Fasting on water: what to expect

There are 2 types of fasting:

  • dry fasting,
  • fasting on water.

Some methods prolonged fasting involve the use of both types. Sometimes fasting is called the fasting days on juices and vegetable broths, which is essentially not true. In this article we will talk about fasting on water is the least extreme form of fasting.

Fasting on water is a complete refusal of food (solid or liquid). Simply put — don't eat anything and only drink pure water at room temperature in sufficient quantity.

Important: the amount of water that You drink in the average diet, during fasting will not be enough! After all, solid food also contains water — fasting is necessary to fill in the amount of water that usually comes from food! It is impossible to give precise recommendations of how much water you should drink. Just drink often. Adequate intake of water helps to eliminate toxins and prevent possible complications while fasting.

Something else important: During fasting, do not use toothbrush and paste for cleaning teeth — the enamel may be affected due to changes in the composition of saliva during fasting. Wipe teeth with gauze and rinse your mouth with a decoction of chamomile and St. John's wort to remove the plaque, protects tooth enamel.




Starvation in some cases can be dangerous for health and life. At the same time, fasting is such an effective way of cleansing and healing the body that can help to gain a perfect health and youth, to cure many diseases, including the most difficult, and save a life. This article is for informational purposes only and the author is not responsible for the use of this information.

Fasting can last from one day to... several months, and even years. However, in this case, it is not starvation, but rather a way of eating, the life without food. The determining factor is the duration of fasting on water.

How many days of continued fasting, depend on:

  • The principle of fasting on water, what processes occur in the body.
  • The result of fasting on water - body cleansing, slimming, healing and rejuvenation.
  • The danger of fasting on water - precautions and possible adverse consequences of fasting, which can be extremely serious if these precautions are not observed.
  • Output from fasting on water - a critical point.

Now, consider what happens at each stage of fasting on water (with different duration of fasting).

 1. Food pause of up to 24 hours.

Food pause, lasting less than 24 hours, fasting is not.

 2. One-day fasting on water.

Healing effect of one-day fasts:

  • enhanced immunity,
  • cleansing of the body,
  • the rejuvenation of the body,
  • improvement of intestinal microflora.

Wellness is the result of a one-day fasting is accumulated by regular repetition, but the result is noticeable after the first starvation. Regular one-day fasting on water, practiced weekly for 1 — 3 months, and are, among other things, good preparation for the longer fasts.

What happens when a one-day fasting:

One-day fasting gives rest to digestive system. The digestive process needs a lot of energy. When a constant supply of food is interrupted, the body gets the chance and the energy to start the cleansing process. Putrefactive microflora of the intestine dies, and the flora of fermented milk fermentation, heals and remains, as a result, in the gut improves the synthesis of biologically active substances. Preparing for one-day fasting:

  • A week before the fasting, refrain from the most harmful foods containing large amounts of nutritional supplements and reduce intake of meat, eggs and dairy products. Drink plenty of pure water, totally abstain from alcohol and drinks with harmful food additives.
  • On the day before fasting don't leave and give up meat (if not previously done so) — besides that, it slows down the digestion process and will digest during the fasting period, which will reduce the positive effect of fasting can strengthen the sense of hunger and other unpleasant side effects that occur when fasting.
  • Plan the implementation of the first fasting for the weekend. Well, if you won't be at home, next to the fridge. Don't spend the first starvation at work! And second too :) When starvation will become a thing, you can starve and work — no one will notice.
  • A day of fasting, you can do enema for bowel cleansing. Spend more time outdoors. It is good to do physical exercises (they help to cleanse the body of toxins). But not too hard. Do water treatment.
 What to expect in the period day of fasting?

Those who ever sat on a calorie-reduced diet will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that the feeling of hunger during fasting on water is much weaker. As you know, the appetite comes while eating, so it is not really easier than a little bit.

Blood flow to the brain improves, which has a beneficial effect on mental activity and creativity.

Perhaps the appearance of such unpleasant sensations during fasting, such as:

  • weakness,
  • dizziness,
  • headaches,
  • nausea,
  • tongue coating, bad breath (sometimes from the body),
  • in a bad mood.
With practice (during regular one-day fasting) unpleasant phenomena will decrease, some of them will disappear. The effect of fasting on mood is likely to be positive — mood stabiliziruemost, starvation will cause an increase in mood.

 The output of the one-day fasting:

  • Finish the fasting in the evening. One-day fasting should continue for at least 24 hours, preferably, at least 2-3 hours longer.
  • To exit from one-day fasting is best suited for fresh vegetables, fruits, and vegetable and fruit juices. It's good to eat a salad (e.g. cabbage and carrots) with a little bit of quality vegetable oils (olive, Flaxseed etc.). You can also eat boiled or steamed vegetables.
  • The evening and the next day try not to eat animal products: meat, eggs, milk and dairy products.
  • After the build - try not to overeat — this is the most complicated and in the beginning almost nobody gets it.
  • Continue to drink more plain water and do not use products with harmful food additives.

Small errors and deviations from the rules when you exit the day of fasting have no special significance.

 Danger day of fasting:

One-day fasting is almost not dangerous for a healthy person, even if conducted without proper preparation. For example, in Judaism there is a post (judgment day), who keep almost everything, even non — religious citizens of Israel are held on this day dry fasting (without food and without water). "Preparation" and "exit" from this day of fasting is a lavish feast, not corresponding to the above recommendations. Health effect that starvation does not, rather the contrary. But not a particular risk, despite the fact that there is no water, in hot climatic conditions.

At a minimum compliance with the recommendations for the preparation and the build-up and regular practice, the health effect will not keep itself waiting.

3. 2 and 3 day fasting on water.

When you can spend 2-3 days fasting?

There is a big difference between overnight and 2 day fasting. If before leaving the day of fasting You feel well (no severe headaches, nausea, etc.), you can postpone the exit from starvation the next morning (work 36 hour fasting) or evening (2 days fasting).

Focusing on personal wellbeing, you can continue to abstain from food up to 3 days, even if You have no previous experience of fasting or have little experience. But it is advisable to conduct a more thorough preparation for the 3 day fasting.

If your health suddenly becomes worse and the measures taken do not help, you should immediately go out from starvation, without waiting for the scheduled date. An additional signal to exit from starvation is very dark or very turbid urine.

If You are starving yourself and I doubt that everything is going fine — for security purposes, it is necessary to interrupt starvation and to try again later. You may need several one-day and two-day fasting before You will be able to starve 3 days.

 Health effect 2-3 day fasts:

  • Health effect: 2-3 days fasting as a one-day fasting, boosts immunity, cleanses and rejuvenates the body, revitalizes the intestinal flora.
  • The benefits of fasting for the exterior: Use a 2-3 day fasting visible to the naked eye — skin after fasting cleansed, smooth, has a healthy color and a fresh look.
  • Freedom from addiction: During 3 days of fasting can get rid of physical dependence on drugs, tobacco and alcohol.
 What happens when a 2-3 day fasting:

On the second or third day the secretion of the gastrointestinal tract qualitatively changes: the secretion of hydrochloric acid ceases, the stomach begins to secrete proteins and unsaturated fatty acids, which are:

  • promote secretion of bile throughout the digestive system, even in the large intestine,
  • suppress hunger.

Starts the process of transition of the organism to internal power:

  • the digestive process slows down
  • activate mechanisms of splitting their own fat.

But full transition to internal power when fasting on water for the second or third day is not happening.


Preparing for a 2-3 day fasting.

Preparing for a 2-3 day fasting is no different from preparing for a one-day starvation, but its importance increases. In addition, at the time of the 3 days of fasting, it is desirable to have experience of several 1-2 day fasts.

 What to expect in a period of 2-3 days of fasting?

1. On the second or third day craving for food decreases, but transient bouts of hunger.

2. This increases the likelihood of such unpleasant phenomena, as headache, nausea, dizziness and other unpleasant phenomena that occur when fasting.

3. During the 2-3 days of fasting is lost from one to several kilograms. But make no mistake — about half of the lost weight comes back the next day after release from starvation. Not to recruit the second half of the lost weight, you need to follow the recommendations on the output of the 2-3 days of fasting.


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 The output from the 2-3 days of fasting.

Recommendations for exit 2-3 days of fasting are the same as at the exit of the day of fasting.published


Author: Inna Doubson




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