City of the Gods

December 26, 1994 the largest space telescope of NASA, "Hubble" gave a great white city, floating in space. Photos, located on the Web server telescope, a short time became available to Internet users, but then was strictly classified.

You can easily naguglit motivated events. The bottom line is - the power (or are they?) To hide from us the entire galaxy of aliens. And look at the photo. Knowledgeable people know that at the center of galaxies are usually found supermassive black holes. Maybe aliens have destroyed a black hole, and are now using gravitational perturbations for energy previously unimaginable scale?
And the authorities probably just afraid to disclose it, because we are powerless in front of them, what people worry in vain ...

Heavenly city, floating in space

Astronomy far stepped into his studies and distant relatives of stars and galaxies. Hundreds of professionals, millions of fans every night sent to the starry sky their telescopes. The main telescope of the planet - orbiting NASA space telescope "Hubble" - opens for astronomers unprecedented horizons distant space. But, along with the great discoveries, "Hubble" and presents the greatest mysteries.

In January 1995, the German Astronomical Journal published a short message, which immediately responded to all the scientific, religious and popular editions of the planet. Each publisher drew the attention of his readers to an entirely different aspects of the message, but the essence is the same: in the universe discovered the Abode of God.

December 26, 1994 in the US space agency (NASA) got a lot of noise. After decoding a series of images transmitted from the telescope "Hubble" in the films clearly showed a great white city, floating in space.
Representatives from NASA did not wait too long to disable access to the web server of the telescope, which contains all the images taken with the "Hubble", to study in various astronomical laboratories. Thus, the pictures taken with the telescope, then (and still) highly classified, a few minutes become available to users of the global network.

So what astronomers see in these amazing photographs?

At first it was just a little hazy speck on one of the frames. But when a professor at the University of Florida, Ken Wilson (Ken Wilson) decided to see photo detail and in addition to the optics of "Hubble" armed with hand-magnifier, he discovered that the spot has a strange structure that can not be explained either by diffraction in the lens set of the telescope, no interference in the communication channel when transmitting pictures back to Earth.

After a short operational meeting it was decided to re-shoot said Professor Wilson plot starry sky with a maximum for "Hubble" resolution. Huge multimeter lenses Space Telescope focused on the farthest corner of the universe, accessible review of the telescope. There were a few specific camera shutter clicks that sounded computer commands fix the image on the telescope joker operator. And "spot" him before goggles scientists on multimeter screen projection installation of laboratory control "Hubble" radiant structure similar to a fantastic city, a hybrid Swift "flying island" Laputa and sci-fi project cities of the future.

The huge structure, nestled in the cosmos many billions of kilometers, shone with an unearthly light. Floating City was unanimously recognized as the Abode of the Creator, a place where can only be placed the throne of the Lord God. NASA representative said that the city can not be populated in the usual sense of the word is likely to live in it the souls of dead people.

However, it has the right to exist and another, no less fabulous version of the origin of cosmic pro-Cities. The fact is that in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, whose very existence for decades without even being questioned, scientists are faced with a paradox. If we assume that the universe is massively populated by many civilizations, standing at different levels of development, among them must inevitably be some super-civilization, not simply released into space, and actively settled in vast expanses of the universe. And the activity of these super-civilizations, including engineering - to change the natural habitat (in this case the outer space and in the zone of influence of objects) - should be visible at a distance of millions of light-years.

But nothing like this until recently astronomers have been reported. And here - a clear man-made objects of galactic proportions. It is not excluded that the City discovered "Hubble" in the Catholic Christmas at the end of the XX century, was exactly the required engineering construction unknown and very powerful extraterrestrial civilization.

Size of the city is staggering. None known to us celestial object can not compete with this giant. Our Earth in this city would be just a grain of sand on the dusty roadside Space prospectus.

Where it is moving - and moving it at all - this giant? Computer analysis of the series of images obtained with the "Hubble" showed that city traffic generally coincides with the movement of the surrounding galaxies. That is, relative to the earth-all about coming within the Big Bang theory. Galaxy "scatter" redshift increases with distance, no deviations from the general law is not observed.

However, three-dimensional modeling of the remote parts of the universe-shaking transpired on the fact that this is not part of the universe is moving away from us, and we - from it. Why reference point moved to the City? Because it is a vague spot on photographs turned into a computer model of the "center of the universe." Three-dimensional moving iso-mapping demonstrated that some galaxies run away, but it is from the point of the universe, which is located in the City. In other words, all galaxies, including our out once it is from this point of space, and it was around the City there is a rotation of the universe. Therefore, the first view of the city, as the Abode of God proved to be extremely successful and close to the truth.

What does this discovery promise to humanity, and why of it was heard for almost seven years?

Science and religion have long decided to make peace and to the best of opportunities to help each other reveal the secrets and mysteries of the world. And if science is suddenly faced with intractable phenomenon, religion is almost always gives what is happening is quite real explanation, which is gradually taken into service and rigorous academics.

In this case the opposite has happened, science by technical means confirmed, or at least brought a weighty proof of loyalty to the basic postulates of religion - the existence of a single Creator, who lives in the shining city on the heavens.

However, how would expect any such message, its impact is almost unpredictable. The general euphoria of religious fanatics, the collapse of the materialist foundation of modern science - all of which can lead to irreversible and terrible consequences. Therefore photographs were immediately classified as secret, and access to the city's image of God received only clothed with special powers are people who really, not on TV, govern the life of the individual countries and the world as a whole.

However, the secrecy - not the best means of achieving the objectives and against any lock exists a passkey. We invite readers to one of a series of images sent from the "Hubb-la", with a picture of the mysterious city, floating in the vast depths of the infinite cosmos. Today, we can only expect the official reaction of state structure tour and senior officials of the Church to the message about the discovery by astronomers of what many millennia mankind could only guess.

Secret US intelligence services have put in their safes information that is of great importance for the entire universe. But how can you hide such a stunning discovery? Why America arrogated to itself the right to decide that they can know the inhabitants of the earth, and that they know sooner?

The answer to these questions can only be removing them from the agenda. Or by virtue of establishing full US domination of the planet, or how lost relevance due to the complete declassification of today's archive of secrets and mysteries. Well, we have to wait for the time of opening the US safe. They turned out to be the Abode of God is hidden from the earthlings more reliable than in the depths of the universe.

The solar system was born in the unique conditions

US and Canadian scientists are using computer simulations have shown that the formation of the solar system were needed unique conditions, and it is a very special case among other planetary systems. The study is published in the journal Science.

Most of the previous theoretical models to explain the formation of the solar system from a protoplanetary disk of gas and dust, were based on the assumption that our system is "average" in all respects.

In recent decades, it was discovered around 300 extrasolar planets - planets, turning-around-absorbing other stars. Summarizing the data, astronomers from the US Northwestern University (Illinois) and the Canadian University of Guelph concluded that the solar system is in many respects a unique case and that its formation need very special conditions.

"The solar system was born under special conditions to become a peaceful place that we see. The vast majority of other planetary systems do not RHR-welcome to the time of occurrence of these special conditions, and are very different ", - says the study's lead author, a professor of astronomy Frederic Rasio (Frederic Rasio), whose words are quoted in the press release of Northwestern University. < br />

The astronomers first created a computer model of the entire process of formation of planetary systems from beginning to end - from the formation of the disk of gas and dust that remains after the formation of the central luminary, before the advent of full-fledged planets.

Until the 1990s, the planet of the solar system were the only ones who were from known, and astronomers had no reason to believe our system unusual, but after the discovery of extrasolar planets, the situation has changed.

"Now we know that other planetary systems do not look like the solar system," - says the study's lead author, a professor of astronomy Frederic Rasio (Frederic Rasio) from Northwestern University.

"The shape of the orbits of exoplanets elongated rather than circular. Planets are not where we expect to see them. Many of these giant planets Jupiter, known as "hot Jupiters" are so close to the stars that revolve around them for a few days. Obviously, we need to refresh our understanding of the process of planet formation in connection with a huge variety of planets that we see now "- adds Rasio.

The simulation showed that the gas disk from which the planets formed, pushes them mercilessly toward the central star, which is why they can collide with each other. Among the growing planets, there is a stiff competition for natural gas as a result of this chaotic process there is a large variety of planet masses. As the convergence of the planets with each other, they often fall into the gravitational resonance that turns them into elliptical orbit. Some of the planet as a result may be ejected from planetary systems in space.

"Such a turbulent history leaves little chance for the formation of calm Sol finite system like ours, and our models confirm this. Must be exactly complied with certain conditions, to the solar system there, "- said the scientist.

Too massive a gas disk, for example, leads to the appearance of "hot Jupiters" and bodies in elliptical orbits. Too easy drive - to the formation of "ice giants" like Neptune, with a small amount of gas.
"Now we can better understand the process of planet formation and can explain his strange exoplanets-tion, which we observe. We also know that our solar system - special, and we understand what makes it special, "- said Rasio.


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