7 useful facts about fat in the abdomen (7 photos)

The fat on the stomach - we all want to be there was not. He hides even where it is impossible to see and is a major threat to health.

1. The fat on the abdomen is more dangerous than other fat deposits in the body

Excessive fat accumulation in the abdomen is more dangerous than fat around the hips and buttocks. The fact is that abdominal fat is associated with serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes type 2, and stroke. Genetic predisposition may also contribute to the emergence of excess weight and to where exactly it will be postponed, but a wrong way of life may aggravate the situation.

2. "Beer belly" - is a myth

Studies have shown that there is no direct link between the consumption of beer and fat in the abdominal area. Simply alcohol increases appetite by affecting the hormones that regulate the sense of fullness, and people are accustomed to seize alcohol abundant food, which adds a lot of extra calories.

3. The most dangerous for the stomach - trans fats

Although it is not the consumption of fatty foods, namely the excess calories leads to an increase in the appearance of the waist and abdomen, some fats are more harmful than others yet. Since the study found that trans fats can increase fat storage in the abdominal area. Trans fats are found in foods such as margarine, pastries, cookies and crackers, as well as fast food.

4. Men are more prone to fat deposits on the stomach

In general, men frequently accumulates fat in the abdomen than women because of hormonal differences. Up to 40 years for women most of the fat accumulates on the thighs and buttocks. But after 40 years, when estrogen levels drop, women, too fat begins to accumulate in the abdomen.

5. Swing the press does not reduce belly fat


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