Raw food diet - conceived by the nature

Today our guest is Anna Zimenskaya, gastroenterologist, pediatrician, expert on traditional medicine that uses a different recovery methods, selecting them by each person individually.

 - Anna, tell us about yourself
.  - I'm a doctor-Naturotherapeutists as being a simple doctor, I'm tired of working with drugs and engage in treatment, because the cure can be long, but not completely finish the cure, and now I went to the practice of healing, when I do not cure diseases and increase safety forces of the body, the inclusion of self-recovery mode, regeneration and revitalization of the body's systems, resulting person gets health, rather than struggling with the disease, losing health along the way. I looked quite extensively at the improvement of practice, and I believe that any approach must be comprehensive, including a change of power, replace the motor activity, tempering, psycho-emotional hygiene, that is, all together, and only then it will work to the maximum. Many people are very much mistaken, one of those who goes on a raw food diet, thinking that just by changing diet and becoming a wholly-owned raw foodists, life immediately becomes beautiful, all the sores will go away and will be happy, but that moment, as a rule, does not occur because a person fixate on just one - on food and does not address other aspects of their lives, while many are fanatically
.  - Where and when you first learned about the raw food diet? Why did not reject the new information?
 - On the raw food diet, I learned a long time ago, as a teenager, and this idea has taken immediately, since this kind of food is designed by nature. I have a certain taste was formed, and I could not imagine that one day I will have only raw foods, it somehow did not understand how to do it. Then gradually the power was perfected, there were many fresh fruits, vegetables, and, apparently, my body is gradually cleared, passed on their own, I was not required itself as a break and to exclude from your diet some cooked foods, stay on the strength of will all come in my life is completely natural, and now, being in the syroednom power, I do not cling to the dogma of the raw food diet and if I feel that I need to eat a baked broccoli or some baked beans, then I will gladly do it.
 - How to change your weight and appearance after switching to a raw food diet
?  - No significant changes have been perhaps been fluctuations in the 2 kg, but in general, nothing has changed, because the raw food and before I had enough balanced diet, especially fruits and vegetables, including cooked and baked. My state of health has changed dramatically for the better, when my life is gone, not only meat, but also to cereals, and dairy products.
 - What kind of achievements in sports, art, business, you have achieved with the help of a raw food diet
?  - Got some personal positive experience, I realized that it is possible to live in the power system and now I share my experience with other people
. Cool life has not changed, but the raw food diet indirectly influenced my creative abilities needed less sleep, it began to look better. Main same - active position in life, formed a certain world view, which helps in life, which is that I am aware of all that is happening around me, that is a consequence of my own thoughts and my actions
. To help other people, but not only raw food diet, but more psychological support, because, as a rule, the source of the disease is not in the field of nutrition, and much deeper in the problem of the relationship, changes in the psycho-emotional background, resentment, self-pity, a small amount of love - in this major problems.
 - Your definition of "raw food diet"? What type of practice a raw food diet?
 - Raw food diet - is the use of raw foods, and then there are different options: someone eats raw fish or meat, some vegetables, etc. I am myself not to drive under any definition, practice what I want, that my body today wants, and drink, if you want fruits, then eat the fruit if the vegetables, then eat vegetables if the salad, then do yourself a salad, I wanted very fish - please be fish, marinated in spices, although this is very rare. I do not give your diet any name or definition.
But I know that different types of foods are best eaten separately from each other, this should come naturally.
 - Where better to take a beginner raw foodists information to avoid confusion in the different approaches
?  - Internally. The fact is that in all the information that is now there - part truth, part of the iniquity of the author's personal experience that can not be replicated on all people without exception, although the experience can be a positive and reliable enough. Therefore, we can learn all sorts of available resources, but still try to adapt ourselves, we can not literally take and execute each technique. It is advisable to consult with experts knowledgeable and experienced people who can tell, to pay attention to certain details.
 - What kind of health practices in addition to using raw food diet
?  - Be sure to use a hardening and gymnastics, dousing with cold water and walking barefoot in the snow, running, stretching, gymnastics Old Slavonic, liver cleansing, fasting, bannuyu
practice.  - What are the products of your diet is and where to get them? Searching for whether organic foods, take into account the issue of detention of "chemistry" in fruits and vegetables, their seasonality and maturity?
 - I have a villa with a garden, where my family is grown quality products, I am sure they agree and that you should try to look for organic products. Usually choose more natural foods, especially the smell, being long on natural food, smell prompts that take and what not to take. But if the opportunity to buy organic products are not, then I buy simple, I do not feel justified to spend a lot of time and effort to search for the best products. You have to understand that I live, not to eat, but to have a certain energy and do something useful in life, interesting, getting the most fun and give the benefit of others. It does not matter what comes in and what goes out - in the form of emotions, actions, words, and it is much more important
.  - You can share your favorite recipe dishes
?  - I used a lot of cooking on the raw food diet, nutritional my family was the first, second, third, fourth - all raw, it is very interesting and it helped us to easily make friends with raw food, but after a few months of such varied diet all already tired, the body I made it clear that it is tasteless. If I'm doing salads, do not grinds heavily components is coarsely chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, not to lose the flavor of each vegetable separately, but the salads are still doing now. I really like the way my husband is preparing green smoothies: you need to mix prunes, spinach and salad greens, lemon, apple, celery, drink
-To receive stunning.  - Do you have any children? If so, what you have to offer them food to choose from? Is a raw food diet is suitable for children? If so, what are its characteristics?
 - Yes, I have two children. The eldest son of 3 and 5 years old, the youngest daughter of 2 years. Children follow the same diet, as my husband and I, TE raw diet, and we can give them candy, buy bread at the request of her son, cook the pancakes, even though I understand that it is junk food, but communicating in society, it is necessary to compromise, if someone treats, we are not tearing shouting junk food, and calmly try to limit its number, replace utility sweets that we do ourselves. Our task - it does not restrict the child and teach him to feel a measure, to determine what is harmful and what is useful to learn to love and respect yourself. We give children a lot of herbal teas, brewed rose. In general, what we eat and drink yourself, and offer to children.
 - What naturopaths, reputable raw foodists have influenced your style of eating? People should definitely listen to newcomers? And who should be avoided, and why?
 - It is difficult to answer this question. Initially, there is no authority for me, but in my childhood my choice, it was the practice of fasting, influenced book Fields Brega "Miracle of Fasting" - it interested me food and I started paying attention to, think, and now I am happy to listen to the experiences of different people, various experts note for myself certain nuances, but in general, I always think myself, I think if this is true, would it work for me, whether it will work for kom-to or it is a personal experience of this man and all is over. Of these experts, I have great respect for Michael Sovetova, because he is very balanced, very harmonious and well presents information that encourages a person to think for themselves and not blindly follow kem-libo.
 - From what blunders you want to warn the beginner raw foodists
?  - I advise you to switch to a raw food diet gradually, with periodic looking back, very clear focus on your appetite for their internal needs, all the recommendations flowing through you, to understand, and if they fit you, in this case, do not limit yourself to use boiled or harmful food that was not infinite loop. We need to come to ensure that you are not currently banned, but just did not want to eat junk. Psycho-emotional state initially, and then it all comes down to the physical body.
 - How to gently introduce healthy eating habits in the life of loved ones
?  - Become a happy, healthy, active, successful man, and nearby are the people make themselves your choice, you will need to deal with them without the expectation that those people who are close to you, to change, because it would be violence, restriction of their freedom, their selection. Change ourselves and loved ones can look and see your beautiful, successful and want too. The main thing is not to persuade, not to explain, not to convince - joins the protest and protection, the whole process of knowledge stops

.  - Is it permissible to a raw food diet for pregnant women and nursing mothers
 - Many women on pregnancy start experimenting with raw food, an abrupt transition to it in one day, or do it on breastfeeding conducted certain experiments while on unbalanced syroednoy diet, which diet they themselves come up and make a lot of mistakes, thereby the child may not have enough milk or mother's milk becomes more depleted, resulting in little children gain weight and grow poorly. That pregnant women and nursing mothers, I would recommend to carefully follow the child or does not adhere to one hundred percent raw food diet, if they had only recently changed your diet. You can switch to a raw food diet, but very slowly, with the inclusion of the usual cooked foods, to assess the state on their own and on the child, on weight gain and if all is well, we can continue to experiment and reduce the amount of cooked foods in the diet. In general, you need to very carefully and gently move and then you will be able to optimally pick up your diet.
 - Your wishes to readers of the newspaper
.  - Readers of the newspaper "Arguments of the Week" I wish to expand their worldview, not to focus only on the issues of power, or any other area of ​​life, and more broadly and harmoniously look at the world and to be less categorical, especially in relation to other people and their choice. The world - this is our reflection and, if something does not like it, you can submit a claim only to himself.


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