Detox diet—cleansing the body for three days

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In recent times it has become a very popular destination in the culture diet. In General, if honestly, a detox diet is not diet at all if you take the direct meaning, although weight loss happens. Most likely it is a system in which toxins are eliminated from the body, accumulated over the winter. And that was the beginning in order for the summer season to bring himself back to normal.

The basic principles of the detox diet:1. When deciding to abide by the detox system, it is necessary to prepare seriously. About a month need to reduce eating meals that contain a lot of calories, high-calorie. Gradually eliminate fried food and fat.
2. Two weeks recommended to be reconstructed on food of plant origin. Accordingly, the diet should consist of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Estimated products: grapes, pomegranates, apples, citrus fruits, prunes, bananas, beets, carrots, asparagus, broccoli, cereals, artichokes, sprouts and grass sprouts, red sweet pepper, seaweed (allowed per day 300 gr.).
Once a week is allowed to consume goat cheese, poultry or fish.
3. Eliminate: sweets and flour products, and carbohydrates, alcohol and coffee.
4. Mandatory to drink on an empty stomach in the morning a glass of hot water with lemon.
5. Recommended: exercise, massage, performing morning exercises.
6. Do not eat after 20.00.

The duration of the detox diet: for 3 days is the withdrawal of toxins from the body; 5 days is the launch of the body's renewing functions; 10 days absolutely updated and cleaned of blood flow, is an excellent prevention of many diseases.

Detox manubrium food from 8 am to 12: 00, you can eat in unlimited number of: apples, citrus, grapes, kiwi fruit, herbal tea and filtered water.
Meal from 12.00 am to 20.00 PM. You can eat such vegetables as cabbage, carrots, beets, asparagus, parsnips, soy sprouts, parsley, green vegetables, herbal tea, and water clean. These products can be used in salad, stew or bake, and eat raw.

Tentative menu for 3 days:Day one
1 Breakfast
One Apple, and grape is a small bunch, 0.5 grapefruit. A glass of non-carbonated mineral water or rosehip tea.
2 Breakfast
From hard fruits and vegetables prepare salad: cabbage, fresh cabbage, pumpkin, Apple, carrot and tomato and season with vegetable oil one teaspoon. A glass of carrot juice or mineral water without gas.
Rice brown 100-150 gr. with the help of steam-cooked, boiled chicken without skin, 70 g., 1 piece of tomato and grated carrot 70 gr. dressed with sour cream fat, which is 15 percent. 250 ml tea from any herb or non-carbonated water.
Yogurt 250 ml, banana 1, a bit of grapes and ¼ grapefruit. The water is not aerated or mint tea (before bedtime will help calm and relax).

Day two
1 Breakfast
0.5 orange, small Apple, pineapple slices a few pieces. Grape juice 200 ml or water without gas.
2 Breakfast
Oatmeal or muesli 100-150 gr. on water and sugar-free are allowed to add a spoon of vegetable oil and honey. Tea lime 200 ml or water.
Baked potatoes 2-3 PCs, fish stew 80 gr., one tomato. Water not soda or green tea 250 ml.
Banana, grapefruit 1/4, bio yogurt. Mint tea 200 ml of water or a glass of non-carbonated.

Day three
1 Breakfast
One Apple, grapefruit 0,5, grapes small bunch. A glass of kefir or mineral water without gas.
2 Breakfast
Salad worn fruits and vegetables: red cabbage, carrot, Apple, celery, season with vegetable oil. A glass of tomato juice or lime tea.
Rice brown 100-150 gr. steamed, cooked, boiled chicken 70 gr. without skin, 1 tomato or asparagus, sauteed 70 gr. 1 tbsp. of green tea or water, aerated.

Yogurt 250 ml 1 banana, kiwi, grapefruit 1/4 small bunch of grapes. A glass of water mineral without gas or peppermint tea.
Not recommended detox diet: children under 12 years, women during pregnancy and people weighing below norm. In the presence of a chronic disease course is necessary to pass under the supervision of a physician.



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