Facebook: «Our data centers are making the world a ray"

There is nothing surprising in the fact that many governments are fighting for the economic welfare of its citizens, for the organization of new jobs for the development of infrastructure in remote regions. In times of global economic downturn, these questions arise even more acute. What changes for the regions in this aspect, carry with them a large data centers? Facebook recently published a report on ECONorthwest. Let's look at it in more detail.

What was won Prinvil, Oregon? H4> Facebook began construction of its data center in 2009 in the city, and it lasted until 2011. In 2012 started the creation of the second stage of this complex, which has led to the emergence today of the data center with an area of ​​just over 30,000 sqm

May become interesting statistics on the project in Prinvile. Here you can see the basic principle of Facebook engagement of human resources in the construction and operation of data centers. The principle is to ensure that at the stage of creating a data warehouse is engaged a huge amount of manpower, while directly in the operation of the site drastically reduced the number of employees.

Report at the same time shows that even after the completion of the main data center construction costs, local revenues counties were not stopped.

Costs on Facebook data center project in Prinvil totaled about $ 450 million (excluding capital investment costs for servers). Actual costs the same for the entire project from 2009 to 2013 has already approached the figure of $ 573 million. DPC also provided to create additional 1,500 jobs (including time). It is estimated that, from the construction of the data center, directly or indirectly, to win about 3, 6 thousand. Employees of the entire region. The report also shows that of the above-mentioned amount, $ 25 million through various channels were directly in the state budget, and the $ 272 million spent on salaries of employees involved and the local business owners.
"The costs just to maintain a data center in Prinvile for 2013 amounted to $ 65 million. This amount included the costs of ongoing operations and payroll for 266 employees of the State of Oregon ", - stated in one of the reports.

The revival of the polar areas h4> Another shining example of how novovozvedёnny DPC can transform the surrounding area, is the brainchild of Facebook in Luleå, Sweden. At a recent conference held there under the direction of the development company Node Pole DC Many say that the decision to Facebook to stay near the city data center - a high-tech, absolutely harmless to the fragile nature of the northern complex - literally helped revive the city. In urban boundaries began to place their various IT companies representative. In turn, the increased business activity is beginning to encourage the opening of new hotels and restaurants. The long-term decline in depressive region was replaced by economic growth.

The domino effect h4> Most entrepreneurs - Heads of territorial entities - are acutely aware of the benefits that can bring the mere mention of the names of their towns and villages in the same context with the leader of the IT industry. This will attract more and more companies. The decision by Facebook to host data center for Luleå already reflected the rapid development of local businesses and, as a result, increase the welfare of the city. On Facebook already beaten path went another very interesting project by Hydro 66, the data center, to which electricity will be supplied with a local hydroelectric power, which could be another step in the further development of regional infrastructure. In the case of Prinvil, came after the corporation Apple, which is currently being built on a plot of 65 acres of its own data center.

All of these data centers are paying taxes to local budgets. In a report submitted to Facebook, says that only in 2013 in Oregon budget was paid property taxes of $ 500 thousand., And more than $ 750 thousand. Under other articles of taxation. Also under the "patronage" of school aid Prinvil was donated $ 1 65 million.

Data center - as a response to the global crisis h4> Oregon last decades to develop intensively in its territory IT sector. In 2000, the US crisis erupted IT companies, known as the "dotcom bubble", resulting in this particular state lost their jobs about 43,000 people. In these conditions already built or under construction data centers, as well as their associated infrastructure, play a significant positive role not only for the global market of IT services, but also for the people involved in maintaining the efficiency of complexes on data storage and processing.

Can long to write about what the practical effect of the creation of cutting-edge engineering contributes complexes for those people who got their fates decreed in his neighborhood. If you sell soda at a local business park for rent or a house for rent, the effect will be great for you, because international business already pays you directly. And the main thing here is that data centers - a year on, where do they get away?

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