How to get rid of cellulite: what to eat, what are the procedures to go and what exercises to do

Cute can be dimples, but not on the hips. This is not very easy to write, but hush is not worth it, especially because I write a blog about food, sports and beauty in General. Mr. "C" affects most women at any age. Dimples appearing on the thighs, buttocks, stomach and hands of eight out of ten women. The sad truth is that there is no "quick fix" (for one session of anti-cellulite massage, even with the wrap Alina Zanskar) and find a young, smooth skin. Rules that EVERYONE knows, but observe ONE: Eat only "real" food. "How many times told the world" that Snickers is not a meal, like a Taco though too
Drink 1.5 liters of water a day. And not only when you go to the gym, as always! At work, walk to the cooler, not the coffee machine, keep a glass of water on the desktop and improve it.

Water should become your favorite beverage.

Get rid of toxins in the body. Drink water with lemon and a spoon of Apple cider vinegar (normal pH level) on an empty stomach, go to the bath, or Hamam, jump on the trampoline helps to improve lymphatic circulation), take bath with sea salt and eat more vegetables and drink fresh juices separate from food

Exercise or exercise, set of exercises

Get rid of stress at any price (except for sweets and overeating)

Love yourself and sleep 7-8 hours a day


  What is cellulite?

Cellulite consists of fat cells surrounded by septa, connective tissue that holds fat cells in place. This layer of fat provides structural support for the skin. It also regulates your body temperature and is used to store fat and later use it as energy. Cellulite forms when septa tighten the fat cells or when fat cells push fat upwards. Cellulite is purely a cosmetic issue that affects 90% of women. Some scholars even consider it a disease, or manifestation of female maturation, a sign of the readiness of procreation.

Cellulite in men and women


Cellulite is so common among women that many dermatologists consider it a secondary feature of gender. He has many: thin and thick. After puberty, the female hormone estrogen gives the signal the female body to lay on extra fat for pregnancy. Typically, the fat appears in the buttocks, thighs and lower abdomen (the natural place for fat). But a terrible phenomenon sometimes captures the area under the armpits, on the chest and even the back of the neck.

Cellulite is most common in women because of estrogen. Men with low estrogen levels generally have a much thinner layer of subcutaneous fat, therefore, have a lower tendency for the appearance of cellulite from the testosterone-producing protein. Therefore, men have more dense layers of connective tissue in the skin, rich in protein, which then leads to a General thickening of the skin layer. It also reduces the tendency of the development of cellulite.


When your circulatory system is working properly, the capillaries deliver nutrients to the blood and the lymphatic system removes waste and toxins. If you are not okay with blood or lymph, the connective tissue becomes weak and retains fluid. Stagnant blood and fluids in the lymph reduces the elasticity between partitions. Poor blood circulation causes weakening of the veins and capillaries, and this causes the passing of blood in the tissue, which increases the pressure in the fat layer and causes the flow of blood. As the connective tissue thickens, deposits of fat in the body cells directly beneath the surface of the skin also thicken.

Connective tissue fibers under the skin that connect skin and muscle. In men, connective tissue is built in a "criss-cross", creating a mesh barrier separating the fat from the skin. In women, the connective tissue is built differently, giving fat the opportunity to pass through the connective tissue. As fat puts pressure on the tissues, they begin to bulge, straining the skin. Cloth and then leave their mark on skin in the form of dimples and bumps.

Age will also increase the likelihood of cellulite: the skin loses elasticity, resulting in losing the ability to hide the flaws. Muscles that lose their tone with age, make the skin flabby and wrinkled.

The causes of cellulite

-Heredity -Sedentary lifestyle


-Too high level of estrogen

-Use of hormonal contraceptives

-Weight gain and an unhealthy diet

-Aging / skin elasticity


Food intake and cellulite

The foods you eat have a direct relation to maintaining optimum circulation of blood and lymph. A diet that includes whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables can help in time to avoid cellulite. I cannot understand why at some point in our lives appeared progressirovanii products. Rather understand, of course, but horrified that. Reducing processed and refined foods will contribute to reducing the amount of toxins in the body. Sometimes to invent something new is not the best idea, certainly when it comes to food. Here it's better to be "stone man", ignoring the food in bright wrappers. Add in the diet more foods rich in antioxidants, attacking free radicals and help improve elasticity of the connective tissue of the skin. Doctors also suggest not to overdo it with sugar, because it interferes with the absorption of vitamin C, which is very important for the formation of collagen and elastin, and restore skin structure.

Foods that fight cellulite

Reducing the amount of food is not necessarily the solution to the problem of cellulite, because it is associated with deterioration of the skin, not the accumulation of too much fat in the body. But eating right is definitely the deciding factor that helps heal and revitalize connective tissue.


An important component of which is an urgent need to go to "you" is lecithin. He regains the cell wall and tissue due to the moisture.


Lecithin contains :

Soy products (tofu, Edamame, soy flour, S OU Milk, etc..) but the problem is that 99% of soy in the world genmodificirebuli



Spinach contains vitamin K, which is beneficial for your skin and cardiovascular system)


Essential fatty acids help attract water to dehydrated cells and connective tissues, maintain water balance of the cells. They are fundamental to removing cellulite, so you should look for in such products as:


Flax seeds

Protein is needed to obtain the nine essential amino acids and the production of collagen and elastin within connective tissue. Eat together:


-Leafy green vegetables



Antioxidants fight free radicals include polyphenols, vitamins a, C and E and flavonoids. The strongest polyphenol is ellagic acid and pectin contained in fruits (apples, pears and citrus), he also plays a significant role in the digestive system. Fruit acids neutralize toxins and help to restore the pH balance of the skin. Fruits to help fat metabolism and ultimately reducing cellulite: -Apples











Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables (ekstrimli rich in vitamins A and C

Green leafy vegetables and vegetable oils, the ark of vitamin D, and the latter also of vitamin E, the protector from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Products that contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and gamma linolenic acid (GLA) help stop inflammation and tissue damage. They can boast:


-Broccoli (high in vitamins and antioxidants to the skin, and also helps to avoid water retention; contains a lot of fiber) (Fiber, water, protein is the ideal shopping list in the store)

-Spinach contains vitamin K, which is beneficial for your skin and cardiovascular system)


-Black currant

-Hemp oil or simply cannabis seeds

-Spices such as Cayenne pepper and Chile, will ignite the digestive fire and "burn" fat.

Green tea can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, causing fat to disintegrate "into small pieces". Drinking green tea will help burn more fat and reduce puffiness.

-Supplements such as glucosamine to repair damaged dermis, rejuvenating and firming the skin.

Green coffee can remove the extra fat from the body and help detoxify the liver. Yes, sometimes pirate ads on dubious websites not lying)


  Detox for cellulite

In addition to eating plan including proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, detoxification is key to reducing cellulite because it helps remove toxins from the lymph, liver and kidneys. Toxins from the environment, processed food and foods with chemical additives accumulate in your body and can easily be converted into fat. Toxins cause premature hardening of the connective tissue, which leads to "cellutone flourishing".

Stress and cellulite

Reducing stress has an effect on eliminating cellulite. Excitement reduces circulation, excretion of toxins and the synthesis of nutrients in the skin tissue. Stress can also trigger to eat junk food, even if you in ordinary life, eat right.

Fitness & Cellulite

The best idea for stress relief and liberation from the shackles of excess weight is fitness! A permanent sense of happiness, patagate muscles, the minimum level of toxins and clean skin. But regular exercise can help you burn excess fat, but not get rid of cellulite. The fat that is consumed (burned) for energy near bones, while the fat close to cellulite is located close to the skin. However, reducing fat in the deeper skin layer reduces pressure on the septum and the fat layer under the skin, reducing the appearance cellulose.

Aerobic exercise combined with strength training helps decrease fat, build muscle or enhance muscle tone and increase metabolism. These actions can help reduce the pressure on cellulite in the skin. Exercise is especially important for older women, who lose muscle mass and whose metabolism naturally slows.

Aerobic exercises such as running, Cycling, dancing at least 3 hours and 45 minutes a week - the norm for man, and not a sports feat. Connect to this strength training at least twice a week to improve endurance. You can use free weights, elastic resistance exerciser Allergo. Use free weights (dumbbells or pancakes 3-4 kg) during sit-UPS and lunges.

Exercises to fight Mr. "C" and strong buttocks

It's my favorite circuit training. This type of training produces endurance, changing the exercise, the body has no time to get used to, but you don't get bored to perform monotonous movements. The main thing is not to give up halfway and not feeling sorry for myself! 8 reps and 8 laps, let's go! In hand can take a dumbbell of 2 to 3 kg.


Squats on one leg — right leg — 8 reps Salageanu right foot on the chair and popping up left knee — 8 reps Bridge on the back and pushing the right leg up — 8 reps Squats on one leg — left leg — 8 reps Salageanu left foot on the chair and popping up the right knee — 8 reps Bridge on the back and pushing the left leg up — 8 reps Squats on two legs and jumping up — 8 reps Lateral twisting of the legs from the plank — 8 reps (stand in the bar on the palms and Poaceae bend the knee towards the side) And additionally my FAVORITE activity: pushing heel to the ceiling in position, elbows on the Mat, knees bent, knees resting on the floor, back straight. Working leg is raised up at an angle of 90 degrees, the lower back does not move, press tense (better with a 1.5-kg weights) 30 times on each leg.

Beauty treatments (extra help) Cellulite massage — a good master will never leave bruises and make the process unbearably painful (though all are afraid that this type of massage is very painful) (2 times a week minimum) Lymphatic drainage massage - displays the excess fluid and toxins along with it, even the skin (2 times per week minimum) LPG - massage apparatus (like a huge vacuum cleaner)) recommended to all who have fluid retention in the body, disorders in the lymphatic system, swelling. I recommend to go from 1 to 3 courses, consisting of 10 sessions. Now go to LPG 3 times a week. To relieve swelling and fluid removal, the therapist was porekomendoval drink for 10 days licorice syrup in the morning along with a glass of clean water. Mesotherapy - point introduction of the drug in the area of the affected zones." Treatment for serious cases or for getting quick result. Ozone therapy - an injection under the skin of liquid ozone. Unpleasant, even painful procedure for serious cases or for getting quick result. Kind of straight beauty the Inquisition. That's it: food, sports, no stress, massages and good vibes only! published



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