Cellulite on stomach: the best ways of dealing

To fight cellulite on the stomach it is necessary to comprehensively: to change eating habits, increase physical activity and begin to apply the additional funds. What forms of struggle will help to cope with this problem?

Cellulite is a rather unpleasant problem, which may appear like middle-aged women who are overweight and young girls with ideal body proportions, but the "orange peel" in the hips and buttocks.

Cellulite on the stomach a characteristic still for women who are inclined to obesity who abuse unhealthy foods. To deal with this problem is quite difficult. Will have to call for help of various tools and abandon habits, poisonous life and contribute to the exacerbation of existing problems.

Ways to fight cellulitebest way to fight cellulite, you need to remember that in itself it is not going to help. Only integrated action will lead to a 100% result.

1. First of all you need to start with nutrition. Reduced calorie diet the first thing affects the waistline, but fast in any case impossible. It is sufficient to reduce sugar and salt intake, start eating fractional 5-6 times a day and to chew your food. In addition, to minimize the amount in the diet of sausages, semi-finished products, fast food, oily and spicy foods. Lean on fruits and vegetables, drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid a day.

2. The next step should be the strengthening of motor activity. Elastic for flat belly useful Pilates classes. This exercise allows you to work deep abdominal muscles, causing them to be tense during the entire class.

A good alternative to Pilates will be yoga and cardio – step, running, dancing, etc. Mankind has not invented anything more effective exercises for abs for slim waist and flat stomach. If possible to do not, help out hula hooping. This shell will improve blood circulation in the abdomen and coupled with diet will help to lower the appearance of unpleasant bumps and irregularities on the body.

3. Everyone has heard about the benefits of massage for the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. Practiced today a huge number of similar methods, for example, cupping, hand, vacuum massage, etc. But whatever the impact on the abdomen, it will strengthen the work of organs and systems, the exfoliation of the dead cells of the epidermis, activating blood circulation and toning the skin. This is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Moreover, this stimulation of the skin is done with a special anti-cellulite remedies, store-bought or prepared at home, allowing several times to increase the effectiveness of the procedure.

4. To get rid of cellulite on belly you can use different scrubs, creams and body wraps. Good result showed drugs of plant origin – laminaria and fucus. No less efficacy of different extracts of ivy and Ginkgo biloba.

Essential oils of citrus are the main enemies of the orange peel and they can also be used for the preparation of healing baths, wraps, etc.

Regularly applying these local remedies for getting rid of cellulite, eating right and doing sports, you can become the owner of a beautiful, smooth and elastic belly. published

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