Why is it difficult to switch to a raw food diet?

Because the body is not ready. The body should be cleansed and rebuilt. Why do men (and women) are so big bellies and they increasingly resemble pregnant? I will tell you a secret. In a healthy human intestinal wall thickness of 1, 5-2 mm, and in people whose bodies are intoxicated, - from 3 to 10 mm! And when you consider that the intestine is 10 times longer than the body, you can imagine how much it is. No, better not represent, perhaps. All this is so pathogenic microflora hampers the absorption of nutrients that a person starts to hurt, it lacks vitamins, proteins and minerals. So when we start to eat, all of this stuff out. First cleaned intestines, then liver, kidney and then, then the blood and the lungs. And when that happens (1-2 months), fresh food is really a thrill.

More about heat treatment.
When heat treatment is destroyed tissue. When the heat treatment destroys vitamin. Heat treated oil including refined oil, provoke angina, tonsillitis. Heat-treated starches trigger inflammatory processes in the body. A caffeine - it is simply a drug

. Let's dispel a few popular myths.

Meat - it's tasteless. The taste of the meat attached to spices and seasonings, which he seasoned, mostly - MSG (that it was so "meat"). Or vegetables served as a side dish. Have you ever tried simply boiled meat without salt and spices? It's disgusting. So why should it then have?

Nuts and seeds do not have to fry. Another bullshit, which often occurs when people say "necessarily roast nuts and seeds." Nothing needs to be fried, so any benefit will be. Vegetable oils are converted upon heat treatment into carcinogens. Carcinogens cause cancer. Buy and have need unroasted nuts, they are in the store are called - "natural".

Milk is not a source of calcium. Milk is a source of hormones, cholesterol and allergens. Calcium is not absorbed from the milk, on the contrary - the milk, as well as any animal product acidifies the body, and to neutralize the acid, the body uses calcium, not only from milk, and from its own reserves mostly from bone. In general, the daily rate of calcium - 300 mg. It tablespoon sesame or poppy. In Soviet times, it was established rate of calcium intake - from 800 to 1000 mg per day. This rate was calculated on the basis of the average calcium intake Soviet citizens. And in Japan and the countries of the East for some reason the rate of calcium intake less than 300 mg per day. And for some reason they are less sick.

Bread - it naivredneyshy product. The quintessence of heat-treated refined grains, yeast, refined oil, salt, sugar, and any flavor enhancers. And as it is also all praising! "Eat with bread, otherwise naeshsya, bread around the head." What nonsense is this? Repeat like parrots, and it would be necessary to consider whether all this is true.

Plant foods contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. And all the amino acids. You just need to properly prepare the menu. It is known also that the winter is caused by a vitamin deficiency in the first place, the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables. Well, even the lack of sun. But, primarily, the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables. Those who in the winter eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables, the spring vitamin deficiency is manifested mainly the lack of sun. But it's not so scary.

Vegetarians in the world a lot. More than a billion. Even Zhirinovsky - a vegetarian. But more about that in the press ignore. Why? Because he - a man influential, people are drawn for him. And if people would stop eating meat, it would be disadvantageous to producers of meat. Because they control the masses. They imposed the cult of meat. These people have, quite frankly, and most simply do not resist and enjoy.

Raw food diet - is not asceticism. Conversely raw foodists in anything does not deny, eat what you want and how you want. Although very much and do not want to, because raw food is much better than saturates. Raw foodists - not "drischi". Is that in the transitional period, but this is because the body is rebuilt. Some raw foodists even after becoming weigh more than before.

I would like to remind you that health - is not the goal, nor even means. It's a lifestyle. It is a way of life. Healthy lifestyle.


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