Make an unusual gift !! =)

Gift "Dance Lesson" - a masterful learning the basics of the art of dance with an experienced choreographer. Professional teacher will select the correct load novice dancer from simple to complex, from art - a living dance. Adventure will allow member to learn basic steps and movements characteristic of the selected dance. On the dance floor next party can be nice to impress friends or incendiary flamenco passionate tango, belly dancing or trendy club funk

"Thai foot massage" - a useful and pleasant gift for any person living in the rhythm of the big city. Foot massage, made a real master of Thai massage, relax and allow the party to feel the full inner harmony! Acting on acupuncture points, Thai foot massage helps restore the body, relieves heaviness and leg fatigue and leads to rapid inflow of vitality. This gift will bring delight to everyone and will feel a surge of positive energy!

Moscow underground life of its own, but very few people know about it. "Diggers" - a great gift for original, curious and sports people. Exclusive opportunity to travel to a mysterious underground labyrinth, which was launched back in Catherine's time. Learn the secrets of the Moscow River and Neglinka, feel mysterious and magical atmosphere of antiquity, see the device old sewers and underground waterfalls. Adventure participants to look into the ancient secret hidden from human eyes.

"Lesson DJ» - an unforgettable and original gift for lovers and connoisseurs of fashion, unusual and high-quality music. Familiarity with all styles and trends, zvukomodelirovanie, building mix ... Professional DJ will open the secrets of his skill and help bring to life the musical fantasies ...

Inexpressibly beautiful paintings open view of an experienced diver when diving in the underwater world. But before to fully enjoy the beauty of the sea, it is necessary to carefully learn the science of diving. Adventure "Test-Diving" gives a unique opportunity to learn how fashionable and exciting entertainment. An experienced instructor will tell about all the intricacies of diving and how to use scuba, then accompanied by an instructor will take the first dive in the pool. Thanks to "test dive" You are able to conquer the amazing and mysterious depths of the sea, which give you a lot of the most incredible emotions.

The presence of a talented caricaturist in the event of any value, be it a wedding, anniversary or corporate party, guarantees a good mood and smiles on the faces of all the guests. After all, the art of cartoon - it's not ridiculous to draw a portrait with a long nose. Cartoon - is the detection of the main hallmarks of popularity, it is not ridiculed, and illuminates the character a kind smile. Nontrivial gift "Funny cartoons" easily awaken a sense of humor even in a respectable and serious man.

"Driving in the style of BMW» - a good gift for both novice motorists and for aces with years of experience. Freeway - a zone of high risk and no matter how much time you are driving: the first week, or 15 years. Better simulate under the guidance of an experienced instructor driver a dangerous situation on the road and learn to advance out of it with minimal cost in every sense, than in real life to experience stress and negative emotions. During Adventure participant will acquire useful theoretical and practical skills of safe driving in the modern metropolis on a specially equipped Autotrack.

"Paragliding" - an amazing, breathtaking gift for outdoor enthusiasts and romantics. This is an opportunity to see the ground from a height of bird flight, test yourself on strength, soar high above the ground in the updraft ... "Paragliding" - an extraordinary adventure in the air, combining the thrill of adrenaline and the coast.

"Night date in the clouds" - a unique adventure that combines extreme and romance! What could be better than a stunning journey into the starry sky! You will see Moscow at night aerial view, experience with nothing comparable emotions! Invite your sweetheart on this extraordinary meeting in the clouds, and its heart will be forever conquered! The ultra-modern twin-engine aircraft equipped with instruments to fly in the dark, you rush to the ground, leaving behind all the problems and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This exciting adventure will fill you with disturbing emotions, a sense of lightness and freedom!

Gift "Coach for Cinderella" - a romantic walk through the streets of Moscow, which will make an ordinary day a real holiday, and any holiday memorable and unique. A white carriage with a pair of graceful horses, the coachman and pages in period costume will take the participants in this adventure in the Middle Ages. A romantic walk on the fabulous coach under the hooves leave indelible impressions in the memory of players!

Gift "parachute jump" in tandem "- for the brave, adventurous and willing to make new discoveries. After such an adventure in another person looks at life, because he experienced an unforgettable feeling of flying! Adventure participant can become even a novice - a jump is made "in tandem" with the instructor. During the jump to take photos and videos that will be long lasting incredible feeling and spectacular moments.

Want to experience extreme sensations, with nothing more without risking? Let me offer you a completely new and unique attraction that is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world! Zorbing - this is extreme, accessible to anyone and everyone! It is a way to rise above the vanity and sink into the maelstrom of new experiences. Just imagine: the man rolled down the hill in a transparent sphere with a special camera for passengers at a speed of about 40 km / h! Adventure "Zorbing" - it's a great gift for people bold and unconventional, for those who want to experience something new, try the unknown! Amazing feeling of weightlessness and free fall will turn a head and deliver a powerful charge of excitement and incredible emotions!

Moscow - a unique combination of the saints and the damned, fatal and life-giving places. Gift "Secrets of the Moscow ghosts" - a bus tour of the evening Moscow, whose history is intertwined with the mysterious events and terrible omens come true a curse. You will find the mysterious and the unknown: the secrets of the Moscow underground tunnels, roads, ghosts, mysterious white knight on the Kremlin wall, the ghost-killer ghost black cat and more ...

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