"Fasting - a way to heal"

Fasting - this is the most effective natural cleaning process of the internal environment of the body, which allows to restore disturbed functions, and restore health. During fasting made a significant functional reorganization. How to reboot your computer to troubleshoot malfunctions, so fasting returns the body systems to their original, provided the nature of the operation.

High effectiveness of fasting with a variety of diseases caused by the fact that this is not the treatment directed against any particular disease, but a natural biological process, mobilizing its own protective and adaptive reactions of the body, developed by evolution. If you save and use their existing human natural defenses, the body will heal itself well, it is necessary only to him not to interfere, and, above all, to avoid any forced entry into his work, especially -. Chemical

For many years, Professor YS Nikolaev has demonstrated high efficacy of fasting and proved the feasibility of a wide application of this method in hospitals. Developed by Professor guidelines for the use of fasting have been approved by the Ministry of Health. From serious illnesses disposed of tens of thousands of patients who have been treated unsuccessfully pharmacological methods for many years. And how many people could not only recover from their ailments, but also to prevent them, because of the method of YS Nikolaev.

With all the diseases of civilization fasting under medical supervision act positively. Fasting has been used successfully for migraines, nervousness, states of moral exhaustion, lack of immunity, nicotine addiction, allergies, chronic inflammation, digestive disorders, rheumatism and arthritis, diabetes, high blood levels of cholesterol, uric acid, heart failure, arteriosclerosis, hypertension , fibromyalgia, menstrual irregularities, menopausal disorders, etc. Curative effects of voluntary starvation is so surprising that the German doctor Otto Buchinger called it "operation without a knife." And for healthy people, regular fasting is the best prevention and anti-aging therapy.

starvation treatment consists of two stages:
Stage 1 - starvation in combination with daily walks and mandatory physiotherapy, helps cleanse the body

. The first 2-3 days of hunger accompanied by increased appetite and constant thoughts of food. The general feeling is not suffering, but due to lower blood sugar levels, may appear headache, nausea, discomfort in the abdomen, mood decline. At this time, the doctor is very important support of the therapist, which adjusts the patient to the correct understanding of the processes occurring in the body and allows you to remove the feeling of hunger, building more dominant. Weight loss is usually very active, but the percentage of fat component of a low (15-20%).

On the third day rising stage begins ketoacidosis, lasting from 3 to 8-10 days, when the most fat reserves are consumed, the body functions more economical, reduced heart rate, reduced blood pressure, reduced production of digestive secretions (appetite disappears), slow down metabolic processes, which allows us to give peace and relaxation for the majority of organs and systems. At this stage there may be a deterioration of health. There is a general weakness, especially in the morning, dizziness (with a sudden change in body position), white patches on the tongue, the smell rising "acetone" breath, mood swings, sleep impairment, flying pains in the joints, the spine.

The intensity of these symptoms decreased after the passage of various restorative and therapeutic procedures and actions aimed at cleansing the body. Weight loss in this step is active with the maximum use of fatty components. The length of time a maximum of poor health and severe general weakness combined with further significant improvement in health and compulsory cessation of active weight loss is called a crisis of hunger, advancing according to the body mass index by 5 - 14 days of fasting)

. With 6-14 days of fasting adaptation to starvation becomes perfect. At this stage (compensated ketoacidosis) cleansing of the body is stimulated to a higher cellular level. After the onset of "crisis" adipose tissue is used very sparingly (to the crisis reduction in body weight may be 1-1.5 kg per day after 500-100 g), most stimulated reparative processes in the body die "sick" cells that actively displays the final products of metabolism agents and toxins, including metabolites of drugs.

By 14-21 day fasting is cleansed language appetite appears. These and some other features are a signal to stop fasting and evidence of effective "cleansing" the body. By the way, a person weighing seventy kilograms of fat stores is 12 - 16 kg. This reserve is sufficient to maintain the basal metabolic rate by 40 days or more!

Stage 2 - restorative power on a special diet. First juices from fresh fruits and vegetables, then raw vegetables and fruits in the form of tёrtom. Later - a special salad, green salad, then nuts, yogurt, some cereal .... Everything is absolutely no salt, to avoid swelling. Reducing diet is the most crucial step in the treatment process, as it determines the final effect and is equal to half of the discharge period, or is the same number of days, and fasting.

TERMS STARVATION individually! The duration of fasting is assigned and adjusted by your doctor. The average time 10-21 days. However, some patients have to interrupt the fasting ahead of schedule or go to step option when given a few short courses of treatment discharge.

Over the course of fasting, you will be able to significantly reduce its weight, cleanse the body of toxins, pass prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases, feel the lightness, cheerfulness, emotional lift, thinking becomes more sharp and clear, increase your efficiency and creativity.

After a course of RTD greatly increases the body's sensitivity to external influences, especially harmful to food. Therefore it is very important to realize before fasting causes of disease and to correct errors in the diet and in all the lifestyle that results achieved in the fasting to lose. Therefore, at least 2 weeks to exclude from food products (sausages, canned food), fatty, fried, pastry limit. The daily diet should be fruits and vegetables 2-3 times a week glass of decoction of rose hips and hawthorn.

Fasting is not just the cessation of food, and a complete change of lifestyle. Man goes from everyday life, he refuses to "poison the pleasures" such as coffee, spirits and cigarettes from distracting influences, such as TV. Instead, he goes to the nature and devotes his time to himself.
How can you stand it - not a 7 or more days? Unlike with medical starvation diet the patient does not feel strong hunger. Actually, never hungry. Because due to the metabolic changes the body is fed from its own reserves.

It is important to emphasize the fundamental difference between complete and incomplete starvation. If the fasting person will use even a tiny amount of food that the body breaks down the process of switching to the internal supply, distorts normal metabolism and may develop phenomenon dystrophy. Nothing like this when there is no medical starvation. Most people tolerate it quite easily, needless hunger almost completely disappears.

• cardiopsychoneurosis of hypertensive and mixed type and hypertension stage I-II;
• initial manifestations of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease (except for the state after suffering a severe heart attack and atherosclerosis Cardiosclerosis in violation of cardiac rhythm and conduction, and II b circulatory insufficiency expressed, III degree);
• bronchial asthma and obstructive bronchitis;
• pulmonary sarcoidosis stage I-II;
• functional diseases of the digestive system (dyspepsia, biliary dyskinesia, irritable bowel syndrome);
• chronic gastritis and gastroduodenitis;
• chronic enteritis and colitis;
• deformiruyuschieosteoartrozy, low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis (except in cases that occur with high activity and corticosteroid-dependent);
• alimentary obesity, diencephalic and constitutional origin;
• dizovarilnoe infertility;
• prostate adenoma;
• Skin allergies (chronic urticaria, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, drug or food poliallergiya);
• trophic ulcers;
• neuroses, depression, sluggish schizophrenia;
• resistant to drug therapy.
• cardiopsychoneurosis hypotonic type;
• cholelithiasis (high lithogenic bile);
• urolithiasis (oksalaturiya, phosphaturia, uraturia);
• gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer in the aggravation;
• phlebeurysm; • Iron deficiency anemia;
• insulin dependent diabetes mellitus;
• gout.

• malignant tumors and hematological malignancies;
• active TB of the lungs and other organs;
• hyperthyroidism and other endocrine diseases;
• active acute and chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver;
• chronic liver and renal insufficiency of any genesis;
• purulent-inflammatory diseases of the respiratory organs and the abdominal cavity;
• severe active inflammation of any localization;
• circulatory insufficiency II B-III degree;
• persistent irregular heart rhythm and conduction;
• Body weight pronounced deficit (body mass index less than 19 kg / m2);
• infectious and parasitic diseases;
• thrombophlebitis and thrombosis (dry fasting);
• transferred organ transplantation (heart transplantation, kidney, etc.);
• implanted artificial tissue (skin, heart valves, etc.);
• during pregnancy and lactation;
• children (under 14 years) and older (over 70 years);
• uncertain diagnosis of the disease.

"... It should be remembered that the positive results of the treatment can not be obtained without the stress states of the organism." BV Bolotov

This cleaning procedure is the strongest responses in the body: rejected pathogenic start, much energy is consumed, a person weakens. It is a biological law.
However, the purification process is often necessary to apply the brake to the purification has not taken a threatening avalanche.
Fasting works amazingly. It combines the power of purification and safety processes.


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