30 coolest MMORPG of all time

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Today I want to introduce you to 30 coolest MMORPG of all time.

Multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG (Eng. Massively multiplayer online role-playing game, MMORPG) - a genre of online computer role-playing games, in which a large number of players interact with one another in a virtual world (mainly in the fantasy genre).
As with most RPG, the player is offered the role of a fictional character and the ability to control his actions. MMORPG different from single-user or small networked multi-player role-playing games, as well as the virtual world, which continues to exist in the absence of a player. The virtual world is supported by the publisher of the game after its release.

Everything underwritten is my IMHO, of course everything and everyone I have not been able to take into account, as always, I hope for your help, together we remember all worthy MMOPRG during the existence of the video game!

Ultima Online

The developer Origin Systems, Electronic Arts
Publisher Electronic Arts
Release date 25 September 1997

Ultima Online - the world's first massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), created by Origin Systems. The founding father of the game - Richard Garriott.
Alpha version was released on April 2, 1996. The final version was released on 25 September 1997.
Not what a multiplayer online role-play even today has reached such a game variety as Ultima. Despite her age, the game is still a lot of fans and admirers. The game takes place in the Middle Ages, after the appearance of life on the ruins (shard) of the planet, the once-powerful. By our standards, there reigns the Middle Ages.
The game world is large enough. Maybe a character comparable to real life - weight. That there is only the ability to prepare and plant fires (you can build your house, go on different mounts, a walk in the caves and in the street, killing players, monsters).
It is extremely difficult in the sphere of Ultima weapons and protection from weapons, especially the part relating to the balance sheet. Basic weapons bit - Bladed (swords, knives, axes), Mace (maces, clubs), Fencing - Fencing (spears, forks, two-handed fighting forks - warfork), Archery (bows, crossbows). All of them are generally may have bonuses inherent in their manufacture and also magic bonuses. For example sword made from a rare metal master will deal additional magic damage or be more resistant to damage.

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Developer Jagex Ltd.

Publisher Jagex Ltd.

Release date 2001

Runescape - massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), developed by Jagex Ltd ... The game received widespread among fans of adventure games of all ages in the United States, the United Kingdom and Western Europe. Made in the form of Java-based applications, it provides players with a full three-dimensional virtual world. It does not require installation, you need to have a browser installed virtual machine Java. The game has low speed Internet connection, and low graphics settings accessible from virtually any computer.
The game is divided into free and paid version. In the paid version - more areas to explore, more skills, monsters, armor and weapons. In fact, the free version - no more than a demonstration and those who seriously carried away by the game is eventually to move to a paid subscription.
In the game a half hundreds of servers in different countries. They called in RuneScape worlds, and when you enter the game you can choose any. Your character with all the acquired property is free to move from world to world and talk to your friends in other worlds.
The game takes place in the fictional kingdom Gielinor, is divided into several regions and cities. The player has the opportunity to move around the map - on foot or by using various modes of transportation. Each player can choose their own path of development and leveling, as well as many other games of the genre MMORPG, RuneScape different non-linear plot. Role system is built on the skills (English. Skills): developing a particular skill, you raise your level - a separate one for each skill. When you look at other players, you can see their overall combat level, which is calculated from the levels of power, attack, defense, health, fire, magic, prayers and invocations skill creatures. Other skills - peace, such as fishing, cooking, stealing, making potions, and so on. D.

Dark Age of Camelot

Developer Mythic Entertainment, EA

Published Mythic Entertainment, Wanadoo

Release date 10 October 2001

Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) - dimensional multiplayer online game in the medieval surroundings. Includes how to play against monsters controlled by artificial intelligence («PvE»), and the war between the kingdoms («realm versus realm», RvR). The announcement of the start of the development of Dark Age of Camelot has been made in late 1999. The game was released in October 2001.
Players can go it alone or join in battle groups with others, to achieve greater success in battles against monsters and battles between the kingdoms. RvR, when there is an opportunity to engage in battle with other characters controlled by real players, is permitted only in limited areas. They range from fighting battles to massive battles alone. By killing enemy players get the characters 'Points' (points), which are used to purchase additional features. Participation in RvR is voluntary.
PvE-regime aimed at the destruction of monsters, dungeons and adventures exploring the world. Killing monsters, characters gain experience and grow in levels, which in turn provides new combat skills and abilities. Level 50 yavletsya maximum.

EVE Online

Developer CCP Games

Publisher Simon & Schuster Interactive (until December 2003)
CCP Games

Release date 2003

EVE Online - a massively multiplayer online role-playing game with elements of the game (MMORPG) and simulator on the space theme. The game is developed by the Icelandic company CCP Games, and from May to December 2003 published Simon & Schuster Interactive. Subsequently, CCP purchased the rights to distribute. The game client is free, players pay only permanent membership. All additions to the game - free of charge.
EVE Online is often called the most massive MMOG due to the fact that all of its subscribers use to play the same game server. For the Chinese players have a separate server without entering the European server. The law SSR China forced the company to launch a separate server. Followers of the game is about 330 000 active (paying) subscribers (peak activity of 60,453 players simultaneously as of June 6, 2010). EVE Online today a virtual monopoly in the genre of "science fiction» MMOG.
Eve online - a cosmic role-playing game, with the possibility of wide-format video. Universe EVE - the projection of reality in a virtual space, it tsaritkapitalizm, human factor is important.
Since the economy is sensitive to the action of the game completely every inhabitant of the gaming universe, all players have a chance to change their status by deliberate policies and the effort.
In the game the galaxy, there are over 7000 star systems with more than 60 thousand planets, 2000 of which are displayed on the star map and get to them is possible only through the so-called "wormholes" - unstable formation, holes in space linking different points of the universe Eve Online. The majority of systems available to players for self-development.

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Lineage II

Developer NCsoft

Publisher NCsoft \ Innova Systems

Release date October 1, 2003

Lineage II - a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for the PC, it is a prequel, which takes place 150 years before sobytiyLineage. After the publication in South Korea 1 October 2003, the game became very popular, and by March 2007 there were more than 600 thous. Subscribers. According to NCsoft, the number of subscribers reaches figures of 17-19 million.
The game takes place in the third and first person. Virtual Camera (code "window" through which the player watches the game world) is aimed at the game character and is linked to it (can be approximated / distant and revolve around).
In the management of character uses the mouse and keyboard. Basics default management offer to teach any character for the first time entered the game.
Using the keyboard lets you use the in-game chat to communicate with other players.
Because of the range of these and similar commands at the request of the player can be made multi macros. When referring to a predefined and saved macro (by hotkey, if the macro submitted to the appropriate panel, or via the menu) the game will try to use the command listed in it.
Lineage II - advanced in terms of graphics performance 3D MMORPG. As the game engine uses Unreal Engine version 2.0.

The player is not limited in the selection of the character. The choice does not prejudge belonging to some of the global in-game conflict, like Race wars in RF Online, or Elyos and Asmodian war in Aion. In fact, such conflicts are not provided.


Developer Nikita

Publisher 1C

Release Date November 19, 2003

Scope - massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), developed and published by Nikita 1C. Support game servers in July 2007 and is operated by Nikita.
Characters in the game are bound to the individual pays the bills - accounts. In one account a player can create up to three characters, the number of the player's account is not limited. There is also the possibility to pay «VIP-Account" and thus obtain a significant advantage in the game. The game takes place in a medieval atmosphere on several continents-game islands. The main feature is to capture castles Areas and global clan wars. PK game allowed everywhere except cities. At the death of the character of the lost gain experience and stuff. Hence the presence in the sphere of so-called respvarov - wars between rival clans with murder on the ground leveling. The goal - to become king of the Spheres. However, achieving this goal is still not possible due to lack of an appropriate mechanism in the game ...

Piratia Online

Developer MOLI

Published Astrum Nival

Release Dates July 6, 2004

Tales of Pirates (the Russian edition - Pirates) - massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), created by the Chinese company MOLI. In Russia, localized and published by Astrum Nival.
In the world of pirates, there are three areas corresponding to the three oceans: Great blue ocean, and Ascaron Magical Ocean. In each of these oceans have a major continent and a scattering of smaller islands. On each of the continents there is a large city (and in Ascaron - even two), and many small settlements.

EverQuest II

Developer Sony Online Entertainment

Publisher Sony Online Entertainment

Release date November 8, 2004

EverQuest II - fantasy massive multiplayer online role game (MMORPG). It was released on November 8, 2004 and is a sequel to the project EverQuest, developed by Sony Online Entertainment. The changes affected graphics and gameplay, as well as the NPC, many of which were announced.
The game is translated and published in Russian company Akella Online. She became one of the first officially translated fantasy MMORPGi attracted much attention of the players who prefer to communicate in Russian. It is worth noting that the translation of the text referred only to part of the game: the characters were overdubbed.
Players create characters who are their avatars in the online world. When generating a character in EverQuest II can choose from 19 different races, with the number of races is increased with some additions game, and 24 different classes. The possibilities of adventure in Norrath include quests, razlichayuschisya type and bearing in connection with the various awards, the destruction of monsters in search of useful items, the study of peace, communication and interaction with other players. Implemented a system of peaceful craft trades, allowing you to create handmade things that are much more practical things bought from NPC. Quests and hunt monsters to increase the combat level, while creating objects raises the level of craft. At this point (after the release of Sentinel's Fate) threshold for them is the 90 level.
Unlike many other MMORPG, EverQuest II in the possibility and the need to purchase an apartment or house for which there are a large number of special fitments

World of Warcraft

Developer Blizzard Entertainment

Publisher Vivendi Universal

Release Date November 23, 2004

World of Warcraft (WoW; Eng. World - the world; warcraft - military craft) - Multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The fourth game of the series Warcraft, excluding additions and canceled Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans. Action game series takes place in the universe Warcraft - fantasy world for the first time in the game Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994. Action World of Warcraft takes place four years after the event, which ended in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.
According to the Guinness Book of Records, World of Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG in the world. January 23, 2007, Blizzard released a press release in which it was reported that the number of subscribers of the game was more than 8 million people around the world on 22 January 2008, the number of subscribers exceeded 10 million, 23 December 2008 - 11, 5 million, and October 7th, 2010 more than 12 million. The game has received several awards, including Gamespot's Game of the Year Award, as the best game in 2004].
Unlike previous games in the series, «World of Warcraft» is not a real-time strategy. The game allows the player to dive into the familiar world where controlling a game character, he will be able to explore the area, wander around the famous places, fight monsters and perform various tasks that give computer-controlled characters. In addition, the possible fight with other players - in duels in arenas or against the enemy faction players. For the successful fulfillment of the player receives money, things and experiences. And for the battle with the other players - "honor points", which also can be spent on equipment, as well as experience.
Most of the jobs initially performed alone, but the further the player progresses through the levels, the tasks become more complex, and some of them originally designed to ensure that players are united in groups. There are also special dungeon, customized for groups ranging from five to forty players. After the additions «The Burning Crusade» developers abandoned the further establishment of the dungeons 40 players and have focused on the 25-player dungeons, such "underground" is called "raid" (eng. Raid). To coordinate the actions of large groups of players can form guilds.
The objectives of the game, each defines for himself. This could be the study of peace, perfection in any profession, leadership in the battles in the arena, or simply to achieve a maximum level of character development. With the receipt of the last level the game ends. Blizzard is constantly developing new opportunities for high-level players. For example, in order to collect a decent outfit, you can do the assignments for fractions than gradually change their attitude towards him more friendly. To do this, the game created a whole system of "reputation", that is, if the player performs the tasks of a particular race or faction - their attitude to the players to change for the better. Players with high reputation to any faction or race get unique bonuses. A simple example - there is a faction called Cenarion Expedition - Community Druids and empathize with them. If a player is the highest level of reputation - "Exalted" (eng. Exalted) - in this fraction, it will be able to buy a hippogriff - a flying mount. There are "mutually exclusive" fraction: a quest for one faction causes her approval, while the opposing faction is becoming less friendly. An example is the faction of the Aldor and Scryer: siding with the Aldor, the player is the hostile attitude of the Seers, and vice versa (in patch 3.3, depending on the character class, the player already has or friendly or hostile attitude of the Aldor and Scryer). Another example: a tribe of centaurs Gelkis relying on the help of Mother Earth, and other tribes - Magra prefer to resolve issues by force.

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