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Today the problem of "orange peel" not only of concern to women with curvaceous: absolutely slender young girls are also subject to aesthetic manifestation of cellulite. In the struggle with the hated tubercles representatives of the beautiful half of humanity precipitated massages and trendy SPA-salons.

And what do Housewives or young mothers, who by virtue of their employment and can't often be away from home? A real lifeline will become the anti-cellulite cupping massage at home.

To understand the principle of operation of this miracle method, we first need to understand what is cellulite. Aside the complicated medical terms and explain in accessible and understandable language: cellulite is a fat and enclosed in a capsule made of protein.

This dense sheath prevents splitting and removal of these sediments, even at a time when the "normal" melts fat from exercise or diet. Therefore, we will work on cellulite "lumps" in a mechanical way, in our case vacuum.


The benefits of home vacuum massage

As mentioned above, anti-cellulite cupping at home is particularly relevant for women, who for various reasons are unable to visit massage salons or specialized shops.

Therefore, the main advantage is the schedule and duration that you set for yourself. Moreover, you don't need to rush across town to catch a session, and after it, when you want to relax, do not need to be pushed in transport or stuck in traffic jams.

For reviews cupping massage cellulite quite expensive, especially if one course is not enough. Therefore, having decided once for the purchase of vacuum jars you can save considerably, having home massage parlor.

Home it is more convenient to prepare for the procedure of the massage is to make a favorite massage oil, scrub or RUB thoroughly with a loofah. Making cellulite massage yourself, you can decide what problem areas require priority clean up, and what could be left "for later".


Contraindications for vacuum anti-cellulite massage

So, deciding to self-struggle with "orange peel" with the help of cupping massage for weight loss, the first thing to pay attention to contraindications.

The main obstacles on the path to perfection can be:

  • high blood pressure;
  • sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions;
  • extensive moles in the areas exposed to massage;
  • benign and malignant tumors;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • varicose veins.

ATTENTION! You need to remember that anti-cellulite vacuum cupping massage can not be done on inner thighs, chest, spine and lower back.


How to choose a vacuum banks

If you do not fall into either categoriality, which is prohibited to massage, it's time to choose the vacuum of the jar. As to the material, they are rubber and silicone.

According to user reviews and from personal experience I would say silicone, banks are much better since they never lose their shape, don't absorb ostatki oil or gel and do not stain.

Vacuum banks massage are available in different diameter. This allows you to create a customized set, which is suitable for carrying out procedure of massage on different parts of the body.

Pretty easy to use kit, consisting of silicone cups for massage and special pump (or pear) that allows you to adjust the power vacuum.


The technique of vacuum massage

What would your efforts in the fight against cellulite not been in vain and have had excellent results, one must not only know the techniques of massage, but also correctly to prepare your body for this procedure. For starters, the skin to steam. For this 5-7 minutes, take a warm bath to which you can add a couple of tablespoons of sea salt.

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Then carefully RUB the skin hard with a washcloth with gel and a couple drops of your favorite essential oils (the best anti-cellulite). The skin should be rubbed to redness until you feel a slight tingling sensation. It says that you have activated metabolic processes in the subcutaneous layer: blood circulation and lymph flow.


Another method to prepare the procedure of cupping massage against cellulite. If by hand was not hard washcloths, you can use a scrub that is easy to do at home. A part of this miracle scrub contains components that are there in every kitchen: honey, ground coffee, sea salt and essential oils.


Now your body is ready for massage: pores open for maximum penetration of anti-cellulite components and blood will be able to "deliver" them to the places of fat accumulation.


How to do cupping at home

At first glance it may seem that chaotic driving body has to bring visible results. Unfortunately, it is not. The figures below are presented the correct massage lines with the massage cupping.

Foot massage

Doing massage on the feet, do not forget that the inner part of the thighs can not touch it. Foot massage start doing upwards from the knee, while the drive canister vertically up-down. The average duration of this procedure, 40-50 minutes.


Massaging the buttocks, do a circular motion for 10 minutes and then up and down for about 5 minutes.


Massage is done in circular motions clockwise for 10-15 minutes and then from the navel to the sides for 5 minutes on each side.

Hand massage

Hands are massaged from the wrist to the shoulder straight movements for approximately 5-10 minutes.


Anti-cellulite massage oil

Numerous reviews of cupping massage to confirm its effectiveness with an integrated massage using good massage oils. Of course, you can use a tool purchased at a pharmacy or shop. But if you are a supporter of natural cosmetics, you can prepare the massage mixture on your own.

Massage the compositions consist of a base oil (100 ml olive or grape, apricot, peach pits) and a few essential (no more than 20 drops and no more than 6 species). Essential oil should have a pronounced anti-cellulite effect, I recommend the following:

1. Geranium oil is the most effective among the esters. This is due to its ability to activate the lymph flow even in strong stagnation in the body and also lead to dehydration and tightening of the skin, making it supple and taut.

2. Juniper oil acts on the cellulite "from the rear", that is, improves metabolism, removes toxins and reduces swelling.

3. Cypress oil regenerates the skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite elasticity of the skin.

4. Cedar oil improves the exchange of blood in the skin, saturating her cells with oxygen and eliminating stagnation and swelling.

5. Grapefruit oil activates the lymph flow due to the diuretic effect. It is used to treat General obesity and cellulite.

6. Orange occupies one of the first places to combat cellulite: its butter saturate the skin with oxygen and vitamins, remove toxins and regenerate the skin.


That would be the homemade butter brought more benefit for this procedure, anti-cellulite cupping massage, it is necessary to properly prepare:

1. The utensils in which the mixed oil must be clean and dry.

2. Mix the oil needs to be compatible and to strengthen properties each other, not cancel.

3. Essential oils need to enter in the base, not Vice versa.

Essential oils themselves are a recognized means of cellulite, and in combination with vacuum massage will bring even more benefits.


Tips and advice

If you decide to fight cellulite, not only do anti-cellulite massage banks. After all, the "orange peel" is only the visual manifestation of this disease and the approach to its treatment should be complex.

Consider your diet: certainly you consume fatty, smoked and sweet, and can't indulge in sweet drinks or alcohol. All this is not the best influence on your body, causing the appearance of skin problems and the formation of edema.


9 arguments in favor of washing the oilRene Koch: Massage spoons against sagging of the buttocks, fat on belly and thighs

It is important to monitor the water-salt balance: a grown man should drink in a day at least 1.5 liters of clean water. Let me in your life sports: exercise at home if you can't go to the gym, run in the morning. If running is not your arrange evening Hiking 5-6 km.

And the main thing in the fight against cellulite is a systematic procedure. Only your perseverance will depend on how quickly you will see the desired results. published




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