3 effective treatments to combat cellulite

One of the causes of cellulite is a violation of metabolic processes in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, in particular blood disorder. Because of this cellulite is and successfully develops in the future. Various options to combat cellulite suggest different ways of improving blood circulation.

One of the most effective ways of enhancing immunity, increasing efficiency and getting rid of cellulite — contrast water procedures or hardening.

Contrast procedures can be performed using either cold or hot water, for what would your contrasting treatments have been more effective and enjoyable a little bit of necessary theory.

Contrast procedures cause three-phase response of the organism. In the first phase, there is a feeling of cold and marked blanching of the skin due to constriction of capillaries. On reducing the temperature of the skin , the body reflexively responds by increasing heat production, skin blood flow increases. Comes the second phase — there is a pleasant feeling of warmth, in this way the skin turns pink. Prolonged and severe cooling comes the third phase — the secondary fever, blanching of the skin, produces "goose bumps". This signals the danger of hypothermia. Therefore, contrasting the procedure should be completed to achieve the second phase reaction, avoiding the onset of the third phase.

Contrast the effect of cold treatments on the body

Exposure to cold causes a change in the intensity of metabolism and the regulation of functions of internal organs. Common contrast procedures contribute to hardening of the body, increase its resistance to temperature fluctuations, have a tonic effect. The local effect of cold provides an analgesic effect.

Contrast the effect of thermal treatments on the bodyExposure to warm, especially the hot water first causes transient vasoconstriction of the skin, rather quickly replaced by a more permanent extension that is accompanied by a feeling of warmth, increased sweating, rapid pulse and respiration. Lowers blood pressure. The contrasting effect of thermal treatments on the Central nervous system — calming.

Due to this positive influence of contrasting procedures can be successfully used at home as a means of combating and preventing cellulite.

Contrast wipingStart practicing contrasting procedure is best with a cold rubdown. Wiping can be General and local. For this procedure you need to take the sheets soak in water, temperature 20 — 28 degrees, squeeze. If you are going to do a General RUB-down, then you need a helper. Original standing position. Wrapped a bed sheet the whole body, as tight. Then rapidly and vigorously with an assistant rubs the sheets through the entire body within 2 — 3 minutes.

If it's a local rubdown (e.g. to remove cellulite) winding sheet problem area of the body (waist, hips or one thigh). Then produce vigorous rubbing. Our next step — replace the wet sheet with a dry.Quick drying and rubs through her body. After the procedure, you need the body wrap and lie down for 15 — 20 minutes.

In good health you can enhance the effectiveness of this procedure. After rubbing the body without removing the wet sheets, to conduct pouring more cold water (below 1 — 2 degrees) and again to produce rubbing.

Such pouring can produce 2 — 3 times. The procedure lasts 3 to 5 minutes it should be done either daily or every other day.

Contrast bathThis procedure is more difficult and multifaceted effect on the body and more effective in the fight against cellulite. You can perform both local and General bath. You must do the following:

On a bed or sofa, spread out two blankets.

On top of the blankets with a big bed sheets, soaked in water 20 — 25 degrees and wrung.

Lie back on the sheets, and the assistant covers the first sheet, and then warm blankets. Hands are along the body and also bundle up with blankets.

The procedure lasts from 10 to 40 minutes, then it is necessary to take a warm shower and relax while lying under a blanket 30 to 40 minutes.

The procedure is performed daily. A total of 15 — 20 procedures.

First, a person will experience a cooling, which slightly excites the body. Then the wet sheet is heated to gradually warm the body, and he begins to feel a uniform heat, which has a relaxing and soporific effect. Warming gradually increases, causing increased perspiration.

Partial wrapping be carried out in the same way only the impact on a specific area of the body.

Contrast douche, showerContrast douche or douche is very effective means to improve the condition of skin and prevention of cellulite. Pouring can be as General or local. In the former procedure the temperature of the water in the shower should be 33 — 35 degrees, and further reduce it by 1 — 2 degrees with each next procedure. Thus, gradually bring the temperature up to 20 degrees, and at a normal feeling and below. After a shower RUB the body with a towel to redness of the skin, then lie down for 15 — 20 minutes.

Recommended this shower to do every day. The course consists of 15 — 30 treatments.

Local (partial) pouring is carried out by the same procedure, but only more attention paid to certain areas of the body. To fight against cellulite: thighs, abdomen, lower back. published

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