Why the principles of useful life rules: 10 non-obvious questions

Why the principles of better regulation?


No need to invent the principles of life. The invented principles are not working. The principles need to draw from yourself. They you already have.


In Esquire magazine's popular column "Rules of life". Her people of varying degrees of celebrity tell us how they live and what rules they follow. In a previous article, I argued that there is no truly effective and generally accepted rules of life. However, I think, is what can be called the principles of life. A celebrity of a magazine, in fact, to talk about their individual life principles and not on rules.

Let me explain the difference. I'm under the "rules" you see a clear and unambiguous instructions. For example: never tell anyone not to lend, not to have sex on the first date, don't eat pork, 10% of proceeds given to charity. These are the rules.

Principles of life are different laws that people have determined empirical, primarily by.

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The principles of life – thing much more General, broad and flexible. They represent the various laws that people have determined empirical, primarily by.

Laws and principles are different from rules main: community. Rules work under specific conditions and situations. They do not explain anything and just give the specific Directive. When conditions change, the rules cease to work and they don't even give any hints what to do next. But the laws and principles have the latitude. They allow you to develop effective strategies of behavior in different situations and conditions, even where no standard rules just yet.


Note: I just want to draw attention to one important thing. The principles should be "working." That is, their effectiveness must be proven in practice. And YOUR practice! No matter how convincing principle. It should work in your life situation in your favor. Otherwise it is worthless.


All the basic principles of life can be divided into two broad categories:

1. General

2. Individual

General principles describe the natural and system processes, which are theoretically always work for everyone.

For example:

  • Creating and maintaining order in life requires effort, chaos appears by itself and requires only inaction.

  • Decisions made in a condition of strong emotional excitement, most often not the best.

  • The longer any life situation, the more momentum it gains and the more it affects your life.

  • Development is never linear and always accompanied by crises.

Individual principles you discover yourself. They are the product of your experience, or rather his reinvention, processing and validation. And that is why they are the most valuable and important.

Personal principles. Why they are needed and how to formulate them?

Read about the principles of life of other people is undoubtedly interesting and maybe even useful. It is characteristic that people with life principles you interesting and they succeed.


Following the other principles leads to tragic consequences.


However, other principles of life can be not only inspiring, but also dangerous. Following the other principles leads to tragic consequences. They are comparable with the results of inept transplantation of a foreign organ in your body.

Most strongly and positively on our lives affect the principles that you were able to find and articulate themselves. These principles are the result of your life experience and the result of your "karma". Even the General principles we really perceive only when they passed through our life experience. Then they acquire a special power and significance.

Can you formulate the principles on which your life? If Yes, then try to write them down. Very often there are surprises. We think we live by the same principles, and in fact, we exist for others. Also, don't confuse Outlook on life in life.

Outlook on life is your thoughts about life. Principles of life is what you follow (and this often happens unconsciously) when making decisions, actions, life choices.

If you can't immediately articulate their principles of living, try to answer a few questions. I assure you that this is a fun activity.

Ten questions that will help you to understand your inner principles of life.

  • In what situations and circumstances do you most like and are most effective?

  • What are your actions usually lead to success and which to failure?

  • Are there for you to preliminary indications, will successfully end the begun business or not? If so, what are they?

  • In what emotional state you most often get results and some lose?

  • Repeating what situations come to your mind when you think about the laws that govern your life?

  • When and under what circumstances you come up with the best ideas?

  • What or who best of all pushes you to commit actions and deeds?

  • How fast you take the best decisions in your life? And in what conditions?

  • On what basis do you choose your friends? What qualities should they have? As for what they actually possess?

  • What you will never do? That is contrary to your principles of life?

If you write the answers to all these questions and think about you a lot in your life will see unexpected sides.

As an example of how an understanding of the principles of its life affects its quality and the possibility of change for the better, I will cite the case of one of my clients.

Anastasia – the top Manager of a large company. Here are some of her answers:

  • Question: "In what situations and circumstances do you most like and are most effective?»

  • Answer: "when I make a decision completely independently, proceeding from own understanding of the situation, not external pressure".

  • Question: "What are your actions usually lead to success and which to failure?»

  • Answer: "To the success of lead actions that do not cause any conflicts and contradictions inside of me. At the time of the decision I have to be in a state that I would describe as "being in itself"".

  • Question: "What are repeating a situation come to your mind when you think about the laws that govern your life?»

  • Answer: "the Greatest success I have achieved in those cases, when I followed my intuition and did not pay attention to generally accepted norms and rules. I can also say that in my life there are recurrent disappointments and losses that are related to what I was trying to lead his life in accordance with some generally accepted "standard»

  • Question: "When and under what circumstances you come up with the best ideas?»

  • Answer: "When I'm not in the office. For example, walking in a beautiful Park or by the waterfront. To me it is also important that this time around there were not many people."

This simple exercise Anastasia has formulated several principles of his life. Among them were such as:

1. The best decisions in my life, I accept yourself. So I have to arrange my life so as to minimize its presence in the system that I impose "rules of the game".

2. I take good decisions only when found to be in agreement with you. So if I feel internal conflict or are under pressure, I need to forbid myself to make any important decisions in the first place to put himself in order.

3. Atmosphere and ambient space have a huge impact on my life, success and productivity. So I have to surround yourself with a space that helps me rather than hinders.

To complete this exercise, She clearly suggested a further development of his life exclusively in the direction of management and, certainly, in a large company. And after his execution she is really thinking. After staying inside the Corporation, in fact, was contrary to its vital principles. And not just contradict, but was stressful and forced to make bad and unprofitable decisions for themselves.


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I showed only a piece of this exercise. It involves a greater number of questions and, most importantly, the periodic return to them for 2-3 months. Each time the answers have become increasingly bold, and the principles are formulated more clearly and accurately. The final wording, most often, people perceived as insight.

Usually, my clients say they see the principles of his life, which appeared in the end, a powerful resource for realization of ideas, and changes. This happens due to the fact that on the basis of individual principles could focus on what comes from within and most fit you.

And finally…

No need to invent the principles of life. The invented principles are not working.

The principles need to draw from yourself. You have.published  


Author: Mikhail Kazantsev


Source: mkazantsev.ru/pochemu-printsipy-zhizni-poleznee-pravil-desyat-neochevidnyh-voprosov/


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