The solar system slows down

That's the first alarm bell in the scientific community about the apocalyptic 2012. In contrast to the predictions of the Indians and the shaman's unacknowledged various conspiracy theories, we are dealing with a serious scientific research, which recently published an international group of Swiss, Polish and American astronomers in the prestigious journal, a reference - Astrophysical Journal Supplement.

The results of their work impressed the scientific world - for the past seventeen years for unknown reasons, the rate of motion of the solar system has fallen by more than 10 percent and continues to slow its progress.

Test measurements with the probe IBEX (following the atoms of neutral helium, which are freely penetrate into the heliosphere) showed that in 2010 the speed of the solar system in interstellar space was 22.8 kilometers per second, and in 1993 a similar measure probe Ulysses show a much higher rate - 26.3 km / s.

Why is the sun slows down in the interstellar medium, the scientists can not explain. At the moment, on this issue are several research groups around the world, including with the Russian Space Research Institute.

Reducing the speed of the solar system means that we are now surrounded by the interstellar medium is completely different than at the end of the XX century. The reasons for this phenomenon are not clear just as well as the possible consequences. Changing the direction of motion of interstellar helium atoms means that could change the geometry of the interstellar magnetic field and the pressure balance. Than it threatens our fragile planetary system is still unclear. Nothing definite, scientists can not say, it is possible that the interstellar medium with new properties able to destabilize the solar system and make adjustments to the history of human civilization.

The speed of the solar system in the surrounding interstellar space over the last 15 years, inexplicably dropped by more than 10%, according to a study published by a group of American, Polish and Swiss astronomers in the Astrophysical Journal Supplement.

Measuring probe IBEX, which monitors the neutral atoms of helium, freely penetrating inside the heliosphere, it showed that in 2009-2010, the rate of the solar system in the interstellar medium was 22, 8 kilometers per second. At the same time, similar measurements of the spacecraft "Ulysses» (Ulysses), made in 1993, gave a much faster rate - 26, 3 kilometers per second.

The heliosphere - the region filled by the solar wind is at a distance of about 16 billion kilometers from the sun. At this distance the stream of charged particles from the solar wind and solar magnetic field are weakened so that it no longer can overcome the pressure of interstellar matter, in which individual atoms and fine dust particles travel at a speed of about 30 kilometers per second relative to the sun.

On the border of an equilibrium, which determines the shape and size of the heliosphere - a giant gas bubble inside which is the solar system. Charged particles of interstellar gas can not penetrate into this "bubble", but neutral atoms of hydrogen, helium and oxygen penetrate the border.

Detectors probe IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) are designed to detect such high-energy neutral particles. By studying them, scientists can study the properties of interstellar space where mankind has not been able to get: the probe "Voyager 1" is only close to this border.

IBEX-Lo instrument measured the interstellar helium atoms characteristics, which, unlike the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen penetrate into the heliosphere, unhindered (hydrogen atoms interact with protons at the boundary of the heliosphere).

"By measuring the parameters of the gas of interstellar helium atoms, we can directly determine the direction and speed of movement of the sun in the surrounding (and the entire solar system), the interstellar medium," - said the scientist.

Such measurements have been made for the first time in 1993 by an instrument on board the probe GAS "Ulysses." Then the motion of interstellar helium turned out to be directed to a point with the ecliptic coordinates of 75, 2 degrees north latitude and 5, 2 degrees west longitude. The flow rate and hence the speed of the solar system in interstellar space was equal to 26, 3 kilometers per second.

New data IBEX, obtained after more than 15 years - in 2009 showed that the motion vector has shifted to four degrees to the north - to 79, 2 degrees north latitude, and the direction of longitude remained almost unchanged (5, 1 degrees west longitude). At the same time the rate was lower - 22, 8 kilometers per second ...


This phenomenon was already known contactees with extraterrestrial intelligence.

An excerpt from the book in 1996 - "You become a galactic human».

We are here to tell you the truth concerning your solar system, which is held still at the equilibrium point, before she probably after 1996, even indefinitely, enter into a very large light strip called photonic band light. This photonic band - a huge mass of light - a tool that will provide you the purchase of new full consciousness and the transformation of your DNA and chakra system.

These incredible changes will not only you but also your entire planet to change forever. Since photons of light can help your planet and solar system pass away from the third to the fifth level, as well as provide an opportunity to take a new position of your planet in the solar system, closer to the Sirius star system. Here you can ask the following question: what is a photon of light? Why did I have of him I did not hear anything? If it is so important, why scientists do not view this issue?

The photonic band in the form of a huge circle, consisting of particles of light photons, was discovered by your scientists for the first time in 1961 via satellite near the Pleiades. In this book, we'll talk about that the Earth enters the photon band, and sometimes the photon band is approaching Earth. The truth is that your solar system and a photon of light approaching each other.

For those who do not know what a photon particle of light, we can say that it is formed by the collision antielectron (positron) and an electron. This is the instantaneous collision leads to mutual destruction of two particles, mass, formed as a result of the collision is converted entirely into energy known as photons, or particles of light. In the first quarter of this century, the English physicist Paul Dirac put forward the notion that every particle has its antiparticle identical. At the same time, Dr. Carl Davey Anderson, received in 1936 the Nobel Prize in 1932 found the first of these particles - the positron or positive electron. In the 50 years of your scientists already knew about the existence of the antiproton and antineutrons.

The value of this knowledge is not only that assumption proved Dirac. Also important is the fact that scientists have discovered a new earthlings, unprecedented, form of energy. This energy is formed as a result of collision with a particle antiparticle (eg, a proton-antiproton), known as the photon energy and it will be a major source of energy in the future. In fact, a new energy age, which will enter this planet, can be termed as the "century of the photon energy».

A photon of light first discovered in the early 18th century, the famous English astronomer Sir Edmund Halley during its examination of the Pleiades. Halley gained fame thanks to the discovery of the asteroid named Halley. Halley proved that at least three stars of the Pleiades star group is not located in the SET-represented in the classical age of Greek astronomy field. During Halley their location has changed so much that it was impossible to state if the Greeks or Halley wrong. Therefore, Halley concluded that the Pleiades are moving steadily forward within the rotation. This notion was confirmed in a hundred years, Frederick Wilhelm Bessel, Thanks to their observations. Bessel found that all the stars of the Pleiades are moving every hundred years in a uniform manner with a turnover of 5, 5 seconds. Paul Otto Hesse also studied the Pleiades system and saw that at an angle of 90 degrees to the stars of the Pleiades in the shape of a donut thick milli-Arda 759,864 miles or 2,000 solar years, is a photon of light. Observations Bessel and Hesse true and now the Earth completes this photon band for a period of 24,000 - 26,000 years.

Since, the Earth will enter the photon band, you should know what it means for human civilization. Many of your astrologers and scientists and historians believe that the subsequent thousand years is the beginning of a new era for mankind.
According to astrologers, earthlings, this new age of your science, there will be big changes in technology and in the mind. According to the opinion of your scientists and historians, it will be a period of great difficulty, which can not handle the social and political structure of your civilizations-tion. In any way, it may seem right now and the beginning of the new century, the miraculous or your destruction. The question still remains: is your approach to photonic band, what role it will play in this scenario?

In order to answer these questions look at itself photonic band (see. Figure 2. Cut the photonic band), photonic band can be divided into three parts. First you pass through the blind zone. It takes, for roughly 5-6 days and three days of them will be shipped into the darkness. Following this, you enter the main part of the strip and get into an endless daylight, t. E. The night was not to be - 24 hours a day will be the day. This journey is usually 2,000 years and ends with a yield of your solar system from the other end of the photonic band, while passing over 5-6 days blind zone.


Along with this, the Supreme Creative Force decided to enter your solar system at this time, in an interdimensional life "spray", which pushes your solar system and bring it through the fifth dimension, beyond the photon of light, and then bring it to the point located at a distance of three light-years from the star system Sirius (Sirius right now is from the Earth at a distance of 8, 3 light-years). This "balloon" you will reach in 2012 - 2013 years. When this period is completed, and your experience of passing through the 24 - hour day and you vnovvernetes program 12-hour day and 12 hour night.

As we said above, there are a huge barrier enveloping light photons and is called a "blind zone". If you saw this blind spot, you would understand that it is, in fact, contains a huge energy band pressure. It is a place where the magnetic field is strongly attached to each other so that pass through the magnetic field of the third dimension unchanged impossible. This means that the magnetic field of your Earth and the Sun will have to change and buy a new model. Therefore, you should expect that will change the electrical, magnetic field and gravity field. These changes have come.

Already as 20 - 30 years, Earth's magnetic field is reduced gradually degree by degree, almost to zero. Many Earthlings used this phenomenon as evidence that the end of this century, there is a change at the poles. However, the Council and scientists from Sirius can give you the assurance that changes will not occur pole! This situation is associated with a change in the magnetic field of the Earth, it is a by-product of the pressure photonic band on your solar system. At full manifestation light photonic band none appliance can not be used. This development means that when the Earth enters the photon band, will be disabled as batteries and elektrozamykanie. For their inclusion will be a need for a new form of energy - photon energy.

When approaching a blind zone, another important event is expected to be an increase in pressure in the atmosphere and on its surface. As indicates amplification of seismic phenomena observed from the 60s up to the present time, the situation with the pressure is already beginning to manifest itself. The land is still in the band everywhere intensifying earthquakes. The same can be said about volcanoes. In addition, natural conditions and rainfall patterns, there is a great change: drought in California; in Africa, the Sahara, in the south of Central India and in northern Chile - examples of the changes occurring as a result of the impact of the photon to the internal flow of the oceans. In addition to this, the ozone hole appeared in the early '70s, the critical point to change another character, which is caused by a partial approximation of the photonic band. Moreover, this event is approaching, changing the basis of the period of "sunspots" and then all of the surface temperature of the Sun, affected so your entire solar system. Now let's look at the Sun and what happened to him.

So now consider the whole scenario photonic band and see what happens. As mentioned earlier, this event will take place after 1996. If no changes will be, how much is already clear when approaching your planet to the blind spot and the immersion of your solar system in this area, a large field of darkness. Suddenly twilight replaced by absolute darkness. This would mean, if the whole planet is thrown into a huge closet, the door is shut. The sun will disappear, and you can not see the stars in the dark sky. Pressure blind spot, its compression entirely cut off flow of rays of the sun and stars, day and night will be replaced immediately (see. Table 1. Passage through the photonic band) while you are passing through the photonic band.

Table 1. Passage through the photonic band.

1 day entrance to the blind spot; changes in the bodies of all living organisms; turn off all electric devices. Complete darkness.

Day 2: Decrease the pressure of the atmosphere, everyone will feel swollen; cooling of the Sun; cooling of the planet's climate; cold "ice age».

3-4 days Lighting atmosphere, as if extinct, dawn; the beginning of the influence of the photonic band; photonic devices include light; the appearance of stars in the sky.

5-6 days entrance to the 24-hour daylight; out of blind point and entrance to the photonic band; recovery of all living organisms; warming. Space travel, the appearance of telepathy.

Total 144 hours or 5-6 days, entering the photonic band.

With this absolute darkness will begin the process of change, transformation, and you will realize that you have entered the blind spot. When you begin to cope with the shock of this absolute darkness, you will find that other events occur. Not only will you remain in the dark, and your appliances will not have to work. When you click the button, the electricity does not light up, the machine will not earn. Thus, you will become a whole new world. However, despite all these incredible complexity of your body are converted to the form of the ineffable.

When are disabled electromagnetic fields of the planet, it will be the beginning of changes in the world of atoms. The atoms of your body will be changed so as to create a new body - poluezotericheskoe and curtain deflated your consciousness will be raised. You will no longer live in a limited three-dimensional measurement. You will be people living in the galactic light reality. You will be have a physical and mental abilities that you intend to have since you left the constellation Lyra to disseminate knowledge in this galaxy as the human race and to be its defenders. Now begins the process of returning to the fifth level, t. E. "Socket».

On the second day, and the atmosphere will shrink, you will feel that the pressure under the influence of the blind zones on the Earth's gravity, you swollen and tight. This state will last only two days.

As soon as your atmosphere is compressed and pressure, and all beings be compacted under the influence of this pressure, the biggest danger is hidden in the nuclear matter, ie. A. Until now there will be a possibility of a nuclear chain reaction and huge destroying everything Radio-active substances explosions, nuclear centers are divisible. Compression of nuclear energy as a result of atmospheric pressure can cause, in addition to these explosions or nuclear chain reactions, huge fires. Therefore, to prevent this nuclear danger, the Galactic Federation will permit to trigger technical ships and personnel to Earth.
Change, then you feel will represent him cold, caused by the disappearance of the Sun (This is a significant drop in temperature will mean the emergence of a kind of ice age).



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