The most exciting adventure in the world

Here they are - the twenty most extreme, the legendary adventure on the planet from which the hair stand on end. Such trips afford not every athlete champion. If you like to get the adrenaline, add these photos to the list of things that you must do in your life. Still not ready? Then check out the rating of top 20 most dizzying adventure and get to prepare for the campaign.
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1. Himalaya, Nepal, China. Even when Sir Edmund Hillary and Norgay Tentsig in 1953 showed that the highest peak of the world is possible to climb Everest still remains synonymous with the words "the challenge for the climber" and "real adventure". Now, every spring, despite the storm, avalanche threat, nipping frost and technical difficulties lifting, dozens of people - from thirteen to blind and disabled - climb to the top to set a new record. Although such a stir, mountain still reluctant obeys man, and those who made it to the top, in all senses reached the top of the world.

2. Jump to the Eiger with a wingsuit. Translated from the German Iger means "ogre". A suitable name for the "monster" is almost 4 km in height. Gore, consisting of limestone, shale, gneiss and ice rises above the resort town of Grindelwald in the Swiss Alps. His unpredictable weather, shedding stones and steep slopes have swallowed the lives of over 60 brave souls who have decided to climb up. But the famous among climbers northern slope of the mountain still attracts hundreds wishing to try their luck. But it's worth noting that the last 1800 meters are insurmountable today. Now, fans of adrenaline came up with his new game - wingsuit. In English the word means "costume with wings." This sport is that you not only to climb to the top, but then more and jump to it. Dean Potter (pictured) lived through the most exciting adventure of his life in 2009. He climbed alone the northern slope of more than 2 km, he jumped down. The flight took 2 minutes 50 seconds. This extreme sport is one of the most dangerous on the planet. But it does have its own appeal - this is a step closer to the fulfillment of an old dream of man to learn to fly.

3. Surfing the waves Shipsterns Bluff. On the far south coast of Tasmania bordering one of the most unpredictable and stormy seas in the world. That there is a place that is so hidden from prying eyes, that you can get there only by boat or on foot through the wilderness, but on their own journey takes about an hour. This place is called Shipsterns Bluff. Cold and restive waves, when they begin to run against, rise to a height of two meters, but when they reach their peak, the ridge can be high and 6 meters. Such insidious wave can be a real challenge for experienced surfers such as Kelly Slater and Ryan Hipvud (pictured). It is worth a little gape and powerful wave of strikes you on the rocky bottom. "The worst moment - when waves run, and you think, Will you catch it or not, - says a local surfer Charles Ward. - But as soon as you catch it, you get the feeling of unreality. And you forget about everything, except what you see before you. "

4. Going to the Triple Crown. The total length of the three most American of extended trails of about 12, 5 thousand kilometers. It is enough to embrace a third of the globe. This explains the fact that no more than a hundred people have been the route of the Triple Crown. In fact, to overcome the Pacific Crest, Appalachian, Continental and separating the way, we have to kill you for several years and more than one pair of shoes, but tourists still held some of the longest hiking trails of Appalachia, such as the Rock and Cascades. And as a reward daredevils will get a chance to meet with a remote place-countries that are rich variety of wildlife. Between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, tourists can admire the coastlines, which are hitting the high waves, virgin forests, snow-capped peaks, volcanoes, tropical jungles, deserts and geological huge, vast sky, which changes like mood moody beauty. This photo Bishop Trail in the Sierra Nevada, California, shows us just one of many landscapes that will meet you on the road.

5. The ski descent from the K-2. After Everest the second highest point of the world is a K-2 (8,611 meters). But compared to Everest, it is more distant, is more unpredictable weather and Statistics took more lives. Of course all this only attracts skiers and climbers, making climbing more desirable. In recent years, a growing number of those wishing to go up, and then move out to ski down. But the dangers in your way will be enough: violent winds, avalanches and the risk of break down - this is only the beginning. American conductor Dave Watson, who managed in 2009 to drive skiing elephant K-2 250 meters (in the photo) and the Swedish climber Fredrik Ericsson died in 2010, trying to climb to the top. So the conquest of this peak is still ahead.


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