72 ways to use drones in the future

I had an idea that can be attached to a flying drone video projector and unleash its full potential.

At first I thought it a good idea to use special effects in a concert or a large event indoors. However, such a device can also be used to promote the sport, creating a picture in front of the stadium; in a hidden advertising - offering products and services in the graphic image; in the rescue work, projecting arrows, which would help those who are lost; or in disguise, to hide one's way of seeing.

«Communicating with the Future » (Thomas Frey) i>
blockquote> If you only dream to cling to, and then immediately open dozens of new directions .

Drones can fly low or high, to be tiny or large, silent and loud, visible and invisible, to be your best friend or worst enemy .

You can добавить light, sound, cameras, microphones , sensors, robotic arms, suppressing or enhancing the technology wave.

Simply adding a display, we can «fly" to another part of the world and Keep your personal video calling with anyone.

Flying drones will also be able to go on the ground, stick to the wall of the building, sail on water, dive, jump, climb a tree and, like parasites, to stick to trains, ships and aircrafts.

At one point they could hang over you, and then immediately fly away with the speed of sound, hiding in the clouds.

Combining all these features , properties and special features in one device we can discover a world of possibilities, of which the world has not seen before.

The tiny drones h3>

The early warning system. How to change the world, if we were premature warning of impending disaster? Each unit would be equipped with sensors able to detect the slightest changes in the atmosphere and surroundings.

1. Network notification about the earthquake.

2. The sensors for monitoring hurricanes.

3. The tornado warning systems.

4. Suppressor hail / sound cannon.

5. Prevention of avalanches / sound cannon.

6. Notification of an impending flood.

7. Systems of tsunami forecasting.

8. prevention of forest fires.

Emergencies h3>

9. drone to search for missing children - as well as dogs can track the scent of the child.

10. Drones temperature sensors - to search for people trapped avalanche.

11. drones with infrared sensors - to detect fires at an early stage.

12. Drones Fighter insects - kill the mosquito before it kills you.

13. Антибраконьерские Drones - tracking animals that are at risk.

14. Drone-otslezhivatel endangered species - tells the animal at risk of extinction is at risk.

15. drone to monitor the problem - when the message is received about the problem immediately will send drone to see what happens.

16. Drone to search for a missing pet - many are willing to pay a lot to find the missing pet.

News h3>

17. Monitoring of accidents / incidents - drones to track high altitude area with a massive heart palpitations, bring a picture and notify dispatchers. After identifying the incident on the dispatch of other drones to document everything that happens.

18. Weather drones slow shooting - shooting an overall plan for a long period of time from virtually any angle.

19. Tracking rallies - when a large group of people come together, drone observer informs news organization.

20. Drone interview passerby - responses from ordinary people on the street.

21. Drone statistics in real time - record everything - from traffic and actions of people to air quality preferences to trademarks, AB-test, and so on. D.

22. Drones interview / quick comments - after the adoption of important political decisions drones journalists immediately depart and seek public opinion.

23. Drones in the locker room - a quick interview with the athletes after winning / losing.

24. Fotodrony - spatial positioning is ideal for shooting photos at the optimum angle.


25. drone mailboxes - when your mailbox is full, it flies up and deliver mail directly to you.

26. Delivery of medicines - around the clock, at any place and time.

27. Delivery of groceries - already applies.

28. The delivery of letters and parcels - already applies.

29. Pre-service - automated predict failure and advance ordering parts.

30. Drones return of goods - clothes did not fit or is not what you ordered? No problem!

31. Products from the farm - fresh peaches, tomatoes, watermelons, cherries and grapes all year round.

32. Drones to serve banquets - a dish arrives instantly.

Business activity monitoring h3>

Termoskanirovanie building on top i>

33. Monitoring of construction - real-time monitoring of the construction process, even from another point of the earth.

34. Topological shot - instant shooting system to accelerate the project.

35. Immediate assessment of the impact on the environment - monitoring, forecasting and record any changes in the situation on the project.

36. drones to monitor the transmission - checking the possible problems of deterioration and danger signs.

37. Termosёmka buildings - to notice the source of heat leakage.

38. Transportation of fragile objects - tracking transport and unloading fragile products from the manufacturer to the end user.

39. drones to monitor the pirates on the high seas - after locating pirates can send drones to attack.

40. Геологическая Scene - topographical survey to find the next generation of oil and minerals.

Game drones h3>

The controller for the Oculus Rift drone Parrot Bebop i>

41. Three-dimensional chess - a common interest in playing chess, when you can move your air huge queen or a rook for a perfect victory? Checkmate!

42. World of Warcraft in space - from outside the limitations of two-dimensional displays, games drones augmented reality gaming will add a whole new dimension.

43. Three-dimensional treasure hunt - find unusual items in unusual places.

44. The fighting drones - the fight will simply unthinkable!

45. monster truck against flying drone - who would not pay for this?

46. ​​Racing Drones - drone version of the 500 miles of Indianapolis.

47. The obstacle course for drones - an excellent test of skills drones.

48. Hunting season for drones - forget about firing clay saucers, it is much harder!

Drones sports h3>

The drone flies and takes you off-line i>

49. The ideal area for improvements in the athlete - an athlete is formed on the dome of the ideal size, creating the optimum moisture content, temperature, barometric pressure, and so on. D. To improve the results. Also drone shouts words of motivation that no one else hears.

50. drones to survey the space race - the audience in the world can watch the race spaceships.

51. Drones, personal trainers - ruthlessly make you train.

52. Instant cushion landing - something like instant airbag, which inflates and arrives at the right place.

53. was monitored marathon - Drone monitors progress from the first to the last kilometer.

54. Otslezhivatel metabolism runner - watch how your body is changing in real time.

55. Drones-riders - a new sport at a rodeo.

56. Bowling in the open air - soaring a bowling alley and a ball that comes back to you through the air.

Drones entertainment h3>

57. Drone-comedian - flies to visit and perform random comedy number.

58. Drone-magician - flies to visit and perform occasional magic trick.

59. Concert swarm of drones - spatial sound cacophony of thousands of synchronized flying speakers.

60. Circus with drones - a new form of entertainment.

61. Drones-actors - visual ballet of the drones, a limitation in that only serves our intelligence.

62. Competition for megadetalizirovannuyu photos - thousands of drones makes simultaneous picture that will create a picture with the highest resolution in the world.

63. drone jokers - to submit to random people various gizmos and videotaped their response.

64. drone feyerverschiki - the ability to light and fireworks in the sky to drop significantly change the presentation.

Marketing h3>

65. Minute advertising - rapid projection of photographs or advertising on the sidewalk, or parking lot near your target audience.

66. Surreptitious advertising - artistic images projected on walls, trees and different surfaces - with a hidden meaning and advertising products and services.

67. The multimedia forms - a lot of drones merge and form images - giant logos and messages to consumers.

68. Drones with soaring banners - old school advertising closer to the ground.

69. Drones with probes of food and products - because fewer people will visit shops, drones can regularly bring them home probes.

70. Drones for ideas - to use drones to create something incredible.

71. Flying drones with light strobe pulses - to draw a crowd.

72. Drones with fresh bread - smell of fresh bread is sure to cause people to turn his head.

Let's hope that the dreams are not crossed out законодательными obstacles . After opening up before us a huge opportunity of new and unusual.

And finally - a nice bonus for delivering happiness:

Source: geektimes.ru/company/robohunter/blog/263518/


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