National Geographic has extraordinary robot photographers

Media consortium National Geographic decided not to risk their employees who for many years were forced to photograph dangerous animals in close proximity to them. Now this process is responsible for two of the robot-photographer: flying and ground.
Company National Geographic signed a contract with the firm SuperDroid Robots, which deals with the creation of robots for different spheres, for example, demining of bombs. Based on the past and constructed a droid, he went recently to Africa to make a film about the life of a lion pride.

The robot-the photographer did a good job with the task. He took thousands of photos and dozens of hours of video, which are then used for mounting of the documentary and the creation of several fotoreportaza for magazines and websites National Geographic.

Being impressed by the success of the robot-photographer from SuperDroid Robots, the leadership of the National Geographic decided to apply to the company MikroKopter, it has been producing flying drones. So in the future in service of the team of this channel will be another amazing robot that will shoot exclusive footage from the heart of wild nature, inaccessible living operators and photographers.

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