Stop criticize my body

Productive relationships with your body, like any other relationship, should be based on love, and patience. Your relationship with your body is one of the most intimate experiences that you cannot avoid and compensate for something else without serious consequences. Therefore it is necessary to spend forces and time to make them constructive.

We offer you some tips on how to make friends with your body. Follow them and your life will change for the better!



A treat with love and respect for my body in General. Including those parts of it that currently don't fit your idea of what they should be.

The main idea of this article is that we are what we imagine, in other words, we have an exact copy of the portrait, formed due to certain reasons in our head. Take the brush in your hand and make your adjustments. You're the Creator of your life and the artist of your body.

Always remember that if you feel terrible, it does not mean you're a terrible! Use by all means. Talk to a friend you trust about your feelings in your body, both internal and external. Share your thoughts about what you want to do to your relationship with your body has become more harmonious.



Stop criticize my body. Treat him with interest, as a traveler to another unknown land to him. Remove from your vocabulary phrases like: "I'm too..." or "I'm not..." Carefully review all aspects of your body — highlight the most important characteristics of the body and determine how you feel about them and what this attitude involves.

Don't let the complexes to spoil your body. Remember that everyone has complexes about his body. These systems come and go throughout life, and sometimes these changes occur within one minute.

Factors contributing to negative attitude to the body:

1. The need to be thin or have an athletic figure (to comply with the generally accepted standard of beauty).

2. Deeply entrenched psychological injuries in adolescence because of unsuccessful experience of relations with the opposite sex.

3. The view that compliance with certain standards can make us happy.

4. Caused by stress of a morbid state, the manifestation of which are apathy, loss of vitality, loss of strength.

Learn more about the people, places and activities that develop critical or disrespectful attitude to yourself. Think how to remove their effects, or at least find ways to minimize the negative impact.

Also pay special attention to where and with whom you feel comfortable with, and try to build strong relations along this line.

Let jealousy be your teacher: you define who and what makes you jealous. What do they have that of what you would like to possess? Maybe it's some characteristic or quality? Think about what hinders you from being the same.



To rebuild the thinking — not an easy task. But, in the end, only in your power to force your brain to respect your body and start to think positively. Every time you find yourself in a negative situation, control your reaction, strongly directing the thoughts in a positive direction, do not allow yourself to get into a vicious circle of depressive thoughts. Sooner or later positive thinking will become a habit.

If you still fell under the influence of the thoughts that you have in the body a lot of shortcomings that everything is terrible and hopeless, try to get rid of the tyrant-mind and direct your feelings inside of your body. Make yourself something nice, for example, allow yourself a massage in the salon.

Professional massage promotes the increase of endorphins, which in another way are called hormones of happiness. A trip to the massage therapist will help to lead your thoughts and guide them in a positive direction.

To get rid of negative thoughts can help beautiful music or dance classes. You can also take a relaxing bath with aroma or chat with a positive person.


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As our body is connected to our mind

How to consciously cultivate a positive attitude to the body:


1. Every day spend 10 minutes to focus your thoughts on its merits. It would be better if you list them on paper. This will help to develop the ability to switch from criticism to gratitude.

2. Skeptical about the standards that are imposed on us by the media.

3. Cultivate a sense of respect for their own and others ' uniqueness. Try not to rate themselves or others.

4. Focus your thoughts on a healthy lifestyle, not on their appearance.

5. Often smile! Himself, his body, internal organs. Greet the body in the morning, thank him for the day because it helps you to live and become realized in this world!

6. You are perfect! And only restless mind prevents you to accept it. No creature, except man, does not suffer about their own inadequacies and think about it.published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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