Detox: how to restart your body

Every day detox is gaining popularity. What has caused this trend of cleansing the body? Another fashion trend or really a need? For starters, let's see what "detox".

Detox is a cleansing process, during which the body gets rid of toxins. In fact — it's a natural process. Liver, intestines, lymphatic system, skin and kidneys throw out all unnecessary and harmful. However, they can only deal with the natural excess of the natural purification process. But to resist various stabilizers, emulsifiers, dyes, preservatives, flavor enhancers, antibiotics and other chemicals — they can not afford.

So over time, the organs become clogged and cease to function normally. As a result, deteriorating complexion, fatigue, General malaise, headache, problems with digestion, from nowhere appeared allergies and other diseases. All of the above is a sign that the body is clogged and needs cleansing.

Today, there are many options for detox, from fasting to drinking green smoothies. And every day methods of cleansing the body becomes more and more appear miraculous recipes, developed entire program of recovery, including those held abroad. Let's look at the various options and choose a more suitable. But at the same time find out what consequences are possible after detoxification?

Detox — not a diet.

Each of us at least once in your life gotten food poisoning. Whether it's a poor quality meal in the restaurant, expired product on the shelf or the extra cocktail at the party. In any case, the poisons get into and affect cells. The end is known to all — nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, General weakness, some cases, the increase in temperature. Here it is an example of intoxication and attempt of the body to get rid of toxic substances. Everyone knows that in such a situation, use absorbents (activated carbon, enterosgel), which is like a sponge to absorb and then eliminate toxins naturally. It is also recommended to refrain from eating (appetite at this time, so, no) and drink plenty of fluids, because water flushes out all the poisons, promoting recovery and protecting from dehydration.

After some time the person gets better — appears appetite, improves the General condition gradually returns to normal life. I specifically described this process as a good example of the poisoning and cleansing. In this case we are dealing with acute intoxication.

However, the majority of people daily does not feel the best way precisely because of slagging of the body. Most often we just do not attach much importance to this condition, such as weakness, drowsiness, lack of appetite, headache and so on. They live and live, and when you're sick, then begin to run to doctors and to swallow tablets. The reason of the disease, as a rule, nobody eradicates the organism remains intoxicated and after some time the disease again makes itself felt. And so the circle.

Modern man is exposed to constant influence of various harmful substances coming from food, water, polluted air and other sources. And every day they build up inside. So we just need to periodically detoxify and thereby to maintain our body clean. Here everything is simple. Take, for example, your house in which we regularly cleaned (from time to time "General") that there was fresh and clean. But, if we don't clean the house, soon there will be dirty everywhere will reign chaos and most likely, will be "uninvited guests" in the form of insects. That's really unlikely someone will be delighted with this neighborhood, right?

So the same with our bodies — it is also necessary to periodically clean and maintain "order". Otherwise, there will appear new "residents" that will also litter and thus further poisoning the body. In the end all this will lead to disease.

We often hear about the use of detox as a regular method of weight loss. Of course, cleansing the body gets rid of toxins that leads to weight loss. Because of extra weight — not that other, as the debris that has accumulated inside. Pay attention to food full of people. Their diet is dominated by fried, greasy, farinaceous food, while not so many fresh fruits and vegetables. All of these hazards are laid inside, and the man over the years has been all of that. And at the same time, detox mistakenly called a fashion diet.

He focused on deep cleansing and recovery of the organism as a whole. When you use such a program hateful pounds are gone, but the question is to return back? And it all depends on what food you will be back after. If we are talking about potatoes with meat and all the other "Goodies", get the pants one size bigger. For comparison, vegans and raw foodists not only easier to tolerate such periods of purification, but not overweight. Which again confirms beneficial effects of vegetable and live food.

It is often assumed that vegetarians and vegans are less in need of detoxification of the body than meat-eaters. However, a full and careful periodic cleaning is recommended for all people, regardless of the type of diet. It's essentially a reboot of all systems of the body for gaining holistic health.

Where to start?

No matter how good was not a cleansing program, you should not rush things. To approach it gradually. Do not rush to start a new life from Monday.

Detox consists of several stages: preparation, cleansing the body and returning to normal power mode. If you are vegan or raw foodists, the whole process will be much easier, because you don't need to phase out all harmful products. You simply don't eat. It will be difficult for the fans to start the day with a Cup of coffee and sausage sandwich, and to finish a wholesome dinner.

In this case, training is best to start a month before the planned cleansing. At this time, it is necessary to gradually reduce consumption, and then to give up meat, semi-finished products, dairy products, flour products, sugar, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. Try to cook for a couple, bake, and eat plenty of fresh berries, fruits and vegetables. To make your diet easy. This will help to more smoothly transition to the stage of purification. So you take the workload off of internal organs. Especially with intestines and liver, which, if improperly powered work wear.

The purification stages.

The optimal duration of 3-7 days, depending on the state of health and Your training. Carry out such program for the first time it is best for several days. Choose more advanced 14-and 21-day version of the detox cleanse. It is important to observe moderation and do not overdo it, because at this time changing the power. The debris that is inside will begin to come out that can affect the state of your body. In addition, the parasites will revolt and will allocate toxic substances, throwing them into the blood. They will remain without food, and raw foods parasites don't like. Therefore, you should be ready to deterioration of health. Headache, weakness, nausea, lack of appetite or a heightened sense of hunger. All of this can appear in the first days of purification. While some fans of the detox I feel great — full of strength and energy. Again, it all depends on the degree of slagging. In any case you should listen to your body and act according to the situation. After all, You know best.

So, from my diet while cleansing should be excluded:

  • meat (acidic body, impedes digestion, rotting inside, contains antibiotics, hormones, etc.);
  • flour and sugar products, including any sugar and honey ( to feed the yeast inside);
  • cereal (allowed gluten-free grains — quinoa, millet and buckwheat, but not more than 1-2 times a week in preparation for purification);
  • legumes, nuts (heavy for digestion);
  • dairy products (acidification of the body, will form inside the slime);
  • all fruits except green apples, grapefruit, berries (fruits contain sugar, which feeds yeast bacteria. First you need to get rid of them, and then, in the diet you can return fruit).
What should we eat?

It all depends on the selected program. It is clear that if you use starvation in a few days, then the diet will be water. The rest is banned. The situation is similar with fresh juices — I chose to drink them, and then eat only certain juices. Only they must be diluted with water.

In fact, variants of the detox cleanse a lot and the only question is which one is closer to You. Let's deal.

Fasting on water.

Allowed to consume only water, but in unlimited quantities. Usually lasts 1-3 days. Sometimes used fasting in the long term. The method is quite intense, but inappropriate for "beginners". Especially if this stage of life human nutrition is far from correct, it should start with a more gentle detox methods. The fact that during such cleaning is released a large amount of toxins that the liver can't neutralize immediately. As a consequence, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, headache and rash. And that's part of the symptoms that accompany fasting on water. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious. As you know, water fasting was practiced in ancient times as a spiritual fast.

Cleansing juices.

The diet consists of fresh vegetable and fruit (unsweetened) juice. Allowed the use of herbal teas. This method is more gentle. The juices provide the intake of all the nutrients. This purification method is easy to apply even during your first detox.

Cleansing juices, smoothies and soups.

Is a simplified version of the previous one, as it allows the use of more smoothies and soups. Psychologically, it will be much easier to move it. Here is the diet more varied.

A raw food diet.

Suitable for those who are really difficult without solid food. Please, greens, vegetables, and unsweetened fruit at your disposal. Sweet fruit back into the diet after completing the detox program. There are no limitations — all of the above is easily absorbed by the body, saturating it with all necessary. This diet should be followed for 10-14 days. This time is sufficient in order to help flush your body of toxins and feel the difference in well-being. Quite often people, once you try the raw food diet, gradually completely moving to this type of food.

To cook or not to cook? That is the question

What is so good live food and why it is better not to use heat treatment products? It's very simple. The fact that during heating of food at temperatures above 65 degrees, the included minerals, transformirovalsya and can not be digested by the body. Take, for example, cooked vegetables, processed at temperatures over 100 degrees. Water soluble minerals are transformed into water-insoluble, it does not precipitate, because their holding shell. While their structure has changed. The body simply can't digest, leading to their accumulation.

No less interesting is the situation with the meat. The fact that boiled and fried meat becomes education lifeless elements. The result is a denatured product. It should be noted that when the temperature is above 70 degrees melted DNA structure and irreversible changes.

In our body sushestvujut bacteria that eat cooked and cold food. In the end, it decays inside the body, which leads to the accumulation of toxins. When the human body expends a tremendous amount of strength and energy for processing such food.

In the human body from early childhood mucus is produced. The food we eat is a major factor in the accumulation of such deposits. The modern human diet, as a rule, is the slime — a lot of meat, dairy, flour and thermally processed foods.

As a result, years mucus accumulates in and fills all the cavities, nose, throat, lungs, and whole food path. When this accumulates it is not only in the form of a transparent liquid. For example, a white coating on the tongue — not that other, as the deposition of mucus.

When it becomes too much, it starts to climb up and out through the nose. By the way, I notice that people often get sick in the winter and spring? And it's not in a weakened immune system, as is commonly believed. And that in the winter people drink a lot of slime and heavy food — meat, cereals, soups. In other words — a lot of cooked food and not enough fresh fruits, berries and vegetables, which leads to the accumulation of large amounts of mucus.

But the human body is so constituted that he is able to be cleansed from all superfluous. Through the runny nose, cough, he throws out the ballast. And we instead let him be cleansed, we begin to actively instill nose drops, antibiotics and to use all kinds of means to remove these symptoms. In the end, our body switches to the fight against drugs, and mucus and remains in the body. It becomes a habitat for various microorganisms (parasites) who feed on dead and cooked food.

By the way, parasites, inside the don't like raw food — berries, herbs, fruits and vegetables. All because these products create an alkaline environment unbearable for "scavengers". In such conditions, the parasites begin to die. Why raw food is so beneficial to the body. It helps to restore the acid-alkaline balance and get rid of unnecessary "neighbors" in the face of parasites. Besides, raw food is capable of samoperedelny inside and easy assimilation, because it does not contaminate the body. This relates directly to plant foods.

Don't be alarmed and don't be surprised if during the detox you will have headache, runny nose, weakness, nausea or fever — all this testifies to the cleansing process of the body.

Cleansing using enemas.

Quite a serious method that requires performing actions in strict sequence. It is best done in the morning hours, if this is not possible, it is possible to sleep. In any case, it takes time and rush is not appropriate. The enema composition can range from water with lemon, and beet to herbal infusions. The method is highly effective — removes from the body of various parasites. However, the procedure should be repeated periodically. By the way, this procedure is not necessary (though more comfortable) to carry out at home. Now it is done in many hospitals on request and on a fee basis.

In addition, there is the so-called colon hydrotherapy, which well-washed intestine. However, the official medicine there is no consensus about the use of such cleaning — how it is harmful or safe. But the adherents of hydrotherapy, based on my own experience, confirm not only the positive effects on the body, but also safety.

Whatever method of detox cleanse you choose, there are a few rules that must be followed. So, start your day better with a glass of water with lemon, preferably structured. Also during the purification requires exercise and a visit to the baths a few times a week. Heat treatments have a beneficial effect on the whole body and help cleanse of toxins. It is known that skin is the largest organ. Daily using it is 600 gr. fluid, with which out and accumulated in the substance. That's just before the bath is advisable to do physical exercise for half an hour to the process of detoxification has been more productive. All of this is to perform only under the condition that your health allows you to do this. Crawl in the bath when you have no strength to even get up out of bed — completely useless. In this case it is difficult to overestimate the role of physical exercise. She is one of the best ways to improve the elimination of toxins.

During the cleaning of the body, do not forget about oral hygiene, it is not only about brushing your teeth. Why is it so important? It's all in the germs in the mouth and throat. After all, if in the morning on an empty stomach you without brushing my teeth and tongue, drink a glass of water, all that was in his mouth, send in. And then during the day the germs reappear and remain there until the next morning. And so the circle. This procedure is quite simple: you just need to clean the tongue brush or a special metal eyelets twice a day — morning and evening. After that, we should rinse the mouth with decoction of oak bark. Thus, you will get rid of toxic buildup in the mouth.

The output from the program.

The final stage is as important as preparing for the cleansing. In any case, do not abruptly go to the usual diet. This can lead to indigestion, vomiting and other unpleasant consequences. To avoid this, you need to gradually introduce foods into your diet. At the same time keep lightweight food that is rich in fiber.

The effects of detox.

The purpose of detox is to cleanse the body from toxins and change the microflora. After carrying out this cleaning will be able to change your diet in favor of more correct. Detox cleansing helps to improve the complexion, skin condition, overall health, displayed energy and strength, improves the digestive system. In other words, the body is cleared of toxins. Of course you can't do it all at once. Such a course of detoxification, it is desirable to as far as once a year.

What we use sorbents?

It is worth noting the value of the sorbents, which play an important role in cleansing. As I said, if it enters the body, like a sponge they absorb all the excess and output. Thereby accelerate the process of cleansing and healing. Sorbents are drug, e.g. activated charcoal or enterosgel. They are often used not only in various poisoning, but also as prevention. It is worth remembering that before using any medicines should consult with a specialist. In order not to harm yourself.

The second group of natural sorbents, such as pectin, cellulose and bran. First get fruit. Especially a lot of it is contained in apples, they recommend eating daily. Pectin displays the body of heavy metals, and cholesterol.

Not less useful and the fiber included in fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs and nuts. Removes toxins, wastes, leftover food from the intestine.

This also should include bran. They can drink in the morning on an empty stomach with a large glass of water. Then they are like the broom will remove all debris from the inside. It is desirable to use them within a month.

To combine the pleasant with the useful.

As you can see options of cleansing a lot. Some people prefer to carry out these procedures independently at home, allowing you to not only save money, but to learn how to prepare smoothies, juices and other healthy meals.

Even so, it's best to use the services of special companies, which are now quite a lot. As the range of services offered, and the prices they are different. So you can choose the most suitable option. Some companies bring all the necessary products for a week, maybe two. Others offer a million different smoothies and juices. Others simply provide you with advice and a box of Badami.

In addition to the above there is one — the most expensive option, but at the same time and the most enjoyable. The opportunity to combine business with pleasure, going somewhere in India, Thailand or Indonesia. There you will find detox under palm trees on one of the fairy Islands. Under the program, in addition to the qualified help of experts, you will get the fresh sea air and less fresh fruits, meditation at dawn and exercise. And all this is not somewhere, and on the beach. Here you can not only take care of their health, but also relax. Of course, this is the most pleasant option, but choose it constantly is not always possible, and take care of your body needs constantly. So see the recommendations as I described above.

Any of them are good, primarily because of its effect — you clear the body from unnecessary stuff and will help him become healthier. After completion of the programme you will have the ease, the freshness of the face, a burst of energy and confidence. For starters, you can make a useful habit once a week to arrange a fasting day. Even this will bring health many benefits. It is also important not to forget to listen to your body. He knows that for him the most useful. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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