When people are aware of the causes of diseases — the doctor will not be needed

Note that the medicine never had to deal with health, it only works with diseases. Medicine says that healthy people do not happen, thereby putting an end to fat people's health. Doctors are not helped any man to become healthy. All they are doing is remove the symptoms of disease, to the cause of the diseases they get are not able.

The human body can be compared to a house of this disease is cracks in the house, streaks, faults. The doctor is a plasterer who just skillfully blurs the holes without thinking, why they arose. And it blurs those holes very unreliable solution, which at the first rain is washed away.

Therefore, the intervention of a plasterer is required again and again as long as the building did not collapse, and have nothing to plastering. At the same time a good master, first of all, find out why there were these cracks. Most likely it will indicate an unreliable Foundation on which was built the house itself. If it is good to reinforce the Foundation basementideas reliable solution, holes in walls do not appear. But before that, plasterer did not think, after all, his own house, too, suffers from illness, and plasterer even your short-sighted, only concealing the hole.

Therefore I do not believe that medicine can only patch holes in the human body, while leaving the disease to flourish inside the body. There is an illness not visible to anyone, and therefore, it can be argued that she is cured. In the future, when people are aware of the causes of disease, the doctor will not be needed. However, the future is still far away, we live in the present. What do you do if he suddenly got sick? Of course, to be treated! Only to eliminate the symptoms are not needed, and the cause of the disease. How to do it, now we'll talk.

To eliminate the cause, you need first of all to find her. In the case of house, the reason for the holes was an unreliable Foundation. And the reason is an unreliable Foundation — the mountain builders, are used instead of high-quality materials their cheaper counterparts. Therefore, the reason for the holes is a bad building material of the Foundation. What building materials for the human body are good and which are bad, we said.

The cells of the body are born and die regularly, because of this the human body has the ability to be updated. Over about three years, the human body is renewed completely. During this time, the old, exhausted building material of the body is thrown and it is built of new material. If the person is still gives your body an unreliable building material, the body will continue to suffer from cracks and faults (diseases). If the person decides to provide your body with quality building material in three years this material builds up a strong and reliable structure, are not exposed to poetry (drafts, cold, bacteria, viruses, etc.). And this is what we call health.

However, if we have three years to build a solid Foundation of health. We are sick now and we need urgent help. What should I do? In this case, you need to force things, to speed up the upgrade process of the body. First of all you need to deduce from it all the slags (the remains of poor materials previously supplied). To do this quickly and efficiently, there is a special method that is called STARVATION.

About fasting written many books, the most popular of which is the book of Paul Bragg "the Miracle of fasting". In addition to books, there are clinics where patients are treated by fasting and natural diet. At these clinics are real doctors, doctors with a capital letter, because they have not stuffed their patients with poisonous drugs, not to patch holes in their bodies, and are taken for eliminating the causes of the disease.

Man, the last course of treatment in this clinic comes out really healthy, cheerful and rejuvenated for several years. Sorry these clinics a little. This is due to the high requirements for doctors working there. This doctor before starting to cure of the patient must be in good health. Every doctor of this clinic, he underwent a full course of fasting, got rid of all diseases, and then took up helping other people. What can we say about our regular doctors who themselves suffer from many diseases and try to treat other people...

Starvation as a method of treatment of diseases invented by Nature. All animals instinctively follow this method. If the animal gets sick, it first stops there. Even a person has this instinct, in times of illness the desire to eat disappears, and it is not casual. Ignorant as forcibly shoving food into a sick man, arguing that care about his health.

What is so useful starvation? Digestion is a fairly energy intensive process in the digestion of food takes a lot of energy in the body. During fasting, these forces are released, and therefore, can be used by the body to fight diseases. If during normal (well-fed) life the body absorbs the substances during the fasting starts the reverse process — the elimination of substances from the body. All the toxins that were stored up to this point are set in motion and removed with the help of the excretory system along with the urine, sweat and even breath.

During fasting, the body still needs energy for its existence. As it gets this energy from the outside, along with food, it starts to look for internal reserves. Burned fat mass, in the flow are the dead cells of the body (and they accumulated a lot), when dead matter ends in the course are the weakest living cells. Thus, during fasting, the body gets rid of toxins, excess fats, dead cells and painful. And this is the CAUSE of our disease, then fasting removes the cause itself.

Meanwhile, disease-causing viruses and bacteria — is not only pests, but rather our helpers. Settling in the human body, they do not touch healthy cells in the body, they can not handle. The disease feeds primarily on dead biomass and weak cells, thereby accelerating the process of removing that extra weight from the body. The disease is a kind of scavenger hunt, which comes only when notices a lot of trash. When the biological debris eaten, and eat of the disease has nothing, she leaves the body. It's natural, so Nature intended. If the same person during the illness does not stop there, he thereby throws the new food to viruses and bacteria, and they continue their sweet to live, leading to a protracted form of the disease.

Doctors with powerful chemicals try to kill pathogenic viruses and bacteria lodged in the body. They do it, but waste that feeds a disease, remains untouched, and this means that the disease will come again and will come up until the body is full of food for bacteria and viruses. Toxins in our body, it is like a luxuriously laid table for infectious microorganisms, the smell of food which vanishes everywhere.

Bacteria and viruses living in the environment, smell it, and therefore seek to profit a lot of food. No wonder people gets sick from the slightest breeze. Then again the doctors come in and kill the diner at this time of the bacteria with a powerful poison called medicine. Only poison, this poison not only bacteria, but also the human body, which further undermined his health. This continues again and again, the bacteria try to eat toxins, and the doctors kill them with poison. But what is to blame for the infectious organisms, only that you want to eat? Let them eat all the food that's meant to them, and they will go away, leaving the body clean of toxins. There are so naturopaths when I advise a sick person to starve in times of illness.

Another symptom of the disease — high temperature. The doctors are trying to bring down the temperature by any means. But you should not do that, temperature is not the cause but the cure of the body. At high temperatures, the body gets rid of toxins and diseases in the shortest possible time. Lowering the temperature only hinders this process and slows healing.

The most sensible advice that can be given to a sick person, this doesn't take any medicine, nothing to eat, drink only plain water and give the body a rest. Put in such conditions, the body begins to struggle with the disease, or rather not to fight and cooperate. As a result of this collaboration the body is cleared of toxins, the disease goes away, the person becomes healthier. Doctors only interfere with this process, giving your actions for the care of the health of the patient.

The thunder will not clap, the peasant will not cross. Why wait when the disease will start to attack your body, if you can be warned beforehand about the excretion of toxins from it. Pure body is not interesting disease-causing viruses and bacteria, because there is no food for them. People with purified body does not get sick, even if it will be in an environment of people who are seriously ill with infectious diseases.

Regular preventive hunger strike is the way by which you can protect yourself from the invasion of the infection. If you take a normal regular basis, once a week to conduct a one-day hunger strike, it will be a good help towards a healthier lifestyle. A longer hunger strike in 3, 7, 10, 40 days very effectively remove toxins from the body, heals and rejuvenates him. Of course, for long-term hunger strikes should be approached gradually.

Once a person begins to starve, immediately begins the process of removing toxins from the body. The more he starves, the stronger is the presence of toxins. So, if you suddenly go to a long hunger strike, poisoning those wastes which the body tries to withdraw from the cells through the blood, urine and perspiration out from the body. In fasting fluidity. Toxins very much all over again to bring them not work, need regular procedures to eliminate them.

It is best to start with one day fasts once a week. For those who never did, of course, it will be difficult to withstand even a single day. To ease the discomfort, drink plenty of clean water (preferably distilled, but can be simply purified by using filters or spring).

The day before fasting, it is desirable to eliminate from your diet meat, fish and dairy products, not to drink alcohol. Even better if the diet is composed of fresh natural products. Depends on, first of all, your well-being during days of fasting. The build also needs to be gradual. Do not just overeat, although this is very difficult to resist. For Breakfast you can eat fresh vegetables or fruit. After that will want much to eat, but not overeat. Better to stifle the appetite with water, as if you continue to starve on the second day. For lunch and dinner you can eat normally.

The first of fasting are the hardest. Then they will be transferred much easier. When you have some experience in one-day starvation, you can increase the duration to one and a half, two and three days (gradually). Three-day fasting could be done once in a month. Among them will be some day weekly. Later, when you feel the strength, you can move on to more long-term abstinence from food. Each such procedure will make your body more and more healthy.

About myself I can say that I spend my weekly day of fasting since their school years. Long fasting is not accounted for, the maximum that I survived, that's seven days, but plan to extend this in the near future. I want to note that the first fasting that I spent in childhood, was much more difficult than seven days, which I finished recently.

Why? First of all, because the first day is always the most difficult even in a seven-day fasting. This day very hungry, and in all subsequent appetite gradually disappears. On the eighth day, when it was already out of fasting, I have been pondering to go or else starve. To eat did not want, felt well, my head wasn't spinning, I didn't feel tired, didn't have any signs that I now live seven days without food, except that I lost slightly. But closer to lunch time, I ate a couple of apples, and in the evening a few more pieces, plus regale on honey. That was enough for me and is still not wanted. So after seven days of fasting I felt much more comfortable than after one day, when hungry enough.

One more observation. On the second day after the day of fasting on people attacks fatigue, mouth gets dry, and felt very sick. But these signs are only present in the first attempts of starvation. This is due to active withdrawal of toxins from the body. In the future, such as leaves, fasting becomes easy. During fasting the first time are advised to maintain bed rest, but when you get used to the weekly fasts, the day hunger will be for you a normal day in which you do not need to lie in bed and can freely go about their usual business. During the seven days of fasting every day I went to work, met with friends, did my usual things, and didn't feel any discomfort. Of course, I never told anyone that fast, only when I was treated to food, said that today's my fasting day, so there is nothing I want. Seven days of abstinence from food I didn't mention that people are not horrified and tried to dissuade. Discuss his fasting with the people far from it — it's too much.

Now my fasting are relaxed and easy, what can be said about the first attempts of such purification. Of course, it was hard, was dizzy, was the state of discomfort and strong desire to eat. Often after fasting overeat, for which he constantly reproached himself. What is now fasting are fairly easy, not even noticeable, due primarily to my commitment to natural food, which does not pollute the body with toxins. Due to the fact that I don't deliver the body of new toxins, during fasting they are not so actively out of the body and not disturb my comfort.

For those who have decided to go on a natural diet, I would say that after fasting is always easier to move on natural food than on ordinary days. After a day of fasting, you can spend another day raw diet that will be an added advantage. I myself before and after long fasting spend a few days exclusively on the raw diet, which is why the starvation takes place without complications. Of course, other days allow myself to eat something unnatural, but before fasting and after him for anything, because it may worsen the condition during most cleaning procedures and make it unbearable.

Paul Bragg recommends prolonged fasting only under the supervision of experienced this man's question, but admits that if not to force the issue and increase periods of abstinence from food gradually, it is possible to do without any outside help. Thus, our health is in our own hands. We are constantly told that for good health you need a lot of money on doctors, medicines, clinics, shops, etc. But it turns out that money actually can't help us in the matter of health. The way of deliverance from disease absolutely free and only requires a conscious attitude to the health from the person and a small willpower (which, incidentally, is gradually evolving in the process of abstinence from food).

Fasting acts ozdoravlivayuschim not only on the body but on the mind and mental abilities. Consciousness is getting sober, improves memory, appears optimistic, sorrows cease to bother the person in their place comes a joyful good mood.

Cheerfulness and optimism are the basis of happiness, the same happiness cannot be bought for any money. Happiness purchased with the money is illusory and soon fades, and then disappears, causing the person suffering. Such happiness requires constant nourishment in the form of acquisition of new things, delicacies, luxury food, drugs, constant change of sexual partners. Happiness is based on positive emotions emitted by healthy nerve cells of a healthy organism, does not fade ever, because it comes from within the human soul and does not require external fueling. Such a person is happy himself and selfless in offering happiness to others. But the prerogative of such happiness belongs only to a healthy body, and health, as you know, money can't buy.

Long abstinence from food (till 40 days) makes man wise, for it unleashes the hidden potential of his body, soul and mind and allows a person to dispose of these resources. Therefore, prolonged fasting was frequently used by great people: Christ, Buddha, Moses. Pythagoras demanded that his pupils forty-day starvation before to devote them into the mysteries of his teaching. He believed that only the forty-day abstinence from food can cleanse and enlighten the mind to such an extent that he became able to perceive the depth of the teachings about the mysteries of life. Long abstinence from food practised by the first Christians, they call that fasting. It is a pity that in modern times the post is treated just as abstinence from meat.

Yes, starvation, not light. It requires patience and willpower. Here is what Paul Bragg about this: "Fasting, abstinence, proper diet is the fee for health" and "When you fast from those to ten days or more, you are on the operating table of Nature. Nature frees you from all the excess: of mucus, toxins and other foreign substances in your body." So relax and understand that for good health need to pay. The difficulties and discomfort that you experience during the fast, it's just a fee for the health. If you refuse to pay this modest "natural" cost, you will sooner or later have to pay for health. Only in this case, payment will be "cash" and do not have to pay the Nature, and the doctors who are in fact ignorant and your money will still not be able to provide you this health. The question is, is it better to pay a "genuine" fee for health "by Nature", or pay "cash" fee for health "from doctors"? Take into account the fact that the money still need to earn before you pay them in the hospital, and earning money is no easy task. In addition, in the workplace, we also earn more money and disease, which then have to be treated, giving earned. Here it is a vicious circle from which escape is possible only by trusting Nature.

Let's compare the two types of medicine: medical and natural, and find out which one we would like to give preference to in the future.

1. Medication medicine according to official reports "made great progress", but nevertheless continues to progress, improving and in the future promises to achieve greater heights. Natural medicine is not progressing, not improving and not improving, because it is already perfect, perfect, perfect and even divine.

2. Doctors treated with medication, and the drug is a poison. Therefore, drug treatment involves injection into the human body a large amount of poison. This poison accumulates with age, there are many other disorders that require more enhanced medical intervention. Natural treatment fasting acts in the opposite direction, it removes all the poisons from the body, makes the body pure, healthy and able to cope with all diseases.

3. Medicines are not cheap. Especially today, often are too expensive for our common man. In case of illness, payment for drugs can eat all the money of the person accumulated many years of hard work. Fee for the natural cleansing fasting is symbolic. It is expressed in the efforts that we are spending for abstinence from food. In monetary terms, the fasting is not only not out of pocket a penny, but rather save money, One day a week you don't have to spend money on food, here you have the savings.

4. Going to the hospital, you trust your health absolutely not familiar person. Are you sure he is really good specialist and do not be mistaken in choosing the right course of treatment? I completely lost trust in doctors as a child, when sick... don't even know what kind of sick, because each doctor put a diagnosis and write a new Chapter in my medical card. I was treated first in my provincial town, but recovered to the point that after a month the condition was critical and I was sent to the Metropolitan children's hospital in Kiev. There I a couple of months lain under a dropper, but it didn't help and they transferred me to cool Kiev hospital for adults (named after Shalimov). There finally somehow cope with the disease and congratulated the writing, saying that my illness is incurable and remains in latent form for life, and the end of life (for 40 years, is that the end of life? but the doctors said) I might have liver cancer. So, I gave all my life to adhere to a strict diet (thank you for it, once sent to the right path), not to exercise, not to lift weights regularly visit the hospital to undergo treatment, take medications (a list of which is just creepy) and come to terms with the idea that I'm a sick man, sick in all my life (but I was only 14 years old). Not to mention the fact that the adventures to hospitals bankrupted my parents. The question is, who is to blame? Know what is the answer? I AM! My fault for trusting the most precious thing in their lives — health, and trust (?) the Amateurs in this matter, who are not able to get rid even from their own illness.

In the case of natural medicine trust your health to anyone is not necessary. We just need to trust Nature and its fair laws. If ill is a signal to Nature that your body is unhealthy and full of slags. To your house knocking scavengers (infection), which Nature sent to cleanse your body from debris. Stop eating and starve a few days, just enough until you feel better. And then don't forget to say thanks to Nature for what she gave you such a simple means of getting rid of internal pollution, and you won't have to resort to the services of laymans in white dressing gowns. For those who have any sense in your head, I suggest not to wait for the signal Nature, and begin to clean your body in advance. Isn't it great when you can proudly say: "My health is in my hands!"

5. Each medication has its own side effects. Starting treated medication, people one body treats and the other cripples, getting thereby in dependence on hospitals, doctors and medicines. Natural medicine no side effects. Although it is recognized that one of the side effects can still occur. If a person will be reckless with the starvation and will begin to long cleanse, it will lead to a strong release of toxins from the cells into the blood, which can result in severe poisoning and even death. Keep this in mind! From one-day or three-day fasting nothing happens, but if you just aim for 10 days, the consequences can be disastrous.

Here's my advice. When you first starve one day, remember the status which will appear on the second. On the second day you will be bad, in true dries, will appear dizziness, body itching and other unpleasant sensations. This condition is due to the fact that the toxins and fill your blood, then to get out of the body together with urine. Remember that feeling! This is a signal that poison in your body too much and not worth the risk with the prolongation of starvation.

Fast one day a week until then, until you begin to feel on the second day of ease and freedom from discomfort. This means that the first layer of toxins gone from your body, and you can start deepening hunger. Now you can starve two days, the third again you will feel that the toxins and fill your blood. Fast one week one day and the second two. In this mode, the fast up until the third day will again start to appear easily in the body. Now you will already know that another layer of toxins safely leave your body, and you can begin three-day hunger strikes. Do this in the future, and it will guarantee your success. Still I advise you to definitely buy books about fasting. It will give you not only the knowledge but also prepare mentally. During prolonged fasting is to periodically review the literature for more confidence that you are doing everything right.

6. When a person gets sick, taking him to the hospital. No one wants to go there because this place is a real fiend. Hospital patients stay there feel a strong discomfort, exacerbating the healing process. There is a high probability of catching any disease through an infected syringe, and sometimes by air. Bad aura of the hospital, compiled from the suffering of thousands of patients who have been through it, invisibly affects the person who is in this place.

In contrast, cleansing fasting, as a rule, is carried out in the comfort of your own home. Man is not locked in four walls with a musty, stinking of chlorine and medicines the atmosphere. On the contrary it is recommended that plenty of fresh air, go Outdoors, bask in the sun. There are no restrictions, the main rule during fasting person should do as he desires.

7. People trust drugs, early aging and old age it is terrible, because the full of diseases and makes it invalid. A man dying in agony, to death he is coming in a hospital bed on a drip, and death as deliverance from suffering. Man, trust Nature, cleanse your body, live to a ripe old age, while maintaining a perfect health, which in our world is found only in newborns. To death it fits philosophically, he feels it coming and understands that death is merely a transition to another and better world, which he has rightfully earned its harmonious way of life.

Here are two completely opposite types of medicine exist in our time. And to every man is given the choice of which path to follow. More precisely, the choice exists only for those people who are conscious about their health. The same people who prefer not to think about his health, deprived of this choice. Therefore, they lose the right to continue to blame someone whether it's in the wrong treatment, whether in the high cost of medicines, whether at the injustice of fate, whether in premature death. published

Author: Andrei Pilipovich P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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