21 best pictures of 2014. according to National Geographic. They are fascinating!

Each year the National Geographic Channel is holding a contest for the best photo. And that means it's time to see the last pictures of the winners. The competition has three categories - people, places, nature. You're very lucky, because you will see the winners of the photo now!

North Pole, Svalbard (Category «Nature»)

Zoo in Tacoma, United States (Category «Nature»)

Catch a decade, the National Park in Alaska, USA (Category «Nature»)

Above the clouds, California (Category «Places»)

Mom's love, Jakarta (Category «Nature»)

Sunrise over the temple Plaosan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (category "Places»)

to reach for the sun, Nicosia, Cyprus (Category «Nature»)

The tree of dreams, Australia (Category «Nature»)

From the sky, Tenerife, Canary Islands (Category «Nature»)

Wave, Arizona, USA (category "Places»)

Bringing home breakfast, Florida, USA (Category «Nature»)

Royal clouds, Australia (category "Places»)

bask in the sun, Indonesia (Category «Nature»)

Physalia physalis, Australia (Category «Nature»)

Grace, Zoo Birmingham, Alabama (Category «Nature»)

Cave Iguana, Caribbean (Category «Nature»)

Destroyed houses, Homs, Syria (Category «Places»)

The king of the ocean, Mexico (Category «Nature»)

Walking on water Avtralii (Category «Nature»)

Mexican bat zhnaya Arizona (Category «Nature»)

In search of love, Northern California (Category «Nature»)

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