Diet to cleanse the body and mind

Healthy eating is associated with two factors: extraction of energy from foods to maintain body function and the assimilation of the "material" necessary for "construction" and maintenance of the body. Man's passion exclusively to the delight of his stomach disrupts the natural flow of internal energy, poison destroys the body.

Food menu, healthy food should be fresh, ripe. It should not be too little or too much. Start the meal must hours, and when it comes to hunger. It is not necessary to consume food to full satiety, because the systematic overeating gradually stretches the stomach. Receptors associated with saturation are on the top walls of the stomach and signal satiety to the brain comes with a little delay. Therefore, eating until feeling full satiety, from time to time, people forced to eat a larger quantity of food, which in turn affects the increase in body mass and fat.

With the consumption of too coarse food, and in large quantities the body is overloaded and spends too much energy on digestion, which appears lethargy and drowsiness. Meat is not recommended because this product contains a lot of rough energy, which then manifests itself in negative feelings.

Also, it is believed that the meat keeps the hormones of fear which the animal experiences at death. Another important reason is related to the karmic principle of refraining from the application (including passive) damage to living organisms. Protein is needed by the body, which people used to get from meat, you can give dairy, soy and bean products. Full vegetarianism implies also the rejection of fish, eggs and other products containing animal proteins.

Healthy food implies that the food intake the body gets the full range of necessary elements. If your diet contains an excess of some elements and lack of other, among other things, this leads to overeating because the body subconsciously will seek to obtain the necessary amounts of vitamins.

The lack of protein affects not the best way to gustatory needs, and affects the status of all protein structures of the body: muscles, internal organs, skin and the development of the organism as a whole. Among the products containing large amounts of protein: eggs, legumes, dairy products, soy products, nuts etc.

Calcium deficiency affects the processes of blood clotting, transmission of nerve impulses, ensuring stable work of the heart, blood vessels, the pressure level, bone health and teeth. Contain calcium: milk, dried radish, eggs, nuts, dried apricots, egg shells.

Vitamin a promotes tissue growth and healthy vision. Its shortage is manifested in night blindness, when the person cannot see properly in dim light. This vitamin is soluble in fat, and the fat in the diet less, the more effective the action of vitamin. Vitamin a contains: eggs, milk, butter, margarine, seaweed, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, green onions, sorrel, fruits in the natural environment.

Vitamin B affects the growth and renewal of cells. From his lack of suffering circulatory and nervous system, inflame the mucous membranes, corners of the mouth, skin, manifested growth retardation of the body, pain and tearfulness in his eyes. Vitamins B contain: skim milk, oats, buckwheat, millet, soybeans, cabbage, dried radish, eggs, green peas, spinach, apricots, leafy vegetables, tomatoes.

Vitamin C is essential for healthy growth and development of the body, increases endurance and strengthens the resistance against infectious diseases. Vitamin C include: parsley, dill, wild rose, cauliflower, broccoli, sorrel, spinach.

Fiber helps digestion, eliminate toxins from the body and ensures the normal functioning of the organism. Fiber is found in dried radishes, whole grain products, vegetables and fruits.

Green tea contains tannin, possessing bactericidal properties of vitamin P. black tea tannin is almost twice less, and vitamin C less than ten times. The amount of caffeine contained in tea can reduce the washing dry before brewing tea in warm water. You can add to tea, milk, or cream to, well, neutralize the caffeine, etc. harmful substances. Tea is good to the extent of not more than five mugs a day with moderate welding. The abuse of tea causes: insomnia, delirium and disrupts the heart. To reduce the consumption of tea you need to pregnant women, as caffeine affects fetal development. Also suffering from atherosclerosis and hypertension, which is associated with the stimulating effect of caffeine and theophylline on the nervous system. For this reason, do not drink tea at night.

It is not recommended to drink boiled water or ice cold water because it negatively affects the interaction of the internal energies. As for coffee, it is extremely harmful to people, whose body caffeine is absorbed slowly, increasing the risk of heart attack. Coffee is especially harmful to pregnant women and aged people. If the coffee is strong pull, you can afford a few cups a week.

Good coffee replacement may be the chicory. I know several people for whom this drink was a great discovery. Endive with milk for most people almost indistinguishable from coffee. If You pour the chicory, without warning, most likely You will think You poured one of the coffees. Not only that chicory contains no caffeine, this drink, among other things, is extremely beneficial to health. Chicory can be purchased in any supermarket.

A diet of healthy food, you should try to approach the "natural" diet without content of artificial ingredients and preservatives.

In the East, an important aspect of healthy nutrition is considered as one who is engaged in cooking. The food absorbs the energy of the one who prepares it, and if people were annoyed during cooking, the food will be harmful, tasteless, and can even be ruined. On the contrary, not even a very useful food to carry the positive properties, if it was cooking light.

Below I have listed a menu of healthy food from one amazing person that I met on the way. This man is a real magician with the fire element the ancient Chinese school of the Golden dragon, have reached impressive heights in the purification of body and mind.

Diet to cleanse body

The recommended amount of food per meal 250 gr. (half-liter cans) for women and 350 gr. for men. For the beginner three meals a day and after six months it is recommended to switch to two meals a day. In some cases, when the body is so clean that most of the energy it receives from space, the power can be reduced to once a day. Food is prepared at one time, without re-heating. Chew your food you need to the feeling of a slurry without solid particles. So from food is extracted more subtle energies helps cleanse the channels. Drinking is allowed in an hour after a meal so as not to dilute the gastric juice. In extreme cases, if the food is completely dry, you can drink water in the amount of not more than 100 grams. The second meal is 4-6 hours, not before.

You need to eliminate from your diet the following products: meat, flour and bread, sweets and desserts, Breakfast cereals, chips, French fries, ketchup, mayonnaise, wine vinegar, sugar, coffee, soft drinks, mineral water, alcohol. When you get to the wedding and other events, as an exception, without pangs of conscience to afford the proposed meals. The next day back to my diet.

Menu valid for the following products: buckwheat, oats, barley, barley, wheat, potatoes, black or brown rice (the whole grain, or the shell), soybeans, asparagus, beans, peas, vegetables, cottage cheese, cheese, sour cream, fruit, berries, roots, herbs, dried fruits, nuts (except peanuts), black raisins with seeds (instead of sugar). Food should be boiled (not digesting) in the water, salt may be added.

From plant is used only olive oil and melted butter (80-82% fat). The oil is heated for 40 minutes over low heat until the smell of popcorn, then the oil should drain and store in a glass jar, but not in the refrigerator. Once a day, eat salad with olive oil, which included: carrots, beets, garlic, radishes, cucumbers and tomatoes. Potatoes baked in the oven, served with peel (in uniforms). Need to eat the rind, because it contains the enzyme layer. To the potatoes add the liquid cream (10%). Sometimes you can afford a sandwich with black or red caviar on a thin slice of black bread. At low pressure allowed to drink coffee once a day (1 teaspoon of powdered milk).

Between meals during the day should drink at least two liters of fluid. Among the consumed beverage: green tea, freshly brewed black tea, compote, juice, fresh juice, milk, milk products: yogurt with the contents of the Bulgarian Bacillus, shubat, kumys (home).

Seasoning should be done by the following recipe: cilantro, tomato paste and lemon juice mixed.

Such a diet promotes intensive cleaning of the body, opening the subtle channels and the transformation of consciousness. published


Author: Igor Satorin

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