10 strangest moons of the Solar System (12 photos)

We offer you a selection of interesting facts about the satellites of the planets of the solar system.

1. Ganymede - a great companion

Ganymede - the largest moon of Jupiter and the entire solar system in general. It is so huge that it has its own magnetic field.

2. Miranda - ugly satellite

Miranda - the ugly duckling of the solar system. At first glance, it seems as if someone just blindly from pieces of the satellite and sent him spinning around Uranus. Miranda is one of the most diverse landscapes in the Solar System, with its steep mountain ranges, valleys - crowns and canyons, some of which is 12 times deeper than the Grand Canyon. If one such throw a stone, it reaches the bottom after 10 minutes only.

3. Callisto - a satellite with the largest number of craters

Callisto, Jupiter's moon, a pimply teenager solar system. Unlike other celestial bodies of the same size, Callisto has no geological activity which could protect its surface. Therefore, the satellite and is the "beaten." Craters on it so much that they began to be superimposed on one another, forming a whole ring within other craters.

4. Dactyl - satellite asteroid


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