language as "the place where water runs through rocks." Due to the fact that the canyon is formed from sandstone, the walls have a streamlined shape. A small amount of natural light penetrating here, promotes the formation of the impression that you are in another world. Across the canyon, there are places where the sun's rays illuminate the darkest part of the small pits. Needless to say how this place is like photographers and filmmakers. However, there have to go with a guide, whose task is to prevent damage to the integrity of the canyon, as well as, apparently, was to withdraw from the tourist trance.

Wave (The Wave)
The Arizona desert is the place where the ancient sand dunes, which layer upon layer of all immersed below the surface of the earth for thousands of years, came to the surface millions of years ago. Water erosion has opened the iron and mineral deposits that have been smoothed by the wind. The result was this mind-bending landscape that puzzle your brain, if you stumble on it. Of course, getting there is not easy, the Bureau of Land Management (Bureau of Land Management) does not approve a visit to this place, known as a wave of tourists because of the heat that can kill a person, and also due to the fact that in this area is very easy to get lost.

The volcano Dallol (Dallol)
In the sparsely populated desert region of Ethiopia, is a volcanic crater, surrounded by a huge number of mineral deposits. This place abounds in sulfur, salt, iron and ocher. Here you can also see the acidic pools and hot springs - everything that can be associated with volcanic and geothermal activity. Nothing unusual except ... the landscape. All these things in combination with each other produce an absolute riot of colors and formations that can hardly be called natural. Some parts look like a snow-covered plain, while others look like a mountain whose color is close to the colors of hell. There is also such formations that look like craters on the moon's surface. These few people come and take pictures of the landscape here is also very rare - and there is good reason. On the surface there is often out toxic fumes that result strange chemical combinations. The average temperature in the vicinity of the volcano is breaking all records and is considered one of the highest in the world. The name of the place translates as "disintegrated", which is the best describes the feeling of reality, those people who managed to get here.



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