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Most of our doctors are very skeptical about the adult vegetarianism, what to speak of children. The most advanced, doctors refer to vegetarianism as a child to the whims of parents and graciously appointed a bunch of supplements and vitamins, all necessary compensating alleged that there is in the meat. But there are doctors who recognize the benefits of this way of eating for children. Questions Children Ecotopia (DE) about proper nutrition for children is responsible pediatrician, gastroenterologist, phytotherapeutist, an expert on calorie restriction, a member of the Russian Association of Traditional Medicine Anna Zimenskaya.

Anna ED, you're not just a practitioner, you are the mother of two children. Which way of eating you have chosen for them?

Anna: My family, including children, adheres to the raw vegan diet. However, I carefully watched the children for their food desires. Periodically I offered them to try the chicken and quail eggs, fish. Children tried themselves refused to eat these products. Dairy products, we also tried, and they liked children, but I immediately noted the appearance of shadows under the eyes, appeared snot. After repeated experiments, we completely eliminated dairy products from the diet.

JA: Then what exactly feed your children?

Anna: In our diet contains fresh fruits, fresh and frozen berries, flax cereal, buckwheat sprouts or steamed, frozen peas and corn, nuts and seeds, vegetables. At the same time, at the request of the child, we can buy bread, to give a piece of candy.

JA: Even a piece of candy?

Anna: We live in a social environment. Children interact with their peers, and they do not quite understand the limitations. We try to respect the child's desire to taste and, at the same time not to neglect a situation, and actively participate in the conversation, because our task is not to prohibit and to teach self-control, self-esteem, self-love, a sense of action.

JA: It's really a very wise approach. And how many of your patients including children, vegans?

Anna: Yes, children, vegans are now becoming more

. JA: What is the most convincing argument in favor of you bring such a diet for kids? We're not only themselves, but also need to convince the grandmothers. :)

Anna: Excessive consumption of meat causes the rotting processes in intestines, developing dysbiosis, fatty meat broth overload the pancreas, excess protein load on the kidneys, and refined flour products pollute the lymph. If the grandmother is considered necessary meat, you can give your child a piece of meat once or twice a week with a garnish of vegetables. But notice, it is meat, not sausage, sausage and other meat products.

JA: Let me go to practice. A child under one year usually lure mashed potatoes and cereals. I heard that clover in boxes that are rich in vitamins, can harm the health of the toddler.

Anna: These cereals contain a lot of starch and synthetic vitamins are not effective.

JA: Then is it possible to cook porridge itself, but without cooking? For example, green grind buckwheat, spelled, oats in a coffee grinder, and then pour boiling water? Or better soak overnight and then grind in a blender?

Anna: So you can cook buckwheat and flax. Oats and other grains, a child under one year will not be able to fully grasp. Better fit oats, sprouted lentils. The basis of power up to a year is breast milk or a substitute. Many mothers make the mistake of forcing lure breastfeeding or giving up the "unnatural" of the mixture. When the weight of the deficit, oats, buckwheat is better to boil or steam thoroughly. The lure begins with 6 months, in some cases, a little later.

JA: Since babies understandable. Let's move on to older kiddies. The hardest part of the child's diet - Dinner. Opinions of doctors differ. Some believe that the child needs to be fed is always tight, and then adult rules "do not eat after 6" is not suitable. But others have a year or two is recommended to teach there for dinner only something light - fruit, for example. What is your opinion?

Anna: Dinner for older children ends in 18-19 hours. The kids at bedtime may receive mother's milk. For dinner, eat good green smoothies, baked vegetables, vegetable salads, tofu, buckwheat. Tyazhuyu better food to eat at lunchtime.

JA: We all know that refined sugar is harmful. Although my grandmother believed that childhood without sweets too sad. What advice would you give tasty and not harmful to offer a child? At what age can give dried fruit, such as dates?

Anna: soaked dried fruits can be given already to the year. Be careful with dried apricots, can cause allergies. Sam sugar can sometimes be used, if not tolerated honey. It is better if the baby will drink cranberry juice sweetened with a little than generally refuses to Morse.

JA: Yes, I know there are moms who are very strictly follow the "misses" of sugar in the diet. :)

Anna: Sugar longer harmful in excess, bring greater harm pastries, candies containing heated oil, trans fats, starch. I support the idea to not eat sugar. But let us have a less categorical view the world.

JA: It is believed that all the necessary elements of a person can synthesize their own, including the essential amino acids. Do you agree? Then why in the adult abruptly give up meat, often there is a deficiency, for example, B12?

Anna: Yes, the human body can synthesize much if it does not interfere with the way of life, poor quality food inferences. For a complete self-needed restructuring of the biochemical processes that can last for years, as well as an active influence on the health of other areas such as emotional stability, physical activity, understanding the meaning of life, hardening, compliance biorhythms.

JA: Obviously, we need restructuring. Adults often do a great "experience" of malnutrition. And as it happens in children? If the child is vegan from birth, it simplifies the process and still need to take test samples?

Anna: First of all it is necessary to observe the child, his food desires. Very useful is the expert advice to estimate the total development of the child and only then addressed the issue of the need analysis. The simplest tests are clinical analysis of blood and urine, further informative study of blood on the 12, malic acid blood iron, latent iron binding capacity of serum.

JA: All around saying that we need protein, if it is not a myth, or vegetable protein is suitable for growth? It is again a question from the category of "Why would a convincing say experiencing grandmothers. :) »

Anna: Yes, protein is, of course, necessary. With a balanced diet of protein deficiency on veganism is not. Grandmothers are giving their love, respect, attention and still listen, because in the words of relatives somewhere deep hidden very valuable information for you. And then, grandparents do not have to pay your attention to this, something important, using the power.

JA: Anna, thank you very much for the informative answers, and advice is not to be categorical. :) We congratulate you with the first spring sun, we wish you well, happiness and success in your good business!


Anna Zimenskaya

• Naturotherapeutists, 14 years of practice in the field of natural therapy and dietetics
• Phytotherapeutist
• Specialist complex girudoterapii and Old Slavonic obdavlivaniyu
belly •
Gastroenterologist •
Pediatrician • Specialist fasting-diet therapy
• on a raw food diet
Consultant • Veda health programs on therapeutic fasting, lecture
• Member of the Russian Association of Traditional Medicine
• Member of the Moscow alliance girudoterapevt
Anna Igorevna Zimenskaya, born in 1982.
I was born a healthy child and Andrei Zhdanov have loving parents.
It so happened that at the age of 6 months I got sick normal respiratory infection. Due to the high temperature hospitalized me and started stabbing antibiotics. At the hospital, he picked up a new, more aggressive pathogenic flora and again repeated courses of antibiotics. As a result, due to the depletion of the immune system has developed bronchial asthma. One after another, there were attacks of breathlessness, which can be removed only by intravenous prednisolone. It began to develop adrenal insufficiency with crises.
I hope for medicine exhausted. I began searching for information. Mom read a lot of literature, which could reach, according to treatments, ask people.
When I was one year old, my parents decided no longer to seek medical help. Houses began active work: Juice therapy (apple, cabbage, repovy, potato juice), diet therapy, herbal medicine, the dosage exercise, massage, walking, hygiene antiallergic treatment. Gradually the attacks became less frequent, but it was close enough to someone to sneeze, how soon developed acute respiratory infections and bronchospasm.
When I was 2, 5 years old, my mother met a wonderful man, Boris Sergeyevich Tolkachev - a teacher of physical education
. Book Tolkachev B.S.B.S. Tolkachev developed a comprehensive methodology for the treatment of bronchial asthma, comprising:
• Exercise, exercise the respiratory muscles of the chest and diaphragmatic breathing;
• restoration of the proper nasal breathing;
• Massage with a strong irritant to the zones and points of skin sensitivity is directly related to breathing;
• hardening with low-temperature regime;
• drainage exercises, allowing to clear the bronchi of the viscous, sometimes purulent secretions;
• psycho-emotional support.
Running with sobakoyI immediately began .... Jogging, morning gymnastics, massages and a point of the chest, dousing with cold water every two hours, figure skating. When ARI helped reduce the temperature of hot orange juice, hot mineral water without gas (Borjomi, Narzan). The daily diet was a lot of vegetables, herbs and fruits. Added the breathing exercises KP Buteyko.
The disease gradually began to recede, asthma attacks stopped, skin allergies disappeared. So I went back to a healthy full life and with 3 years no longer takes medication.
I express gratitude to their parents and the whole family, Boris Sergeyevich for love, for faith, for the responsibility and perseverance, attention and sensitivity. Thank you, my dear!
For 5 years, I knew I would be a doctor, very much like to share the experience of healing.
As awareness of growth became interested in books that stood on my mother's shelf. Among the books were works of P. Brega, GP Malakhov and others.
In 12 years, I started to reduce the amount of meat in the diet, fasting, and soon completely abandoned him. Bathe in the hole, he is actively involved in sports, reading spiritual literature.
Heartfelt thanks to my spiritual mentor Viktor Alekseev, who filled my path with knowledge and support.
MMAPostupiv to medical school, I have carefully studied the various disciplines and found confirming evidence and explanations resulting in a lifetime experience.
Studies at the institute, combined with the work of the connective tissue in the laboratory on the basis of NN CITO name Priorov where under the microscope revealed to me a huge unknown inner world.
In 2005 he graduated with honors from the Moscow Medical Academy named after IM Sechenov. Then finished his residency in pediatrics at the Department of Childhood Illness Medical Academy. He worked as a pediatrician and a therapist. To deepen their knowledge passed professional training in gastroenterology.
Diploma - Anna Zimenskaya
... And it turned out that I am at the beginning, for the healing of other questions required knowledge. So I began to study precisely the methods of traditional medicine, herbal medicine was trained by the Institute on the basis of herbal medicine under the guidance of Vladimir Fedorovich Korsun.
fitoterapevtovVtoroy International Congress of Phytotherapy congress of "Modern problems of phytotherapy and herbalism ethnic", Moscow 11-13 September 2010
Operating and observing the development of the disease, I saw a very clear relationship with the pathological process negative emotions, diet and a violation of natural rhythms. But wise nature long ago gave us omnipotent and infallible methods of restoring health.
Gradually my treatments become based mostly on the experience of traditional medicine, in my practice, I began to use natural methods of natural healing:
• diet therapy;
• calorie restriction (water and dry fasting);
• phytotherapy, aromatherapy;
• hirudotherapy;
• hydrotherapy;
• turpentine baths;
• physiotherapy;
• massage;
• bathing practices;
• psychotherapy.
The body - a holistic structure, the living ecosystem, smooth and harmonious, which can not be divided into separate systems and organs. For the recovery to run common backup processes of adaptation, enhance the vitality of the body. To healing has occurred, it is necessary to solve the problem comprehensively, to use all of these methods of treatment involve all spheres of life.
One of my favorite methods is calorie restriction, ie, fasting. Fasting (water or dry) - the best natural process of purification and rejuvenation! I am happy to field training for starvation and can not help wondering the wisdom of nature and the possibilities of self-regulation and self-healing of the human body.
In 2013 and 2014, she worked as the chief physician at the sanatorium of Naturopathic Medicine "Birches", created wellness programs, led a group of fasting.
The staff of the medical unit, "Birches" group of hungry
The resort came very interesting people, craftsmen, and everyone there left a part of himself.
Marwa Vagarshakovna Ohanyan leads a seminar in "Birches»
They shared their experiences VB Gurvich, M. Ohanyan.
Thank you, dear colleagues, for the journey together! Special thanks to the creator of the great unifying project Sergey Moroz!
In 2011, I studied at the School of Wisdom Anatoly Aleksandrovich Nekrasov. Formed during the execution of tasks the system of values ​​helped me fill the harmony of family relationships and the development of the school to learn to live in love and joy.
During the reception, I always pay attention to the psychological state of the patient, his life's problems and I see a very clear link between outlook and disease. Only after working the inner fears and fill yourself with love, we can be truly healthy. Observing the rules of psycho-emotional health, we ensure the normal functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems, and thus restore the harmonious interaction of organs and cells.
Since 2014 I am a member of the Russian Association of Folk Medicine (RAMS)

Certificate Ranma
Also in 2014, the complex underwent a course of hirudotherapy, recovery and healing with leeches. Integrated hirudotherapy includes: spiritual cleansing; manual massage of the abdomen; formulation of leeches; vacuum therapy. Master the technique practical application of medicinal leeches and manipulation of the abdomen in the modification of VA Savinova.
gtrudoterapii At the end of the course I am a member of the Moscow alliance girudoterapevt.
girudoterapiya Certificate

I have a wonderful family. Favorite male supports me in all endeavors. We have two wonderful children: the eldest son and daughter Svetloyar Ladomir. We give birth to children with her husband at home together. Childbirth, we have created a soft and joyful. Children grow up in the joy of us. All family members adhere to the raw vegan food.
On the raw food my husband and I moved unexpectedly. Our diet consisted initially of a large number of raw vegetables, fruits, herbs. I knew that a raw food diet - a reference food, but in my life it would be sometime later. But the children of parents accelerate the development, and in the first pregnancy, I would just all fresh and raw. And just before the birth Sergey Dobrozdravin invited as a speaker at the forum of medical vegetarians and raw foodists. Perform, communicate with colleagues and guests, and realized that there is no way back.

The first forum of doctors raw foodists first forum of doctors
raw foodists First All-Russian Forum of doctors raw foodists and vegans, July 2011
By the way, eating raw foods, I have not felt during pregnancy, no discomfort, there was no toxicity. Of course, it is important that I led an active life: a lot of moving, bathed, involved in gymnastics. Both children were born to 4 kg, healthy!
Ballroom tantsyKreschenskie kupaniyaPolёt

I continue his development and work on a year-round in the morning running around barefoot in shorts and tank top, bathe in a mountain stream, or pour cold water, spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoying his status of womanhood and discover new facets of this magical state. My life is full of movement and travel.
I conduct educational activities in the field of healthy nutrition.
Пресс-конференция в ИнтерфаксеРечь на мероприятии в Лавин Хат
Лекция о здоровье в школеСеминар
Снялась в научно-популярных фильмах: «Путь мяса», «Жизнь прекрасна», «Еда живая и мёртвая», тематических репортажах.
Я знаю, я создаю свой день, я рисую картину своей жизни и от меня всецело зависит сюжет, цветовая гамма. И если в моей жизни, что-то начинает не нравиться, осознав причину событий и меняясь изнутри, я приглашаю в свою жизнь Любовь, беру в руки кисточку и рисую желаемую картину.
Желаю и вам поступательного развития, радости, наполненности любовью и крепкого здоровья!
Начнём позитивно мыслить и жить в согласии с природой, изменим питание и свои привычки, и здоровье станет для нас естественным состоянием!
С любовью и пожеланием счастья,
Анна Зименская


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