Urban drones and smart city

Now there are all available technology to use quadrocopter for a better life in the city. As part of the online course design of cities with the help of video games, board games and movies I made a small selection how to effectively use drones (sopostovimye in size with DRK-1 of "Star Wars") in urban environments. < br />
Under the cut description 8 ways to make cities 'smarter' with the use of flying robots, lot of illustrations and examples.

First of all, we restrict the notion of "smart" city as city residents who make life more comfortable and safe (including including environmentally safe), and also saves time residents. Under urban drones will also involve robotic quadrocopter and like them unmanned flying robots. Blockquote>

Citizens can run quadrocopter to explore the way forward, jams and obstacles.

Example: i> Phil Dunphy (TV series Modern Family , series iSpy ) manages quadrocopter to inspect the area behind the wall, as well as for display objects real estate customers.

Streams in busy areas and urban developments, including reports from the various activities, sports games or concerts.

Example: i> at the Olympic Games in Sochi транслировали performances of skiers and snowboarders.

Drones will be able to come to the scene to illuminate the situation. They can be used when traffic cameras and outdoor surveillance is not so effective.

Example: i> quadrocopter Draganflyer X8 is video monitored in real time for shooting crime scenes and collect evidence, investigate traffic accidents, control of explosives, disaster prevention.

Shipping by air movement through the air drones saves time and reduces the traffic on the roads and air pollution.

Example: i>, Amazon announced Prime Air - service delivery of parcels by air directly into the hands of customers in less than half an hour.

City residents can have access to high speed Internet access point flying through Wi-Fi.

Example: i> DARPA runs a program called Mobile Hotspot, according to outdated military drones which will distribute Internet. Use of drones as Wi-Fi points and высказала Company Facebook.

Drones can act as the fire service, freely flying into burning buildings to locate people and provide them with first-aid kits and further instructions.

Example: i> If we draw an analogy with the film "Spider-Man" (2002) a >, the drones will be able to combine the abilities of Spider-Man get into hard to reach areas and the technical characteristics of the airframe of the Green Goblin and his flying guns.

Drones can explore the roofs of skyscrapers, and thus find people stranded on roofs during floods and other accidents. Since drones can fly up and provide a means of communication, as well as the necessary food and medicine. In addition, regular delivery also much simpler for people living in high-rise buildings, and companies located on the upper floors of tall buildings.

Example: i> Italian Pizzeria Francesco's Pizzeria 10 minutes on the roof of a skyscraper in Mumbai. Another example - Coca-Cola drinks builders of skyscrapers in Singapore.

Drones can be equipped with loudspeakers, flashing lights and sirens to help rescue workers and representatives of public order.

Example: i> British police announced that use drones in West Sussex model . < br />

P.S. Despite the fact that all 8 ways tehnichecheski realizable now, while the use of drones is faced with many problems (eg, legal).
P.P.S. Especially for Russian-speaking audience , as well as for fans of games in the genre of "Get out of the room," and urban simulation will be conducted online graphic adventure "Planet Escape from village to Baikonur "(details: ).



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