HOW TO give gifts.

Initially, the tradition of the gifts had ritual significance. It was a dedication to the gods and spirits in order to express respect or ask them for some kind of benefits.

Also, holidays and holy days (astrological dates, harvest, birth, wedding), people exchanged symbolic bagatelles as a sign of sympathy and wishes for prosperity.

However, over time, the giving of gifts was a public necessity, the status indicator, and simple routine "obyazalovke." Of course, among these, we still retain the warmth and sincere desire to please loved ones, but the forces on it less.

1. Assess your energy potential

Admit - you have a strictly limited margin of time, money and emotional energy. Even if it is rather large (or seems to be) - it still is not unlimited.

Therefore, in anticipation of the next holiday, reasonably and calmly evaluate their capabilities:

How many people do you really want to make gifts?

Perform a simple exercise: Make a list and ranked people (candidates for gifts) in order from most important (№1) and beyond. If it is difficult, compared in pairs, asking the question, "If I have the opportunity to give only this or the other, then who are?»

Now cross off the bottom half of the list. Listen to your feelings. If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that nothing really does not bother you.

Really important to you first on the list of 3-5 people.

How much you can spend money and time looking for gifts?
Not as much as you want. Not as much as you care about people (I myself have such precious people that boats would be enough to express all my love).

And as much as you really can. To stay balanced enough to live in a normal mode for you.

According to the experience - the gifts pressed from the budget of the sweat and blood, gifts to which the loan was taken (remind yourself a few years later) - destructive energy. You may remain subconscious impression that the person in front of you in debt. This will negatively affect the relationship.

Do you have the emotional reserve to pick up every original and spiritual gift?
In fact, spiritual and heartfelt gifts we can give no more than 1-3 people. Just because it takes time, aging ideas, creative preparation, etc.

Just remember this, and do not try to "surprise everyone».

The main thing at this point - during and after the selection of gift you should not feel energetically and financially devastated.

Only in this case, your gifts will benefit both you and endow people.

2. Decide what you want for yourself and take care of this

Choosing a gift for a holiday with family and friends, we often forget about yourself.

Very few people deliberately make yourself a gift. Often it is, for some reason, do not have time and money.

As a result, we expect to get what we appreciate in response ... But this is no guarantee. As a result, there may come disappointment and a sense of emptiness.

Therefore, I recommend to take care of the gift for yourself.

Make it yourself by showing how to love. Or just ask them to friends. There is nothing uncomfortable, on the contrary, we will be happy to close that will not have to rack their brains, not afraid to guess.

3. Admit the feeling with which you make a gift.

What a sense of giving a gift to man - and then pass into your relationship.

If you do it out of fear that they will condemn you or offended - to deal with fear. You spend money and to temporarily avoid this situation, but the fear is still not going anywhere.

The same with gifts of duty (want-not want, and obliged), guilt ... You would think that they are necessary to maintain or restore the precarious balance. But alas. Energetically, such a gift it does not restore, and exacerbates, even if it will appear later.

There are even gifts, which are incorporated aggression, ridicule, humiliation. For example, my friend gave expensive skiing, noting that they already ride, uncomfortable, we decided to give it ("on you, ubozhe that worthless to me"). The relationship between the two men ended, it seems, forever.

Also, if you give a "counting" on a particular person's response, for example, want to get him some kind of feeling or an equivalent gift - be prepared to face the disappointment.

Feelings, on the basis of which the person is really worth to give a gift - gratitude, respect, love, and compassion, mercy (for charitable gifts) and humor, sharing the fun (for children and friends).

If your inner message of when choosing a gift is different from those feelings, I advise you not to make a gift.

4. You have the right not to give or accept gifts.

We, as religious people are more sensitive to energy. Giving or receiving a gift, we always commit energy metabolism.

Therefore, always keep yourselves. When you intuitively do not want to make a gift - do not take. Even from relatives.

Also, if your inner truth tells you refuse donation - listen to it.

Especially hard when close manipulate presents as a cause for resentment, superiority, control ("Why do not you wear my dress?»)

Complete this step is not easy, but believe me - if the stand, will feel truly free man. Entitled to a sincere expression of feelings, manage their money, and deeds.

5. Other people have the right not to give you gifts and not take away from you.

All of these items work both ways. Be prepared for that, too, may be left without a gift. Or that the gift will not accept you.

If you do it wrong, and just can not handle it, you have two options. Or continue to work as usual ("hysterical Marathon"), or work on offense and leave the state of the victim.

In fact, going through this transformation, you will feel a lightness and joy. And gifts will again be a miracle.

You may not live to see them from someone expecting to correct date. But the unexpected can get from a man without cause! This is truly a magical feeling.

6. Give out of the abundance!

This item sums up all previous.

Never give out drawbacks. When you squeezed financially, emotionally, when the relationship is cracking at the seams and you are trying to present strained to rectify the situation - do not do it. It may temporarily "to show that everything is OK," but in fact only destroy you.

If you want to make a gift - do it only on the excess. Out of the abundance of love, excitement, abundance, creativity, flying, happiness, money, time.

If you are in a state of excess - even give a modest gift dear person your feelings, and they are multiplied many times.

And this will be a real spiritual gift from the heart to the heart.


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