Our bodies are home to microorganisms

And the place of residence of bacteria that create our flora is the intestine. Normally, one person of their home to about two kilograms.

Normal intestinal microflora consists of a long list of bacteria, the main of which - E. coli, bifidobacteria, lactobacilli and enterococci. Bacterial waste products in the body are the various organic acids (lactic acid, succinic acid, acetic acid, formic acid), proteins, amino acids, niacin, folic acid, vitamin K, B1, B2, B12. The list does not end there. All the above products powered host. And do microbes prefer as a power plant fibers.

But normal human microflora, unfortunately, is not common in our world. Rather, we can talk about rampant dysbacteriosis. Therefore, the formation of a healthy microflora -. The success of the transition to a raw food diet

To determine what kind of flora is the preferred and proper for us to get back to basics and learn that a newborn baby is formed by the microflora, which is dominated by E. coli. They are the builders of the human immune system and fighters against pathogens.

And it is known that a craving for certain foods is determined by our microflora. For example, a craving for sweets is determined by the predominance of the fermentation of microflora, to proteins - bifidobacteria. As for Escherichia coli, it prefers fruits and vegetables, and proteins from even plant, is feeling unwell.

But the body with an established microflora, even after switching to a raw food diet, still requires the usual food. No wonder, in the early stages, many prefer fruits and concentrated food - nuts and dried fruits (proteins and sugars). Units of those people who prefer the greens and root cause.

So, leaving the diet with a predominance of fruit and nuts, the body does not build the correct microflora, it continues to feed the old. Hence the frequent "crises", an extinct eyes, yellowish skin tone, "raging" stomach problems with teeth and hair, as a consequence - loss of optimism

. All of this is guaranteed to be avoided. Although specific human diet - it's fruit, but the normal flora will be formed correctly if the diet would be the basis greens and vegetables. These products do not support the fermentation, contain much more of fiber.

In addition, fruits are sometimes underripe or overripe. Often they artificially "ripen". It would not benefit our friendly microbes and the body as a whole. And with vegetables and herbs such does not happen, if they have grown up, you are ready to go into the food.

If you follow this method of supply, in the near future will be positive changes are noticeable. Stop fermentation in the gut, the constant desire to have disappear, teeth and gums will become stronger. In addition, vegetables are cheaper and more accessible. The microflora will be happy, and your mood will improve with it! "


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