People who practice recreational starvation, found the following.

The effect of improving fasting up to 3 days
Revitalizing fasting to 3 days:
activates the central nervous system on the principle of stress on the lack of nutrients;
It relieves the digestive system and gives it rest;
It clears toxins blood and intercellular fluid.

The effect of improving fasting from 3 to 7 days
Revitalizing fasting from 3 to 7 days:
further purifies the intercellular fluid;
It eliminates the pus-producing microorganisms;
restores epithelial tissue of the small intestine, and stomach.

The effect of improving fasting until 7-14 days
Revitalizing starvation 7-14 days:
completely clean and repair the epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract (if there is no serious pathology);
partially cleanse the liver and connective tissue (the body becomes more flexible);
organize the work of the cardiovascular system;
may dissolve some infiltrates, tumors, polyps.

The effect of improving fasting until 14-21 days
Revitalizing fasting from 14 to 21 days:
cleanse and refresh the liver and kidney cells, the majority of the endocrine glands;
can bring sand and stones from the gall bladder;
It will resolve the majority of salt deposits, compressed mucus and tumors of various types;
cleansed and refreshed skin and connective tissue;
partially purified bone.

The effect of improving fasting until 21-28 days
Revitalizing fasting from 21 to 28 days:
destroy almost all types of cancer and infections (especially in the urogenital system);
cleanse the maxillary and other cavities;
removes old cells and tissues of the body;
normalises adipose tissue;
1/3 cleanse bone.

When to conduct sanitary starvation

Very good effect is given seven-day fasting - to change the time of year (November, February, May, August). The body maintains an active tendency to cleanse and heal itself.

You can spend recreation Fasting: 1 day - once a week, 3 days - once a month, 1 week - once every 4 months

. Or 1, 2, 3 of each month; one week - once every 3 months; 2 weeks - twice a year

. Not recommended for curative fasting consecutive 3 days, if there was no fasting for 1 day for 3 weeks.

Especially effective curative starvation in spring and autumn, when there is a change in the type of metabolism with protein and fat, typical of winter, on protein-carbohydrate, typical for the summer. During these periods, aggravated all chronic diseases, and the cleansing and curative starvation accelerate recovery.

Women are better for spending recreation fasting in the second phase of their menstrual cycle.

In general, recreation fasting is recommended after the full moon - the moon at the decline are better purification processes. After the new moon activated recovery processes.

Contraindications to the wellness starvation

1. Insulin-dependent diabetes.

2. The second half of pregnancy and lactation in mothers.

3. an advanced form of serious diseases (cancer, tuberculosis, etc.) with immobility.

4. Acute surgical diseases.

5. Dystrophy.

6. Dementia and severe forms of mental and neurological disorders.

Terms and conditions for improving fasting

The first condition for the health of fasting

During the health of fasting is necessary to drink 2 liters of water a day. On hot days - 3 liters. During each hour of daylight - about 1 cup. The water must be pure, at room temperature or heated.
Second condition for improving fasting

Do enemas until clear water for 2 times a day - morning and evening (for 1, 5-2 hours before bedtime).
3rd condition for improving fasting

Every day, take a shower or bath, as 1/3 slag is removed through the skin.
Fourth condition for the health of fasting

Regularly clean the tongue, tonsils and rinse your mouth with teas from peppermint, thyme, chamomile, citrus peels, etc., to eliminate bad breath.
Fifth condition for improving fasting

Maintain an active lifestyle more than a walk in the fresh air, to jog, to dance, to do self-massage, stretching and other exercises.
Second condition for improving fasting

It is advisable to wear clothes made of natural fabrics rather than synthetic.
7th condition for improving fasting

As little as possible contact with food.
8th condition for improving fasting

It must be remembered that during the health of fasting can aggravate the symptoms of disease, a fever, appear headaches, stomach cramps, nausea, irritation, weakness - it is a sign of intense purification

. To harmonize the process, you need to drink 2-3 cups hot water (you can add to it 1 h. Spoon of honey and 1 h. Spoon of lemon juice) and make extraordinary enema.
9th condition for improving fasting

Usually accompanied by a sanitary fasting state of cheerfulness, joy and elation.

But if, in spite of ongoing efforts, there remains pain, irritability, fatigue, and depression, you should go with water on fresh juices and get out fast.
10, the condition for the health of fasting

At the time of the state of health of fasting it is very important not to overeat, chew writing not to use drugs and medicinal herbs, as increased sensitivity to them and would not be predicted at this time.

Adjusting for recreation starvation is as follows.

Before entering the hunger, you need to determine the purpose of which will become tangible sense of wellness during fasting. To do this, you must realize that the release of toxins helps to get rid of trouble in his life. Write down in a diary unwanted condition from which you want to get rid of, and what you would like to achieve as a result of the released energy.

It is not recommended until after the health of fasting to tell others about your goal.

It is useful to write "zagovorku" on a favorable course of health of fasting and recorded it in a journal periodically to read.

For example:

"The purity of the body - his health. Starving, I feel how the body gets rid of toxins, it flows into the energy and joy of life, the body refreshed and restored. Discomfort (headache, weakness, nausea, increased hunger) - these are signs of intense release of toxins, so I am happy, because my organs recover faster. Every day, hour, minute wellness fasting, I am young, healthy, become stronger and more harmonious ... ยป

Fasting days on the water or sanitary starvation are a good test of the ability to control himself. Whoever gets their own experience in the health of fasting, receives certain benefits in the work of self-improvement.

At the wellness fasting the body can not wear out or damaged. Cells decrease in size, but not destroyed. The cell nucleus obshno retains its settings and lose so little mass that becomes larger relative to the rest of the cell. In such cell processes go better assimilation (assimilation), it is growing rapidly, which is typical of cells of embryos and young animals. As a result, after the health of fasting is a rapid update of tissues.

2-week recreation fasting restores tissue of 40-year-old man and 17-year-old state.

Especially noticeable rejuvenating effect on the skin. During starvation wellness disappear folds, wrinkles, pimples, blackheads. The skin is fresh, supple, improves its color. His eyes brighten and become brighter. After the famine frees the body from waste and weakened cells, healthy and viable tissue takes the place of outdated.

During the health of fasting to clean the entire body. All excretory systems work on the release of toxins. Even the light is emitted through more than 150 harmful substances.

On the hunger is intense cleaning of the joints. The body quickly freed from the salts of uric acid, which is deposited in the joints, limiting their mobility. Mild forms of arthritis completely disappear after 8-10 days of fasting.

On hunger the stomach starts to eat in the first place the sick and degenerated cells and tissues, releasing energy for the recovery of the body. Eats adhesions, scars, tumors, melanoma, moles, wrinkles, stiff areas, cirrhosis and necrosis.

Restoration and renovation of tissues accompanied by their rejuvenation, the cells begin to synthesize new healthy proteins.

Revitalizing fasting gives also a preventive effect - for a long time after the man remains invulnerable to nitrates, phenols, sulfur dioxide, etc. environmental toxins.

After improving fasting person feels the influx of large amounts of energy, his sleep is reduced to 4-5 hours, improves memory, increases intuition.


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