How to give gifts with a spiritual perspective

"I'm not ready to hysterical marathon, during which I like on the exam, have to correctly guess what and to whom to give", says Bridget Jones in the latest novel by Helen Fielding.

And You to such voltage ready once again? Moreover, these marathons again with the charging frequency given the number of public, professional, personal holidays in Your calendar.

If You want to learn how to give gifts to women on March 8, the men on February 23, friends for the New year, kids birthday, bosses at the corporate celebration — look for information on the Internet (good enough). We're going to talk about something else.

Namely, what should be done to gift the race to lose itself, to preserve and increase his energy, to deliver maximum joy important to You people to show their love.

About history of gifts. How to return from the routine to the spiritual gift

Initially, the tradition of the gifts had a ritual significance.

It was a dedication to the deities and spirits, with the aim to Express respect or to ask for blessings for their family.

Also, on holidays and Holy days (astrological date, the harvest, birth, wedding), people exchanged symbolic things as a token of sympathy and wishes of prosperity.

However, with time, the giving of gifts has become a public necessity, a status symbol, and just routine "obyazalovke". Of course, in the midst of this we still remain sincere warmth and desire to please loved ones, but the strength is less. And here, we do not understand how to buy on the way to market another shaving gel to her husband and a comic book child...

The more we dig into the information chaos "that someone is right to give" the more we attack obsessive-screaming is than sudorozhnoe our attempts to get to the festival "everyone happy" — the farther we go from the main.

From the state of your own spiritual integrity and inner happiness. which holiday should be preserved — but then again, is replaced by "hysterical marathon".

In article we offer You a new, spiritual perspective on gift-giving.

New spiritual rules of gift giving

These rules are few, but they are all based on the primary principle of attention to itself, and the condition of fullness.

Classic advice in the network cause Your energy to rise above the details in an attempt to cover all types of gifts for all the people who "should be donated".

Our goal is to return You to Your wholeness and truth, the energy of fullness. Only from this state, You will be able to hold giving as a spiritual act, and to foster energy repeatedly.

Perhaps some of these rules You already use intuitively (good for You!), but something will be open.

1. Assess your energy opportunities

Admit it, You have strictly a certain amount of time, money, mental strength. Even if it is quite large (or it seems so) – it is still not boundless.

Therefore, in anticipation of the next holiday, reasonably and calmly consider your options:

  • How many people do you really want to make gifts?

Swipe a simple exercise: write a list and review of people (candidates for gifts) in order, from most important (#1) and forth. If it is difficult to compare in pairs, asking the question "If I have the opportunity to give only this or the other, then anyone of them?"

Now cross out the bottom half of the list. Listen to your feelings. If You are honest with yourself you will realize that nothing really does not bother You.

Really important for You the first 3-5 people in the list.

  • How much you can spend money and time looking for gifts?

Not as much as you like. Not as much as You care about people (I, myself, have such priceless people).

And as much as You can, so that there is enough in balanced life in normal mode for You.

Experience gifts, pressed from the budget of sweat and blood, the gifts for which credit has been taken (reminding myself then a few years) is energetically destructive. You may have the subconscious impression that the person in front of You in debt. And it will negatively affect the relationship.

  • Do You have enough emotional reserves to pick up each an original and heartfelt gift?

In fact, spiritual and heartfelt gifts we can give no more than 1-3 people. Just because it takes time, aging ideas, creative training, etc.

Just remember that, and don't try to "surprise everyone."

The main thing at this point – during the selection and after the donation You should not feel energetically and financially devastated.

Only in this case, Your gifts will benefit You and give to people.


2. Determine what you want for yourself and take care of it

Choosing a holiday gift for family and friends, we often forget about ourselves.

Very few people purposefully make themselves present. Often it, for some reason, time and money.

In the end, we expect to get what we please, in response... But this is no guarantee. In the end, there may be frustration and a feeling of emptiness.

Therefore, I recommend to take care of the gift for yourself.

Do it themselves, showing how love yourself. Or directly ask for it from friends. There is nothing uncomfortable, on the contrary, friends will be glad to not have to wrestle with, not afraid to guess.


3. Admit to yourself the feeling with which You make a gift

With some sense of giving a gift to someone and pass in Your relationship.

If You do it out of fear that You will judge or be offended – deal with fear. You will spend the money and temporarily escape this situation, but the fear is still not going anywhere.

Same with gifts out of obligation (like a bound), guilt... You feel that they are necessary to maintain or restore the delicate balance. But alas. Energetically such a gift it does not recover, and exacerbates, even if it will show up later.

There are even gifts that inherent aggression, ridicule, humiliation. For example, my friend gave an expensive ski, noting that they already ride, uncomfortable, decided to give her ("you oboje, that I was worthless"). The relationship between these people over, it seems, forever.

Also, if you are giving "with the expectation" to a certain person's reaction, for example, want to get him some feelings or equivalent gift – be prepared to face disappointment.

Feelings on the basis of which the person really should give the gift ofgratitude, respect, loveand compassion, charity (charitable gifts), and humor, having fun (for kids and friends).

If your impulse when choosing a gift is different from these feelings, I advise you not to do it.


4. You have the right not to give and not to accept gifts

We, as spiritual people, are more sensitive to energy. Giving or accepting the gift, we are always committed energy metabolism.

Therefore, always save yourself. When You intuitively don't want to accept a gift do not take it. Even from relatives.

Also, if Your inner truth is telling You to abandon the gift – listen to it.

It is especially hard when loved ones are manipulated with gifts like a cause for resentment, self-superiority, control ("Why aren't you wearing my dress?").

To pass this stage is not easy, but trust me — if you will stand, you will feel truly free man. Entitled to the sincere expression of feelings, their money and actions.


5. Other people have the right not to give You gifts and not take from You

All the above points work in both directions. Be prepared, that too can stay without a gift. Or that the gift will not take You.

If You are offended and can't handle it, You have two options. Or continue to operate as usual ("hysterical marathon"), or work on offense and way out of victimhood.

Actually, going through this transformation, You will feel lightness and joy. And the gifts will once again be a miracle.

Maybe You don't get them from anyone had expected and to correct the date. But can get from an unexpected person and for no reason! This is truly a magical feeling.


6. Giving from the excess!

This paragraph sums up all the previous ones.

Never do not give out of lack. When You are squeezed financially, emotionally, when a relationship cracking at the seams and You strained trying the gift to rectify the situation — don't do it. This may temporarily "to show that everything is OK" but in fact will only destroy You.

If You want to make a gift, do it only from surplus. From excess of love, delight, abundance, creativity, flying, happiness, money, time.

If You are in a state of excess — even a modest gift will give your beloved man Your feelings, and they will be multiplied many times.

And that would be a real spiritual gift, from heart to heart.

I wish You to give and receive only the happiest, most spiritual gifts! published


Author: Juliana Of Radnaev

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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