The principles of healthy eating.

Adopting even some of them, you can improve your diet and improve your health significantly :)

1. The use of food only environmentally friendly products.

2. Eating seasonal produce from the area.

3. Thorough chewing. The food should be processed with saliva profusely: "Liquid chew solid drinkĀ»

. 4. Do not over-eating.
Get up from the table, feeling light malnutrition.

5. The absence of drink during the meal.
Never wash down the food. Drink water, fresh juices for 15-20 minutes. before meals or 1-1, 5:00 after.

6. Refusal of refined foods and drinks manufactured industrially.
Whatever it is written on the package - a methylated spirits

. 7. Use only freshly prepared food.
Do not prepare for future use. Immediately after chopping vegetables and fruits begin active processes of decomposition. A fruit juice loses its beneficial properties after 20 minutes, after squeezing.

8. Daily use of water with lemon.
Powerful healing and rejuvenating tool that can prevent the development of many diseases, even to kill cancer cells. In fact, a mixture of natural juice with water affects the body as a means of retarding aging. It is recommended to take every morning on an empty stomach, 15-20 minutes before meals. Contraindications: gastric ulcer, allergic to lemons

. 9. A daily intake of greens. Chlorophyll contained in plants - the sun is in liquid form. Plants have a unique ability to convert among other elements: carbon dioxide into magnesium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus and oxygen in potassium. Eat more greens in salads, make a green smoothie.

10. The right combination of products.
In a separate feed maximally activates all body functions. Do not combine in one step with proteins and carbohydrates (for example, nuts, along with cereals, seeds). Do not combine different types of nuts, or grains (seeds) in one step. Incorrect combination of products leads to a weakening of the functions of the digestive microflora and defeat.

11. Use the least amount of ingredients in cooking, giving the benefits of combinations of products that contribute to the synthesis of substances by the body.
The more products we combine during a meal, the less our immune system is activated.

12. Exclusion of all types of spirits.
Spirits, even in small quantities, is much ground product and destroys brain cells.

13. The use of plant products without heat treatment - a raw food diet. This live food is the most healthy diet, promotes longevity, spiritual development and expansion of consciousness. Raw fruits, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains - are the only products that optimally activate all metabolic processes. The thermally processed food impairs metabolism, body zashlakovyvaetsya that loads the blood and deducing organs and leads to an acceleration of the aging process.

14. Exclusion of the use of sugar and table salt. They weaken the immune system. Replace salt and sugar with natural products.

15. Minimizing the consumption of fatty foods. Do not use animal fats. Try to minimize the consumption of vegetable oils.

16. The practice of short-term (1-day), fasting as a way to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and updates microflora.

17. The serenity and peace of mind, physical activity.
Various spiritual practices and physical exercises, hatha yoga, tai chi, ki gong, can help to significantly slow down the aging process. This spiritual power of man can so increase that matter transtsedentiruetsya, thereby losing its frailty and no longer have any effect on the aging process in the body.

18. The absence of negative thoughts and behaviors.
This leads to a general imbalance in the body and, eventually, to defeat microflora.
Listen to yourself, to know and trust your body.


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