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For each age - its literature. In order not to wrestle, to read the baby enter this list itself in bookmarks or add a wall in the social network and get back to us in the evening for the good advice! < Website publishes a list of books to read to the child. Here are not only books, but also recommendations, how to read.

Books for children from 0 to 2 letV such a young age, the child will only be able to judge how book is delicious and easy to use. Read aloud to innocent babies is not as pointless as it seems at first glance. Firstly, it is a kind of contact with the child, and secondly, listening to you, baby learns to talk. Especially useful for poems and songs:.? Even quite a pipsqueak well perceive the rhythm and intonation can distinguish poditelskie

How to read

In a calm atmosphere. Remove toys that can distract the child, and turn off the computer to a TV. expressive and emotionally recites, carefully pronouncing the sounds. Speak lower, higher, faster and slower - in general, conscientiously entertain baby Show your child pictures: well, if you have different versions of the images of the same creatures Demonstrate.. child to the actions referred to in poems and nursery rhymes. Boda for goat horned, stomp for bear clumsy and growl of the tiger. Once the book bored baby, stop reading, put it on the day. What to read? < /

Short correctly rhymed poems about animals, toys, and the world around them. with onomatopoeia poems. List References:

Aleksandrova Z. "Dandelion", "New Snow" Aronzon L. "To dream that" A. Barto "Toys" Bergelson A. "Hooray for mosquito" Berastau V. "About the car", "Cheerful summer» Blaginina E. "Lyrics children 'Zakhoder "Songs of Winnie the Pooh" Kozlov "I'm lying in the sun", "Panda" Lagzdyn G. "Cock", "Bunny, Bunny, and I will dance!" Mayer H. "Forest smeshinki" Marshak S. "Kids in a cage" Moshkovskaya E. "Zoo" Pikuleva N. "Poems for the smallest" Russian folk Tales. "Forty-white-sided," "Bells, bells", "Ladushki", "Food, food to a woman, to his grandfather," "Hush-a-bye," "Ladybird" "Rhymes Mother Goose", a children's English poetry in translation S. Marshak and Chukovsky Stepanov "How are you? What chew? "Serov E." Nice family "," Who lives in the woods "Tokmakova I." Summer rain "," Seasons "Chebyshev A." Hedgehog visiting giraffe "Chukovskiĭ" Hedgehogs are laughing "," Out bunny walk "Books for children from 2 to 4 letTeper child already understands words pronounced adults showing interest in everything around and struggling to imitate mom and dad. One day you may find that the baby is very concentrated "reads" aloud to her teddy zoo. In general, it's time to start a serious and meaningful reading!

< How to read?

Turn reading into a nice kid ritual. For example, do it before going to bed - always at the same time If you started reading baby story, and he was asleep or distracted, then the next time will have to start from the first page.. So small children is still difficult to store and combine the different episodes of the head of one story. Do not be lazy to read the same thing over and over again, if so requested by your little conservative. Use the love of children for repetition to teach the poetry and stories by heart. Do not be afraid to take up the texts with unfamiliar words to the child. Firstly, most of all, he knows a lot more than you think. And secondly, vocabulary great spur the development of speech. What to read?

Short stories. Let them illuminated by a single event or several, but occur linearly, that is, one after the other. Minor Poems (lines 4-12). Poetic puzzle. < the little animals and toys are still at the peak of popularity. But now the baby is no longer enough cheerful story that in the meadow grazing "to" - now he needs to between the characters have been some kind of relationship, interaction References:

GH Andersen "Thumbelina", "The Tinder Box", "The Tale of The Steadfast Tin Soldier" Barto A. "We with Tamara," "younger brother" Garshin V. "Frog-traveler" Grimm. "The Bremen Town Musicians," "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids", "Boy Thumb," "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," "The Brave Little Tailor" Dal V. "The old yearling" Donaldson D. "Gruffalo" Ershov P. "Skate -Gorbunok "Zakhoder" Bear-Toptyzhka "R. Kipling" The jungle book "," on the distant Amazon "Levin V." Stupid horse "Mamin-Siberian D." tales "," Alenushkiny tale "S. Marshak," The tale of silly Baby Mouse "," Happy account "V. Mayakovsky" Whatever page, the elephant, the lion, "" What is good and what is bad? "Mikhalkov S." My puppy "," stubborn frog "," Three Little Pigs " Maurice J. "The roof was going home" Perro Sh "Puss in boots", "Little Red riding Hood," "Cinderella," "Sleeping beauty" Russian folk tales. "Turnip", "Gingerbread Man", "The Mansion", "Geese-swans", "Three Bears" Seth R. "Who's who like" Suteev B. "Under the mushroom," "Chicken and Duckling", "Who said" meow "?" by L. Tolstoy "Tales and stories" Tuwim A. "ABC", "Where's glasses" Harms D. "Amazing cat", "Liar", "Boat" Chukovskiĭ "Boldly Buzzing Fly", "Cockroach" "Crocodile", "Telephone", "Moidodyr" Charushin E. "Tomka", "What kind of animal" Yasnov M. "Collector icicles", "Out bunny walk" Books for children from 4 to 6 letEsli child has not yet learned and I did not like to read - it's not a tragedy. In no case do not give in to these provocations and do not panic: everything will be fine - and read, and love, and even ask you to write it in the library

How to read ?

The child is already quite decent treats the text read by the normal parent voice. But, of course, a slight intonation not hurt Children are no longer fixated on a fairy tale as much as before, but for a better perception still makes sense to read the book several times -. So easily remembered details Read the Chapter if they are small, otherwise independently divide the text into separate chunks of meaning. This "fractional" approach will encourage the desire of the child to learn to read on their own. Stay literally "the most interesting place," and then safely start to do their own thing: he wants to know what will happen next, let him take the book itself If a child questions put you in a dead end, then with him looking for answers. them in paper encyclopedias, reference books or the Internet. to reduce child in the children's library. Show and allow to look through a variety of issues:. Books, miniatures and large atlases or albums What to read

Adventure full? exciting events stories, novels and stories The stories in the spirit of "good fellows a lesson." - the best of moralizing and in any case not boring Encyclopedia for preschoolers and primary school children <.. / training manuals to prepare for school. Books related to what is happening around the child events. For example, before the New Year, you can read stories about Santa Claus References:.

Bazhov V. "Silver hoof" Bernett F. "A Little Princess" Bianca B. "Animal Stories" Volkov "The Wizard of Oz" by L. Voronkov "Girl from" Gaidar A. "Chuck and Huck," "Blue Cup "W. Hauff" Little Longnose "," The story of the Caliph-stork "," The story of Little Muck "Paul Gallico P." Thomasina "Dr. Seuss" Tales "Zoshchenko" Tales of the Lele and Minka "Kozlov" Hedgehog in fog, "" The native forest "Krylov Ivan" The Elephant and the lap-dogs, "" The Crow and the fox "S. Lagerlof" The Wonderful Adventures of Nils "Lindgren A." Emil i Lönneberga "," The Kid and Carlson "AA Milne "Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all," Tales of the world N. Nosov "Dunno and his friends," "The Adventures of Kolya and Misha", "Swindlers", "Dreamers" Oseeva B. "Blue leaves", "magic word" "Which is easier," Oster "A kitten named Woof and other stories" Prishvin M. "Forest boss" A. Pushkin "Tales" Raspe R. "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" Rodari J.. "Travel Blue Arrows" Romanov N. " Ant Red point "Russian folk epic Tolstoy A." The Adventures of Pinocchio "Wilde O." Star boy "Assumption E." Crocodile Gena and his friends "," Vacation in Buttermilk "Chandler HJ." uncle Remus "Chaplin B. "Throw" Books from 7 letTeper determine the range of reading your child will not only you, but also his mistress. Enclose with the young apprentice contract: every month you go to a bookstore and buy the book there are two - one you choose, the second - he

How to read

<.? Read aloud time to finish, perhaps five or ten minutes - at night to sleep better. The child has really should start reading the most. Read the stories and fables for his roles. Teach your kid to write poetry, or, for example, to write stories, continuing his favorite books. < Make sure that, as a young bookworm reading aloud. Is he confused in words, whether syllables, whether puts not properly swallow the accent and so on. D. Carefully corrects all errors, and if the baby suddenly show up problems with pronunciation and reading comprehension, always consult a doctor. First-year receives almost daily homework "to read text from a certain match on a page" - as a result of earlier occupation pleasant turns to him in painful obyazalovke. Do not forget to praise the student, that he absolutely did not lose motivation. What to read?

Non-adapted children's products with a full story and Compound sentences. The fact that "everyone reads." At this age, children are very important to feel "their" team in the same age, so I have a little patience References:.

R. Adams 'Watership Down' J. Barry. "Peter Pan" ETA Hoffmann "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" Graham K. "Wind in the Willows" Dal R. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" Darrell J.. "My family and other animals" Dickens D. "Stories for Children" Dragoon V. "Deniskiny stories" Konopnicka M . "On the dwarfs and orphan Marysia" Crews George. "My great-grandfather, the characters and I," "Tim Thaler or Sold laughter" L. Carroll "Alice in Wonderland", "Through the Looking-Glass" myths and Legends of Ancient Greece G. London . "White Fang" K. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia "Nekrasov" The Adventures of captain Vrungel "Odoyevski V." town in snuffbox "Olesha J." Three fat Men "Proysler O." Krabat "," Little Baba Yaga "," Small water "Raud E." Coupling, Polbotinka and Moss beard "Seton-Thompson, E." Stories about animals "Task SE Mystery red cat Mark Twain" The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, "" The Prince and the pauper "Frisch K." Ten little uninvited guests "Ekholm J." Tutta Carlson. The first and only "Jansson T." Memoirs of Moominpappa "," Sorcerer's Hat »

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